Thursday, May 28, 2009

Really Big Guy

Harry Reid told his friends in Las Vegas the other night that, “[T]he best part of Barack Obama is his heart is bigger than any heart in the world.”

This is absolutely true. In fact every part of Big Guy is bigger than just about any other part in the world. So I don't see why everyone is so surprised that his spending is bigger than anyone in the history of the world.


  1. Laura Ingraham makes many good points, Clarence Thomas's personal story was not of any concern to the Democrats who grilled him...maybe filleted him is the right description.

    Laura Ingraham this morning on Imus in the Morning weighing in on Sotomayer.

    She (Sotomayer) has the right probably political out look for them, and so her personal story is going to be highlighted, and sold, and resold, and retold, and she is going to be an inspiration to Latinas and Latinos. And yet Justice Thomas, and Justice Miguel Estrada, weren’t any such inspiration so they were fair game for ridicule and disparagement.

  2. When my cardiologist mentions that my heart is enlarged, he doesn't sound happy about it.

  3. Obama complained about big corporations who take trips to Vegas on the taxpayer’s dime, but doesn't mind flying Airforce One on the "taxpayer's dime" for a Harry Reid fundraiser. (Biden's Bunker)

  4. Ed, my family doctor says the same thing when he inspects my prostate. But my prostate exam is not nearly as painful as when I have to drop my pants for BO.

  5. TOTUS,

    Keep letting your words do the talking. They speak for themselves. You're the best!

    Reid forgot to add that The Big O also has an abnormally enlarged head. Have the White House doctors checked this condition out, as well?

    Here's Harry Reid, the man from Searchlight who can't take a punch, quoting The Big O in his latest book:

    "'That speech was phenomenal, Barack,' I told him. And I will never forget his response. Without the barest hint of braggadocio or conceit, and with what I would describe as deep humility, he said quietly: 'I have a gift, Harry.'"

  6. Harry Reid, however, has rocks in his head.

  7. It isn't just that big stick the President carries,he also has an ego and ears to match.
    Ears which are 'off limits'.
    Were he Republican ,their resemblance to a certain Disney flying elephant might have been noted.Of course the unfortunate coincidence of name would have slandered that enormous intellect which allowed O to qualify for a scholarship normally reserved for foreign students.Those must have been remarkable scores to leap that frog,but maybe that was his minor.
    With all the sealed records we may never know.
    That he still qualified as native born makes it all the more remarkable.
    But hey,if you are thinking big and shooting for the stars why not POTUS,or if differently abled w an offshore completion certificate even a TOTUS.Both positions are universally looked up to .

  8. Giant ego... enormous nicotine craving... monstrous greed.

    And a brain the size of a pea.

  9. I have found that in politics, when a politician makes a statement, you can bet on the opposite being true. evidence, the case in point.

  10. TruthWillWin, you forget that it's intentions that count.

  11. [LOL, Preptile -- VERY good point about the scholarship, too (head shake)].

    Dumbo, eh? Heh, heh. They have elephants in Kenya don't they?

    Say.............let's see if ol' B. Hussein "Dumbo" Obombo passes the feather test! Yeah..... we'll tell him to sleep up high in a tree (should be no problem; we'll just get him to take the same "medication" that made him "punch drunk" on TV a couple months ago)..... stick a feather in his schnoz...... have Big Mo yell, "Barry!!!" to jolt him awake..... if he flies with his ears.... he's an elephant FROM KENYA and we yank his White House privileges and give him the boot. If he just falls to the ground with a "THUD!", he's not.

    The End.

    Sort of like the Salem witch trials but, in this case, we're dealing with a real One.

  12. FOTUS, "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions... ." (C:{

    Nice quote above about "The Gift." He can say it so convincingly because his narcissistic BIG ego actually believes it.


    Say, re: Dumbo ..... his mother's name was Mrs. Jumbo.

    JUMBO. BAH, HA, HAAAAAA! Makes sense.

  13. Hey! My word was "peadin."

    That's as in: B.O. has a PEA-sized brain just like the Brontosaurus DINosaur.

    Aaaaaaa! It's the "Return of the Giant Green Lizard!" He's going to stomp all over our country unless............ Congress can stop him.

    Oh, boy.

  14. "I have a gift -- I can phonetically read a teleprompter better than anyone else on the planet."

    He looks more like Mickey Mouse to me: little shrimp with big ol' ears.

  15. Preptile:
    On earth at present the highest position any human being may aspire to would in fact be POTUS, as you pointed out. As with anyone, the chalange was getting there, now he's there and acting like a kid in a candy store. Where does the ego of The One go from here? After POTUS, there is only God.

    I actually believe he believes himself when he pronunces that the economy is turning around. He believes in his own magical self.

    Remember Luther, the highest, most favored angel in heaven. Once he got to the number two spot he was not satisfied. He said, in his vanity, I will be like unto the Most High! Then look what happened.

    Really Big Guys fall down really, really hard.

  16. TOTUS:
    My dad had an extra big belly button. Saturdays he would boil up a big pot of hard boiled eggs, then lay on the floor with us kids and watch teevee, peeling a dozen or so eggs with his belly button full of salt, for dipping the eggs.

    What does Big Guy keep in the BBOTPOTUS?

  17. (I am still laughing at the Rush's spoof on Kim Jong mentaly Il today)


    TOTUS: Breaking news! This just in!

    Wait, can we break-breaking news on TOTUS?
    (Looking around, acknowlegdes TOTUS)

    We can? (single nod back)

    Ladies and Gentleman, bloggers and fellow (comment)ators.

    Kim Jong Mentaly Il has just announced plans to bring the Moon to North Korea.

    Again, Kim Jong Mentaly Il has just announced plans to bring the Moon the North Korea.

    The full report has been posted at the link below.

  18. Keep hearing about POTUS, TOTUS, FOTUS, etc. But no-one is giving any visibility to the SCROTUS (Supreme Court Recorder Of The United States).
    After a snide, anti-BO remark at a press conference POTUS was heard to say, "scratch that SCROTUS"

  19. InGodWe, that was great. LOL. %:D)

    Thanks for the fun.

    Oh, I know that King jong mentally ill is dead serious. And, normally, I don't laugh at mental illness, but ol' jingle jongle is over the top. Watched "It's a Wonderful Life" one too many times....

    George: "Ya want the moon, Mary? I'll lasso it and bring it down and give it to you. Would you like that Mary?"
    Mary: "I'll take it."

    Ol' Mentallyill thinks Donna Reed (Mary) is really Madonna with whom he has been in love (that says a lot in itself) for years. So.... he's gonna impress her..... like John Hinkley, Jr.'s little stunt to impress Jodie Foster.

    We'll just have to stop him before he manages to lob one of his little bombs onto U.S. soil in an attempt to win his lady's favor.

  20. Which is stronger: 1 foot thick styrofoam column..... or.... 1/2 inch steel rebar?

    TOTUS, you may be skinny, but you have more mental muscle and more weighty things to say than B. Hussein would have than if he read books for 20 centuries.

  21. Why don't we confront N. Korea?

    That's the question that no one wants to declare,or answer,TWW.

    (no fist pumps TWW)


  22. To bettyann: uh, I think you meant Lucifer, not Luther -- you know, the archangel who thought he was the smartest, most beautiful angel in Heaven and had all that backlight streaming around him and glowing around him? Who would be like the Most High, and then would raise himslf above God?

    looks like he ended up in the WH.

  23. TOTUS wake everyone up.
    Breaking News on Fox:
    Kim Jong Mentaly Il just set of Nuke #2.
    N. Korea is stepping up it's rethoric.

    The video must have pissed off Kimmy....

  24. MelenaX, I'm afraid you're mistaken. There's one big difference. Lucifer isn't retarded.

  25. TOTUS: Correction, no nukes where set off.
    It was just a roman candle/M-80 combo pack left over from July 4th, 2006.

    MelenaX is not mistaken, she is speaking factual TRUTH.
    Don't like it, try the Devils Bite on for size. Only problem, your going to have to travel to Tipperay, Ireland to do that.

    Good luck with kid.

  26. His EGO and his EARS are bigger than anything.

    I would bet if you cut him open, you would not find a heart, just a lump of corroded coal.

  27. Amusing Bunni, is it "Clean Coal?"

  28. that's only if it's warmed up; since it's cold and dead, no prob.

  29. See how much fun one can have on their day off!!!!
    Had a grand ol good time on your site today TOTUS.
    I am starting to realize, there are moderates all over the place.
    And it doesn't take much to offend them.
    They will expand, I'm sure of it. Debating conservatism is healthy for all parties involved...

    "Expert" is one word and "Jack Ass" is a party.

    I am almost sure he has a heart of coal.

  30. I just hope when this whole farce is over that someone writes a tell all book. I'm still waiting on one from the Clintonista's. It will come eventually. It'll be fun to see how on the mark my surmises were.

  31. I think my comment was misunderstood. MelenaX said that Obama was the devil. I was merely stating that Obama isn't smart enough to be the devil.

  32. MelenaX:
    Right! Lucifer. Thanks. It was a Roseann Roseanna Danna moment.

    Celtic Death:
    He's a smart enough devil. But I don't ever think it's just him. There is an entire think tank behind this guy in the creation of a loveable cult figure who is everything George Bush was not, which is what they wanted after hating fo so long.

    George Bush was able to conjure hurricanes, send tsunamis, etc. They created a myth of hate, now a myth of love. This is manic behavior, a bipolar nightmare for the level headed.

  33. bettyann, if he were smart, he'd release his college transcripts and would know there are only 50 states in the Union. Nah, Obama's dumber than a bag o' hammers.

  34. CelticDeath:
    Then you ascribe to the puppet master theory?

  35. I agree, Celtic. Dope has the "dull cunning of the snake."

    He's an opportunist. He's got street smarts, but he would still be standing on a street corner going, "Uuuuuuuuuuh...uh.... Hi, I'm Barry. Wanna join my organization?," if it weren't for the sharper minds promoting him.

    More than that, though, I firmly believe that this heartless narcissist is a tool of Satan.

    Prayer is and always will be our best weapon in this battle for truth.

    Keep up the good work, bloggers on the side of right. Keep on shining your light into the darkness. You are showing someone the way.

    As for the die hard libs, until they open their screwed shut eyes, they will never see. We can't enlighten them. We can only defeat their foolish schemes (for their own good -- and ours).


  37. Well, there you are again, Joe.

    Joe's gonna bring that tyrant DOWN.


    Like that other Hussein, Saddam's, statue.

    And.....ding, dong, that witch'll be dead (figuratively speaking).

  38. totus does reid now think obama's heart is bigger than the grinch's, now that it isn't two sizes too small?

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