Friday, May 22, 2009

Boo Hoo

This was a good life lesson for these kindergartners.  The same kind of lesson Big Guy learned when he tried to get backstage with me at the Springsteen concert earlier this week.

Actually, he did get backstage. But he had to wait two minutes to get back there.  Actually, he just walked back there.  So I guess Big Guy didn't learn a lesson, other than he can go wherever he wants, whenever he wants, and that's not a lesson we want to teach any kindergartner. 

Unless they're a terrorist. 


  1. TOTUS:
    What a relief. Now you can take a nap, you must be exausted after a concert, and then standing through the sermon on the mount x10.

  2. Can we shut out the Big Guy next time he is 10 minutes late? PLEASE?!? He's not exactly known for being punctual, like a certain predecessor was....

  3. If you enjoy Barack's Teleprompter, check out Biden's Bunker!

  4. For the Steelers? I mean, if it was the Chicago Blackhawks, maybe...

  5. I don't twitter so this is in response to the twitter updates....

    While watching Fancy Nan's presser this am, I thought she did a great job of holding those chicklets in. Wow. Does she have a dentist for a son-in-law or just a dentist who hates her?

  6. Big Guy had better be careful, venturing out amongst the Folk. There are subversives everywhere. I heard the real reason the WH stood up the kindergartners was that one of them was wearing a shirt that said 'I heart Sarah'. The Secret Service pounced on the kid but did not find a firearm. However when the parents were called in for questioning, they admitted to not only driving a Suburban but being regular listeners of that large man who talks on the radio from Florida. Danger lurks.

  7. Who expected anything different? Steelers: Wealthy potential donors (at least until O gets through raising their taxe). Kindergarten: Non-voters. Man knows which side of the bread has the butter...

  8. did I hear somebody say Imperial President?

  9. Actually, if truth be told, the majority of NFL players are nearer the right side on politics as they're all millionaires.

    As for the kids, they were probably public school brats so they're parents aren't potential big donors anyway, so, no harm done.

    TOTUS, How cool was it to rub elbows with Superbowlers? Remember thae last time you ghuys bowled?

  10. I hope these kindergartners never forget this chilling experience, of being designated by their own "president" as "unimportant," so they grow up to be wise, decent CONSERVATIVES!

  11. What was the problem, they could have had the little ankle biters come in and meet the Pres and the Steelers. It's a win-win for the BO and the Steelers as far as PR goes.

    Some people are just stuck on stupid.

  12. Have you guys realized how many times President 0bama has been late to meetings, conferences, speeches, and events? So it's fine if he's late (90% of the time), but when a bunch of kids show up to his house a few minutes late, BAM, its the boot for them.

    How many times have you heard the anchors on news programs when they are covering the event say: "Ok, it seems that the President is running a little late." I hear that EVERY single time.

    What a hypocrite this guy is. If he deserves anything, its the boot he will get in 2012.

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