Sunday, May 17, 2009

Down By the Grotto

So, I'm already down here at Notre Dame, set up, loaded and ready for the greatest speech students here  have ever experienced. As Rahm and Axelrod told Big Guy, Rockne and those sports guys, let alone Jesus, have nothing on him with a teleprompter and the best of Lincoln, Martin Luther King and 14 obscure baptist ministers borrowed and changed just enough to make it seem original. 

Axelrod got Notre Dame to allow 250 extras from Chicago - friends of his - to come down to make sure there was plenty of applause to drown out any protests, so Big Guy will be in a great way. Besides, we've had him watch Rudy about 20 times, so he gets the culture out here.

Today is not about being divisive, that's for Washington. This is the Great American Flyover, where Big Guy plays it low key, cuts the Swagga, and I just scroll on about "shared interests and goals" and in this case, "I, like so many of you, wish to see an end of abortions."  Stem cells? Well, that's a bit tougher. But this is no biggie we've lied spoken to audiences like this plenty of times before. Last I heard, the White House comms guys were still negotiating to have Touchdown Jesus covered up for the speech. Not because it's Jesus, but because no image can be bigger than Big Guy. It's in our rider.


  1. TOTUS, please watch out for people on crutches coming up to touch the hem of His garment, so as to be healed. They may trip over you and knock you over.

    Those lies coming across your screen must certainly give you an ache in your hard drive. If the pain gets too bad, scroll, 'Jesus loves me...' and 'God bless America!' Doing that may get you a well-deserved vacation or possible retirement.

  2. TOTUS dear,
    Make sure your screens watch out for each other. The very mention of the words "extras from Chicago" made me break out in a cold sweat. Somehow I am imagining you with your screens backed up against a cold concrete wall looking down the muzzle of one of those old style machine guns. No scrolling mistakes today! Please!

  3. Hopefully he'll shake the graduates' hands and not offer fist pumps.

  4. TOTUS: In the middle of his ND speech today. Does Barry point to DJ Gibbsy, grabs the mic, jumps off stage, and starts putting his hands on peoples heads, as they drop to the ground like ACORNS. Preaching "higher taxes, corruption and deception" showing us and the Lord, how talented his administration really is.

    I hope not.

  5. good luck today TOTUS.

  6. TOTUS, I'm praying you do your best today. You know what I mean, too....

  7. A blogger for "The Boston Herald," Holly Robichaud, wrote recently about how Notre Dame today has invited BO to speak (through TOTUS, no doubt), and will confer upon BO an honorary degree.

    Ms. Robichaud obtained a statement via email from none other than Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin about this event:

    “My favorite grandpa, Clem James Sheeran, was Catholic. Irish to the core, his favorite place (other than church) was Notre Dame. I can’t imagine what he would think as the university recognizes someone who contradicts the core values of the Catholic faith by promoting an anti-life agenda. As we learned today, our nation is more pro-life than ever before; it is a very important time to strengthen the message that every baby is created for good purpose and has the potential to make this world a better place.”

    Supporters of Gov. Palin (who speaks very well, even when HER teleprompter has trouble scrolling) are SO proud of her for making this compassionate and cogent statement.

    I bet you secretly love her, too, TOTUS!

  8. Practically the first thing BO says at the podium is that Father Jenkins said what HE (BO) wanted to say, only more eloquently.

    Yeah, we know: BO loved all the praises of BO that Jenkins said! It's a free ad for BO!

    Oops! Some guy in an Irish hat is being pulled from the auditorium for yelling while BO speaks. Naturally, BO is taking credit once again for staying cool in the face of huge adversity.

    Oh really!? If he were REALLY brave, BO would stand up to the far leftists in his "party," and REALLY stand against abortion!

    But he's a coward, actually, and so he panders for the votes.

  9. surely you jest, MM; why, the fabulous Won has already decreed that babies are 'punishments' for 'mistakes'.

    TOTUS, would it be possible for your screens to be positioned so The Won is standing before TouchDown Jesus with his head between TDJ's Hands?

    That way, when Jesus applauds His 'proxy', everyone's problem is taken care of.

  10. This man (for TOTUS, BO is truly ONLY a man) thinks we need to "continue the debate" ad infinitum, concerning any topic. He never finds ONE solid moral Truth that needs NO further debate!

    Now BO is invoking the "Law of Love," supposedly in all religions. Oh really!? In ALL religions!? Yeah, right.

    Oh Lord, is there NO speech in which he doesn't tout "community?" Always organizing. Always campaigning.

    YIPES! BO in his speech mentions "our collective labor!" LET'S NOT EVEN GO THERE, PEOPLE!

    I want to know who the good-looking bald man is, seated behind BO on the Notre Dame podium. He did NOT applaud many times for BO, when others did. Is he pro-life? Was he making a silent testimony of faith?

    Oh, thank God that speech is over----and I wonder, who wrote it?

  11. Mountain mama, you are so fearless to have watched. I get that roller coaster feeling in my stomach whenever I subject myself to that absurdity, esp. at times where Big O uses twisted pomposity to make heresy and meaningessness sound like something momentous. Those inflections of orators past just send me over the edge.

    And just think how poor TOTUS feels. Not only does he have to loyally scroll that nonsense, he has to do it with a whole audience looking at his butt. Not easy.

    TOTUS, you are the "captain of clever" and one very brave piece of work(manship).

  12. TOTUS,

    You, your creator and Notre Dame were dissed today, by Big Guy!

    Herbert "Hub" Schlafly, BSEE Notre Dame '41, invented you and did not "give thanks" to you, Mr.Schlafly or Our Lady.

    Where would Big Guy be today, had Mr. Schlafly ABORTED his invention?

  13. win one for the gipper totus!!... yours truly charlie weiss!

  14. Mt Mama- You are soooo right....that "good looking bald man" on the podium behind BHO's behind was le papa de JOE THE PLUMBER!!

    I want to know HOW the president REDUCES the # of abortions!!! If the number of HOMICIDES are reduced does that make SOME murders Okey Dokey? Come on with the dumb-speak!

    TOTUS-where were your screens? I only saw "tight shots".

  15. So does the Pope have the gumtion to fire the head of Norte Dame for letting BArry get up and basically tell Catholics to get over it (abortion)

    "When we open up our hearts and our minds to those who may not think precisely like we do or believe precisely what we believe -- that's when we discover at least the possibility of common ground," Obama said

    So is common ground on abortion killing the baby then only bringing half of them back to life?

    TOTUS your speech sucked...I mean the one they loaded not that you write those things.

  16. Sadly, Col. S., the Pope doesn't have the authority to fire any administrator of a supposedly-Catholic U.

    However, the Pope prayed for God's guidance, and proclaimed that God does NOT want to allow "pro-choice Catholics" to take communion (the eucharist)----including "pro-choice Catholic" politicians (ie. John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, or Joe Biden).

    As Dr. Laura Schlesinger consistently states, people "belong" to a given religion or denomination ONLY IF they truly follow IN THEIR ACTS that faith group's teachings.

    Therefore, NO "pro-choice Catholics" exist; their decision to break with the Church's fundamental proclamation of the VALUE OF LIFE precludes their being actual "Catholics."

    I kept thinking, as BO spoke, "Are you willing to allow the aborted child to 'enter into the debate?'" After all, what's more "commmitted" in a ham and egg breakfast: the chicken or the pig!? Same thing for unborn babies: IT'S THEIR LIVES at stake in abortion!

    Btw, I became pro-life upon hearing Phil Keaggy's song, "Who Will Speak Up for the Little Ones?" It just gently persuaded me that THEY SHOULD HAVE A VOICE! BO won't allow that, of course.

    TOTUS, I saw a corner of you at one point. I sure wish you'd malfunctioned, just so BO would be confronted by his own humanness (vs. his supposed divinity) and his SAD need for you----but no doubt you were operating automatically, so as not to attract any DEADLY attention....

  17. And now BO is calling for a "fair-minded" abortion debate? TOTUS, do you have any relatives capable of operating "in-utero" for the babies willing to take him up on the offer?

  18. Ya know, I had a bunch of cracks to make about that wicked witch, the Obamanation's, performance today, but I'm not even going dignify that pro-infanticide [vigorously argued AGAINST Born Alive Infant Protection Act and rabidly pro-abortion] con man's stomach churning filth with a response.

    Instead, here is one of the millions of "terminated" babies' eloquent answer to B.O.:


    by Kathy Troccoli

    "I can hear her talking with a friend,
    I think it's all about me.
    Oh, how she can't have a baby now,
    My mommy doesn't see

    That I feel her breathe, I know her voice,
    Her blood, it flows through my heart.
    God, you know my greatest wish is that
    We'd never be apart.

    But, if I should die before I wake,
    I pray her soul you'll keep.
    Forgive her Lord, she doesn't know
    That you gave life to me.

    Do I really have to say goodbye?
    Don't want this time to be through.
    Oh, please tell her that I love her, Lord,
    And that you love her, too.

    'Cause if I should die before I wake,
    I pray her soul you'll keep.
    Forgive her Lord, she doesn't know
    That you gave life to me.

    On the days when she may think of me,
    Please comfort her with the truth.
    That the angels hold me safe and sound
    'Cause I'm in Heaven with you.

    I'm in Heaven with you."


    Abortion stops a beating heart.

  19. TOTUS....where is the middle ground for a baby about to be aborted?

    Someone needs to reload POTUS's hard drive.

  20. TOTUS, Dear, Did you have a thorough cleaning upon returning to the WH?

    There had to be a lot of spittle from that Fr Jenkins on your smooth clean frame. He is one man in love [with a man in love with himself!]

  21. You aer SO right, Greg, TWW, Benjamin, and Susan!!!!!!!!

    I got a sick feeling when I looked out across the auditorium and saw hardly ANY graduation caps with the tiny feet and cross on them in yellow. Notre Dame has evidently gone the way of SO many other "church-related" colleges: they still receive money from alumni and churches, but they do NOT have a rich religious heritage or tradition any longer....

    I wonder if ND's donations WILL lower because of this. I think letting BO speak was okay, but why confer an honorary degree upon him? Just sickening....

  22. OH, I forgot! Did any of you notice the 20 or so caps (worn by students who were sitting right by each other, somehow) which had all these ODD things attached on top, like barns and skyscrapers and other stuff?

    What was THAT supposed to convey? Is that typical there? Or was it a put-down of the pro-lifers' yellow stickers on top?

  23. I think one was an outhouse. Maybe it represented their architecture or civil engineering?

    The one with the O'Bama campaign symbol must have been a journalism major.

  24. That was some scrolling TOTUS! I bet you could make a good case that 2 + 2 = 5.

    John's Space

  25. Yeah, John's Space----BO is sure one heckuva math whiz! HA!

    Thanks, Susan, for an explanation of the decorated caps. Maybe some people with Obama symbols on their grad caps majored in Fantasy Lit.!

    I still cannot believe it got past the speechwriters for BO to say "our collective labor." Isn't he supposed to Keep Mum about his communist inclinations?!
    Think: he could have said, "our corporate labor"----but that might have sounded too Republican!

  26. {Truth WW--
    --That is a powerful poem. Been back to read it again and again. Whew boy.}

  27. I remember Kathy Troccoli from our pro-life concerts---but I can't remember the TUNE that goes with those lyrics. I remember only that it's a well-known children's song. Thanks for the reminder of that, TWW.

    I'm SO glad we have Sarah Palin and several other pro-life politicians to remind the world how to view special children: as God's good gifts to us all, teaching everyone to be giving and patient.

  28. MM:
    Yes, children are God's gifts to teach us longsuffering patience. Why, if it weren't for my children, I would actually be angry about having my truck wrecked! Instead, I have a martini. Or two. Thank God for the little blighters.

  29. TOTUS:
    Just wondering when His Holiness will try the walking on water bit. I hear it gets great press; he could pull you along side in a row boat in case he gets confused and starts to sink. You'd have to waterproof your curcuits of course. But, this is the goat herder's son we're talking about, the annointed one, the Messiah, not just any mortal slob.

  30. Susan~SMIA~ AND Mountain Mama,

    Thanks for letting me know you appreciated those lyrics by Troccoli. They are powerful. I can't sit down at the piano and sing that song without bawling my eyes out (so I don't often do that!).

    Here's how the tune goes: Hmmm-hmm-hmmmmm-hm-hmm-hmmm.........

    Heh, heh.

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