Monday, May 11, 2009

Doomsday Is In The Details

I read this piece by George Snofelloffigous and thought it was pretty interesting. It says that John Edwards' staff had a "doomsday plan" to scuttle his campaign by leaking rumors of his affair and love child to the press if it appeared he was going to win the nomination, but that they weren't sure it would work. 

Well, they can rest easy. It just so happens that Big Guy's campaign had the same "doomsday plan" for Edwards, and it worked to perfection.


  1. Plan B to the doomsday plan must be Elizabeth Edwards' incredibly boring book.

  2. Could someone give me the details of the Edwards "doomsday plan" for the Obamination?
    I hope I have change enough to implement it!

  3. Climbers, users, or cheats, every one of them....
    Just sickening.

  4. TOTUS:
    John who? By the way, has anyone gotten Ms. Sykes nose out of the Messiah's bottom yet?

  5. Hey, TOTUS, I'm still here

    Still no periods

    You will be owing me some promptlet support

  6. Totus, sorry but the Edwards make me yawn. What is it with these politicians with the exaggerated hair? If you had a slick coif, I'd be worried. Thank goodness you're bald.

    What I'm interested in is YOU and your media interview.

    Did I miss it? Did it ever happen? How could big guy let you out of his sights long enough for you to scroll for a reporter? I heard he's trying to cut back on you. (gasp!) Forced that how you got away for a while? Or did you sneak out while he was having a smoke or say, a burger with Joe. Because clearly you weren't at the burger joint.

    It would stink if you got mixed up in one of the two budget cutbacks The Stumbler is authorizing. You know, you and our military.

    You all are about the only two things that keep us feeling safe and confident these days. Maybe if you just keep scrolling, he'll just keep talking and forget all about cutting back on you or our national defense. Please... whatever you do, keep "scrolling".

  7. TOTUS,
    How do you put up with such people and retain the bright, positive outlook we've come to love?
    You are my role model sweetie. Don't ever change.

    Wanda's nose is still stuck in the royal behind. She must like the smell.

  8. And we are all witnessing the Big Guy's doomsday destruction of America. A plan he implemented.

  9. Amen, Sharon.

    I'll say it again..... the Islamofascists don't need to attack the U.S. anymore. They have Barack Hussein Obama in the White House.

    B.O. the D.M. (Doomsday Machine).

    DOOMSDAY SCENARIO (don't read if already depressed):

    If the terrorists he sends to live in your neighborhood (hey, pedophiles have rights, why not Islamofascists, too?) don't behead you........

    he'll make you sick with government run/rationed healthcare.....

    if you survive that, the Obamanation will starve you out with his Environazi blitzkrieg of the U.S. economy.........

    after that..... you'll be glad just to have made it through another day and after a few months, many will likely have a big glass of Jim Jones' Kool-Aid, but if you're still persevering............

    you'll be there when the Mooolahs knock on your door and say with a grin, "What is your choice? Islam [i.e., "submit"] or death?"

    And your choice will be easy...... just the way the One with "a gift" [Speaking of that, where have you been, Harry I Have a Gift f.n.a. Barry's Used Cars?!] wanted it. He wants all those who would "LIVE FREE" to die.

    Ker-blam! The entire country......... under the bus. Vaaarrrrroooommmm! All a Ack!bar

    And none of this would be possible (he really ISN'T magical or even "enchanting") if it weren't for all those foolish Democrats, RINO's, the nuts in ACORN, and the Cult of Obama at large. Happily singing the praises of their "One" they are driving that bus madly toward the edge of the precipice, ignoring ALL the warning signs.

    The only One Who can help us now is God.

    Makes me more glad than ever that...

    "This world is not my home.
    I'm just a passin' through.
    My treasure is laid up
    Somewhere beyond the blue.
    Those angels beckon me
    From Heaven's open door....
    And I don't feel at home in this world

    TAKE HEART, all true patriots and lovers of liberty! No matter what happens, for those on their way Home, THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

    Keep the faith.

  10. Sorry, my funny bone is broken.

    It's on the mend, though.... . @_<

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Good luck to you, too, KissNFL.

    Say, are you trying to send us some kind of message in code with that red letter info.?

    I've been trying to figure it out... does it say:

    Donkey dung, Soetoro, Barry shows donkey dung. Soetoro, Barry sho is 'n icky dork. Soetoro, Barry sho said, "Ah ridiculeth! Ah said, 'Ha! Read i'.'" Closet hard... i' close.

  13. NOW WHAT?!?

    "Tiffany Rings" from some Chinaman?!? WHOA.

    This is getting TOO WEIRD.

    I really shouldn't be here this late at night.

    Is "tiffany rings" the code to start the Doomsday Machine?!!!!

    Oh, help........ O_O I'm outta here.

  14. Totus
    You have been compromised by spammers,
    selling shoes and rings. Chineese imports...on your blog, and hard drive.

    Shakesphere could not write a more propheticlly foreshadowing scene!

  15. TruthWillWin:

    Step away from the edge, dude. If you jump, the Obamamites win.

  16. TOTUS:
    I fear you are under hacker scrutiny. Powers that be would like nothing better than your silence, and so ours.

    Ditto - step away from the edge. We are in this together. Remember all the instances the Looney Left disgraced the office of president, how they threw feces at us literally, and have blogged fantasy and conspiracy and ruination for persons and the nation since 2001? They still have no class nor any grace nor decent boundaries, instance Ms. Sykes. That dinner traditionally roasts the prez by some comedian. Ms. Sykes instead chose to attack a citizen well beloved by millions upon millions, a national treasure for conservatives. She did not touch The Annointed One. He laughed at her jibes, as well. It was evil - he was supposed to get roasted and he knew that. I will bet, I will guess, I will conjecture she was afraid to do what every other comedian every year has done - roast the president. I will also wonder was she warned not to?

    You must not lose heart. It is time to fight for what we love, not without grace and decency, as the left displays, the inherent vileness lack of moral compass equates. But with courage, secure knowing our ideals are the better humanity offers civilization.

    Blog on.

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