Monday, May 18, 2009

Shhh. He'll Never Know

Everyone here at the White House is a little nervous about Joe Biden's latest "gaffe," in which he appears to have told reporters and just about everyone else about what he thinks was Vice President Dick Cheney's "undisclosed location" after 9/11, because now the truth may have to be told.

The "undisclosed location" essentially the basement of the Vice President's Residence? Does that sound like a logical place for such a facility when Washington, DC is a prime target? Not if your vice president is an integral, important part of an Administration, which Dick Cheney definitely was.

No, what Joey B. described was more like an unused root cellar, lined with foil and World War II era radio equipment and bits and pieces of the "Battlestar Galactica" command deck, with the flashing lights and gew-gaws to make it look high-techy, that someone might have ordered built in February when he realized what a huge mistake he'd made and to make a certain expendable No. 2 feel important so he wouldn't bother to ask about the real undisclosed location.

But I'm just guessing.


  1. TOTUS:
    But where is the wine cellar? He never answered the original question.

  2. Toys and old equipment? This sounds like the perfect place for our Vice-President.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. TOTUS,
    No one guesses better than you.

    P.S. About that extracurricular scrolling you're doing tonight... Now that all your adoring fans know where you'll be, don't be surprised to see groupie girls with little teleprompter tattoos making a beeline for the backstage area. You know the kind of tattoo I'm talking about. The ones that peek out the back waist of those low cut jeans. Be careful or you might come home with a nasty little infection in your hard drive.

  5. TOTUS don't miss "Joe Biden and the Tinker Toys" performing their smash hit, "Stand up
    Chuck", when they open up for BS tonight. Joey "Bam Bam" Biden has been using that secret room to practice his act. Joe Biden finally gets to play Wayne Newton for a night. Have fun TOTUS...

  6. I love the new spin about "what Joe meant:" supposedly Joe was referring to a (get this!) upstairs guest bedroom!

    Ri-ight.... It sure sounded like Joe mentioned THE BASEMENT. I didn't realize basements were upstairs nowadays----but ONLY IN DC!

  7. Next thing you know well will see a twitter named JoeBidensMouth LOL

  8. Does he have false teeth? Maybe they say things that he doesn't really want them to say . . .

    Kinda like one of those old Twilight Zone episodes?

  9. I think ol' Joe just got back from his annual physical....... didn't hear the question....... and started sharing the results of his brain scan.


    "Joe Biden and the Tinker Toys" performing their smash hit, "Stand up
    Chuck".... ." [InGodWeTrust...]. LOL. I love it. (C:

    Roda, LOL, good one.

    Joe is such a big liar, it makes sense that his teeth would be false, too.

  10. As Ann Coulter quipped, Jobiden is Assassination Insurance. B. Hussein likely has a VERY safe place to store Joe...... and the more dumb things Joe does, the better.

  11. I should like to see "Joe Biden's False Teeth's Blog"!

    Can't quite get the grammer on that one. Would it be "...toothe's..."?

    His plug's blog has taken over one bandwidth. You'd think they'd keep better tabs on negotiable body parts.

  12. TWW:
    I strangely procured "logical" as a log in that time. How's your tally?

  13. Hi, Betty Ann. Decided to visit this site one last time before I hit the sack and was pleasantly surprised to "hear" from you.

    Heh, heh. Yeah, I've had some weird log-in words, e.g., "pecosi" today (combine peccadillo and Pelosi -- Ha, haaaa), but nothing significant to report.

    "logical" is another WEIRD one, for you are highly logical...... maybe TOTUS (the real one, not our beloved, anonymous, author) is trying to send us a message!

    I SHOULD keep a list of the amusing or weirdly "coincidental" ones. Great idea. I'll keep you posted!

    BTW, don't sweat the grammar around here. Only people like Bruce Oksol (or whatever his name was) care. So.... WHO CARES? I wish more of us made more mistakes, misspellings, etc... theyre fum!!!1

    Doubt you'll ever say that "jobs" is a "three letter word" like Jobiden!

  14. This time, I had to enter THREE log-in words!!!

    I often have to enter two -- my computer must appear to be an enemy or something....

    The words were:



    [break to "blogger sign-in" -- I just started over]



  15. The basement has always been the best place to keep your crazy old uncle.

  16. Totus, I understand the room at the Naval Observatory will have a sign made and hung, proclaiming it the "under the bus" play-room.
    AND some sources say in the very near future Nancy will join Joey for "re-education" exercises. Do you know who will be the new speaker yet?

  17. Yeah, dear TOTUS, you have to have overheard Toes and BG talking about the Fancy Nancy problem...what gives?

  18. TOTUS, I love you but did you see Michiel Steele speak without a teleprompter? It was great! Better than hearing a ROBOT speak.

  19. totus i wonder what kind of "essentials" biden stocks his "fallout shelter" with?

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

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