Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Big Guy and I are going to make a big speech tomorrow about our Administration's new policy for dealing with terrorists. Many of you may know what that is. If you do, we'd appreciate hearing from you before noon tomorrow, so that we can get it up on my screens.

Part of the rush, is because tomorrow former Vice President Dick Cheney is going to make a speech about our new policy for dealing with terrorists, and Big Guy and Rahm don't think Cheney will be on the same page as we are. I mean that figuratively, because Big Guy just uses my screens, no paper.


  1. yea i was just going to say totus you make sure you get obama's speech instead of cheney's loaded in ya!!! we do't want you speaking the truth now do we... wink wink...

  2. TOTUS Darlin',
    You might want to listen to Cheney's speech first. That way you'll have something intelligent to load on your hard drive.

  3. more like, 'catch, release, support for rest of life'.

  4. TOTUS:
    The last I remember your policy toward terrorists was to overfeed them on tropical islands, make us pay for their lawyers, and tell 'um they are not that bad a buncha guys. I did hear a rumor about bringing them into the fold, but I think the other democrats would kinda like to get re-elected.

  5. TWW:
    I got "clownsi" that time.

    I like that.

  6. Office in the west wing and a healthy consultant stipend?

  7. CEO positions for all!

  8. TOTUS: Here's an idea for you to scroll tomorrow. Boat all the GITMO terror suspects a thousand miles out to sea, toss them all over board with no life vest, tie 10 lbs weights to their feet and let them drown.

    Muslim Gihad Wack Job/Terrorists war against America WILL NOT be tolerated!

    Releasing these terrorists into public school system will only allow them to become dumber.

  9. TOTUS, terrorists are "enemy combatants", "insurgents", "Jihadists", and, of course, conservatives

    BTY, VP Cheney KNOWS the subject he speaks about and does not, I'm sorry to inform you, use even notes, let alone a prompter.

  10. IGWT: 'they'll get dumber" LOL!!!

    BTW, shouldn't you tie the weights on BEFORE ya toss 'em overboard? Be kinda hard to jump in and tie 'em on underwater -- unless of course, BO walks out there and does it himself...

  11. Why, TOTUS, you know very well that whatever BO says doesn't matter: he does what he wants, anyway!

    He knows he's the best the liberals have----and they won't really fight him. They know he's completely on board with the whole socialism thing.

    I loved Michael Steele's speech recently. I hope he makes sure the Republican Party STAYS CONSERVATIVE, and brings all newcomers TO conservatism. That's the key to WINNING RACES in the future.

  12. Now, don't you remember that your policy was to invite them to the brothel on the potomic, and then give them cushy jobs. They can also visit you in the Lincoln Bedroom and join your weekly cocktail parties for liberal loosers.

    Don't forget, they can get exercise in that playground you built for your brats on the white house lawn. And, you can hire them to pick up bo's poo.

    If that fails, I like the idea of taking them out to the middle of the ocean and typing 100 lb weights to their ankles!

  13. Totus,
    Has Big-guy talked to Timeh today?
    You don't suppose Toes and Timeh would announce a bail-out for the terrorist do you?
    Maybe a terrorist reformatory school run by Billy the bomber, and the Rev-er-uhnd Wright in a newly built Trinity Compound. Blagovich could get a teaching certification right?

  14. TOTUS, did you say, "...WE'd appreciate hearing from you..."?!!! [emphasis mine]

    I think, dear Sir Totus, it is time you take a little vacation. You are coming down with "Stockholm Syndrome," over-identifying with your evil "Boss." You're OUR man on the inside............. REMEMBER?!.................Totus?..........Totus?!......................

    MUSTER THE INTERVENTION TEAM!! Totus is in trouble. Scramble! Scramble! Scramble! TO THE RESCUE.

    Hang tight, little buddy. Help is on the way!


    Seriously, now that the U.S. Senate (the Demonocrats after checking with the Cult Leader first) has given D'oh!bama the cover he needs to back out of a really stupid decision, tomorrow that clown

    [BETTY ANN, "clownsi" was pretty amazing!]

    will say something about "... the Senate has spoken. As you know........I....felt differently...... But, we can....... respectfully disagree. We can all "just get along" [shout out to Rodney -- GRIN]. That's.... how it works in..... a democracy. We still have a lot of common ground...... God......d..bless...America."

    [Translation: "Whew! Sure glad all those loyal Democrats heeded my plea to help me save face on that Guavatintimio thing. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...... They'll still vote however I want them too (just like this time). I hate America."]

    @ InGodWe -- Sounds good. No one gets into Club Gitmo without at least 5 levels of case review (from the field staff – commander – Washington D.C. more than once – Gitmo commander), so skip the trial, too. Offer two sentencing options: If the terrorist killed someone, Deep-6 ‘em; if they did something less, stick them for life in a room with Klezmer Band music playing 24/7 with giant murals of smiling, famous, Jewish people on the walls and nothing but bagels and lox to eat.

  15. [LTC John said] "Catch and Release"

    Heh, heh, heh.


    The diabolical strategy: Get yourself caught by the U.S. Armed Forces = ticket to America after a relaxing stay at Club Gitmo. Then, B. Hussein, Ayers and Wright have their people inside the U.S. and they didn't have to lift a finger.

  16. Orbit -- you've done it again. SO FUNNY (and right, er, Wright!). LOL. (C:'

  17. @ Betty Ann -- nothing interesting to report on security words. The "esse" string comes up rather frequently. Hmmm. Thought about that for 5 seconds and that was long enough. My brain started to overheat. Better go let it cool down by watching "The Beverly Hillbillies."

  18. Sorento/Obama is a cell within a cell.

    How did this guy get past the intelligence reports?

    @MX: The dumbbells come standard once the "Enemy Combatants" enter the dingy, via the cutter.

    Where are my protocol manners at?

    I use lingo misspellings to keep the enemy unbalanced.

  19. Easy fix-
    Change them from enemy combatants to say something like
    foreign stimulas recipenents

  20. Or we could put them to work building government cars.

  21. Hey TOTUS,

    I heard a rumor that BO and Rahm have found out about your blog, and they are tailing you now. Heard that you might be sent off as a gift for the Russians as a sign of peace- preprogrammed with your best speeches of course.

  22. Hi, Bett %%$23/&%%\\@#$BREAK%***$?RE_BO@U?*}*



    Manny and Barry

  23. Saaaayyy.....That drowning idea sounds pretty good. Nobody could say we torture anymore, we just go right on ahead and do it! Why beat around the Bush.

  24. TWW:
    Why sir, I do believe you have been hitting the martinis! Always a grand idea, in my opinion.

  25. I've been invaded!!!

    TOTUS! Run while there's still time!!!!

    [This is TOO WEIRD -- right now, on XM Ch. 4 (40's music) they are playing a frantic version of "The Flight of the Bumblebee."]


    My post was run over by two thugs driving a black Oldsmobile!

    And, here's a weird little thing: the second security word (first one just nonsense -- to me.... hmmm) I typed in was "spend." WEIRD.

  26. TWW:
    You must upgrade the pivotal beverage, dear. Is it gin, or vodka? Juniper berries, or potatoes?

  27. Betty Ann!

    Watch out. Things are pretty strrrrange around here tonight. The last word I typed in to log in was "lions." (!)

    The beverage of the evening is Pepsi One (with caffeine, heh, heh).

    Maybe I'll go drink a potato. I need something calming.....


  28. (12:15 am. Oval office. BO sits back in his chair with his feet up on Oval Office Desk, shooting spit balls at the replica Declaration of Independence hanging on the wall. Rahm paces feverishly, back and forth staring at the laptop on the desk. Viewing the TOTUS blog, he bits down on his nails.)

    Toes:(Digging in his ass) I need to get my ballerina outfit back from Gibbs. This late night Blog watching is killing me.

    BO: Don’t you wear a leotard under your suit at all times?

    Toes: I did, but I was scared it would leak to FOX or Limbaugh.

    BO: (Filing his nails) So is their any new posts on the TOTUS blog?

    Toes: (clicks mouse) Yeah!

    BO: (picking nose) What does it say?

    Toes: It says you’re a bastard child and a constitutional fraud.

    BO: (Laughs) No, I think their talking about your momma Rahm.

    (Toes picks the laptop up and throws it out of the Oval Office window, glass breaks, and a yell lets out from down below. Rahm looks out window.)

    BO: (Sniffing lines) Who’d you hit?

    Toes: (looking out of window) Gibbs, he’s out cold.

  29. ROFL!!!!!!!!

    InGodWe you are SO funny.

    Haw, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

  30. IGWTnm:
    Great screen play. Love that nonchalance the BG projects. TOTUS has not revealed these insights, you are channeling beyond his circuitry. Alien technology?

    whoa..........whoops. They are never going to tell us about area 51, are they?

  31. We should just send them to Cuba..."no, really, they're Marielitos, they got homesick". We're so eager to please Cuba all of a sudden, it's a win-win to really open the borders...

  32. (12:45 am. Oval Office. BO is passed out with his face head down in the desk. Toes is on the phone with the new I.T. task force team)

    Toes: I want that blog shut down now! You hear me! We can’t take it anymore. BO just over dosed and Gibbs is out cold.(long pause...)I’ll just have HMS send out a all points bulletin in the morning.

    TWW and BEAnn, you two are hailarious...

  33. IGWTnm:
    And...? Where is Michelle?? What does the First Lady do in these times? Internet shopping? On the phone with a girlfriend? Dipilitate those ashy thighs?? DO TELL!

  34. She's in the kitchen, having a snack.

  35. (1:15 am. Oval Office. BO wakes up, stands up, takes two steps and falls down face first into the desk, again.)

    Toes: (sitting on couch) Man, that stuff BO brought back from Brazil kicked his ass. He’s gotta a presser in seven hours?

    (Toes blackberry goes off. It’s MO’s twitter account)

    MO’s twitter: Bumping’ and Grinding’ parking meters in Manhattan. Me and the girls are hammered on Gin and Juice.

  36. TOTUS:
    You have been invaded and compromised. Just lost a long and wondermus post - I wonder where were the whackos and why they let you talk.

  37. might be a good idea to write in notepad first, I guess.

    Gads, I lost the screen play. IGWTnm: It was good. Really, really good. I swear.

  38. Q:
    What do we do with a Gitmo Terizt?
    What do we do with a Gitmo Terizt?
    What do we do with a Gitmo Terizt?
    After Obie's presser?

    Target practice - send them all to our friends in the the southern Redstates, who I am confident are more than willing and capable to "take care of" each and every last one of them.

  39. IT help needed here!

    Yesterday each time I clicked on "comments" I got dreaded red x in a dialog box telling me "IE cannot open this site...operation aborted." I kid you not.

    Now when I get past the comments issue, when I try to make a comment it happens again.

    Big Guy is now Big Bro on my computer. I feel so dirty. TOTUS, pleas tell me what to do!

  40. So, what I wanted to say was I like the ida to take 'em out to sea and dump them....sort of like they did to poor Mr Leon Klinghoffer off the Achille Lauro in 1985. for god's sake.

    And I never forget Navy seaman, Robert Stethem. Shot and dumped out of the plane onto the tarmac.

    Can anyone say Hezbollah? Al Queda? Que difference?

  41. And who will be guarding Gitmo terrorists in prisons in the US? Military or civilian?

    We will have to pay to re-build these prisons, pay to have translators and pay to build worship places....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Hey, it's all there already in why spend the TAX PAYERS DOLLARS ON SOMEWHERE ELSE?

    It is only the media and the libs who made Gitmo a dirty word.

  42. Susan:
    We must never, ever forget. Nor the beheadings. And we must ask, why do we have POW's from this conflict, and the religion of peace has none?

    I am having trouble iwth this site, too. The window shuts down and I also get red letter. It seems to stop when I go to "sign in" but the strange thing is, I didn't sign in yet, and I am always already signed in.

    I'm no computer expert but when I turn off my computer, I know I have definately signed out.

  43. Susan: I know well Rev. Christian Zimmermann, Flight Engineer of that hijacked 1985 flight. Christian told me (I interviewed him for my column after 9-11) that the 1985 hijackers' initial plot was to fly that jet across the Atlantic and into NYC skyscrapers! Of course, they didn't realize that the jet could only carry enough fuel to bounce around the Mediterranean. So the hijackers' decided instead to fly into Israel's "Congress:" the KNESSET!

    Thankfully, Christian disabled the jet so it couldn't take off again; they spent the next 16 days on the tarmac in Beirut, before their release was negotiated.

    Think: for 16 years before 9-11, the FBI knew that radical Islamists considered flying jets as missiles into NYC skyscrapers.

    This "war on terrorism" is serious, and centuries old. Annihilating Israel is only one part of the radical Islamists' plans. Subjugating the world under Sharia law is the goal. Obama is naive to think he can "negotiate" with them.

  44. Hey, Susan and Betty Ann,

    I'm glad you mentioned the "IT" issue. I'm no IT person, so I can't help solve it. Just wanted to let you know that for the past few days, when I first access this blog, the "Internet Explorer cannot open/access this page" error message appears.

    I just hit the "Back" arrow and ignore it. But part of the Error message still remains on the screen, usually around the "Facebook/Followers area."

    Then, this happens sometimes after I'm "logged in" and, if I didn't copy my comment into a Word file to save it, I would lose everything. Boy have I learned the hard way on THAT one.

    I think the software that runs Blogspot is pretty primitive. Wish they would upgrade it. At LEAST so a buffer would save your comment so you don't lose it.

    But, why has this problem cropped up now? Why is the situation deteriorating? Hmmmm. Very WEIRD.


    @TOTUS, I haven't seen you respond to anyone's questions for quite awhile. Perhaps, you don't have time to read all our stuff. If you read this, PLEASE SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO.




  45. Yeah, Dear TOTUS, and we want a new poll, please!

    Oh, will BG be "seeing" some of the fallen heroes out in the audience this weekend when he makes a Memorial Day speech, I mean (a boring I am a real American) monologue?

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