Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Uncle Ted's Return

This is great news for Big Guy.

Now, we have congressional leadership in place to drive health care reform over the bridge to completion. Unless Ted drives it off the bridge into the waterway, where health care reform is abandoned while Ted swims to the shore to focus on other policy or to watch his Portuguese Water dogs make a sister for BO.


  1. Often people who face The Reaper reexamine their value system and make key changes.

    Wouldn't it be terrific if Teddy now realizes the poor US taxpayers can't even pay their regular bills anymore----much less take on an 'way-expensive health care program?

    PRAY for another miracle!

  2. TOTUS:
    Only the good die young, TOTUS. Ted Kennedy will be around for a long, long long time.

  3. MM:
    Ted Kennedy still cannot fathom the public's outrage over Marie's innocent little quip, "Let the eat cake."

    Now, as then, the guillotine serves the people well. If only.

  4. TOTUS: I'm writing in special interest health care reform lingo here...

    (Jeffery Immelt speaking with BO and Sen. Kerry at lunch, over some of Ted Kennedy’s world famous "VEGTEABLE" soup.)

    Immelt: ”Ted’s brain tumor and his life long dream of socializing the American health care system can wait a one day guys.”

    This is about GE talking down all the soup companies in North America and replacing it with “Ted’s Kennedy’s world famous Vegetable Soup”.

    BO: (Staring at himself in the mirror) “I can see it now all the soup kitchens and every store shelf in America, Canada and Mexico will be forced to sell it.”.

    Kerry: (Bowl in face, slurping, soup on shirt) You going to eat that Barack?

    BO: No, I ordered the tube steak.

  5. Hey, what's up with the broken link to the facebook page?

  6. Hi, Bettyann! Yipes! Most Americans are repulsed by the atrocities of the French Revolution, including beheadings. Too Taliban.

    No jerk is beyond the reach of God's forgiveness and transformation----not even Teddy-tummy. So while I appreciate the frustration, even anger about him and his ilk, I also trust God's POWER. So I'll pray for Ted's miraculous CHANGE of heart.

    Hey, it worked for me; I was a radical liberal once upon a time, tho t'was no fairy tale----well, except for the Happy Ending....

  7. MM: You obviously have a functioning brain; the same can't be said about the Kennedys...

  8. Barrys new stand on tail pipe emisions?

    Using the old bannana in the tail pipe trick to reduce MO's emissions.

    Did he get that idea from Axel Foley?

  9. TOTUS, have you seen Berverly Hills Cop?
    Eddie Murphy plays a Detroit cop by the name of Axel Foley.
    Funny movie. Axel's Theme was a popular tune back in 1985.

  10. How much worse could Teddy's input make this?
    And is it really right to bring BO's parents
    into an argument on "universal" coverage?
    It is rumored that one of them has suspect "papers",and may in fact be undocumented.Add that to his claims that he was trapped into consummation and real problems w his "long form" appear to cloud that pedigree.
    As well as his "citizen's" right to free government healthcare ,ad infinitum.
    But universal means universal,so All Aboard.
    Not a shelter dog ,Bo,or as many here know him FIDOTUS,has much like his owners,led a nonetheless sheltered life.
    Born a Kennedy,and ascending immediately to the Obama WH yard is red carpet & silver water dish,all the way.
    In fact all of his good breeding might,as is typical,allow him to attempt a little early "breeding" ,himself.
    Not just any "b-tch" will do however.
    A "Stormy" relationship this early in that life might corrupt him forever,and could not be advised.
    Especially since his unique breeding might require him to retrieve his playthings,
    who might prove to be embarrassing.
    Especially the dead ones .
    Obviously,embarrassing the Obamas or the Kennedys would be a fate worse than death.
    Draw no conclusions from the fact that the Kopechne family has declined comment.
    Thanks for the timely prompting as always,TP.
    Could you scroll over a few consonants next time Ted speaks? Suspicion of brain damage
    could only help our case.

  11. So, Edward is back. Makes sense.

    D'oh!bama has Jobiden around to make HIM look smarter.

    Now, they've brought poor ol' Teddy and his brain tumor back so "mouth" will look smarter.

    Those Democrats. They've got each others' backs, don't they?

    A Mutually Integrated Smarter By Comparison Society.


    Cute dialogue/scene above, InGodWe. Thanks for that.

  12. MM:
    Exactly. Beware the final reparation, after it had rooted generations. Such momentum being lost on His Most Highness.

    I believe some are beyond reprobation. Capitalize as you may, evil remains evil: Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick proved the penultimate coward, the opposite of public steward, and you cannot make of a pig, a dog - that being the most anyone would hope Ted Kennedy might become on a very good day.

    I remember the day JKF was shot. Who here remembers? We are few. I was in kindergarten, they sent us home. Then Robert Kennedy in 1966 - I was brushing my teeth, late for the school bus, when the news came over the radio. 2 brothers assasinated in the same decade, and we have been made to suffer the politics of the one half-wit Kennedy left to us since; all hail THE TED-his most Murderous, plus Coward, not to mention Ugliest. If there be an hell, Ted Kennedy shall forever suffer the drowning he left to Mary Jo, as he has continued his political career unaffected by that event.

    I'll bet the god-bamn fool thinks we forgot.

    Then again, he thinks I ought to eat cake once he's taxed every thing else out of me and my children's mouths.

    Wouldn't the guillotine be the pen-ultimate surprise?

    Quele suprise!

  13. Mob rule is not good. Mob rule negates all human thinkers strive to achieve. Yet the mob remains the gut of humanity: humanity, en masse, acting from the gut.

    From intellectual response to mob rule, original American statesmen made their mark, here, beyond Britain's reach, all of our heroes - Adams and Jefferson and Washington - containing the mob in us all by reason and honest pursuit of justice.

    Let the present leaders from the original intent of America's Liberty from tyranny of political tyrants beware: you exist by our leave.

    You fall at our leave.


  14. Well, dear MM and Betty Ann, regardless of which of you two patriotic, caring, souls is right, we are all (all true lovers of liberty) certain of one thing:

    WE MUST RESIST that evil tyrant, B. Hussein, at every twist and turn of the Road to Doom that his wicked, scheming, mind is taking the U.S. down.

    GO USA!

  15. Security log-in word was "presses" -- AGAIN!

    (had to enter that last night around 10:30 PM PST -- what are the odds of that??!)

  16. Hi, Betty Ann!

    Keep it up! I LOVE your wholehearted, candid, comments.

    Was it a tee martooni night? Hee, heee. Hic.

    Bye for now.


  17. Ha TWW, lost a long post. they are out tonight and no martooni stops them. Let's see if we post.

  18. Me and my doggie Taterwomp care nothing for their meager, paltry ways.

    Blog On.

  19. Once again, Captain Oldsmobile to the Rescue! (sarcasm off).

    Yes, only the good die young. This nasty old bird will be around to torment us all and pass more ruinous legislation.

    The Hero of Chappaquiddick has done more harm to this nation in the past 40 years than any foreign enemy could ever have hoped to do.

  20. Ya'll may think I am just trying to be funny about Bo's parents linking up to make another litter of Portuguese anchor puppies ,but a serious point is being attempted there.
    Not only is every little illegal in that litter now a citizen but each attaches to a rather long doggie chain of migration.
    Now long lost doggies can reunite in
    perpetual good health w nary a tax payment.
    Something smells funny here.
    Perhaps Bo is in need of more "expression".
    TP,I hope that is not in your job description. Would hate to see you stoop to do it .

  21. Invite Teddy to a party in Jobiden's bunker. The door locks from the outside. You might as well leave it locked until the GOP healthcare bill passes. Then it'll be safe to let them out.

  22. totus - what are you going to do about cheney and his dueling speech with pobama? even YOU cannot outdo cheney OFF prompter...

  23. Obama's Gurus

    Paul Begala this morning on Imus in the Morning. Paul thinks Nancy Pelosi is telling the truth about the C.I.A. briefings.


  24. Ted still has a drivers liscense?
    Now That is Torture!

  25. True Story:
    In the early 70's my dad was sitting there in 1st class on a plane in DC waiting to take off when a late passenger was announced and eventually let aboard.

    First were a few SS in suits, and then Teddy. An inexperienced and uneasy passenger, but someone aware of Teddy's poor luck when it comes to transport vehicles, exclaimed "Oh great, now I KNOW we're gonna crash into the ocean!"

    "Yeah, but at least now it'll be worth it, right?"

    The reply earned my father laughter from the passengers and a snear from the SS. Obviously the plane landed safely, but the ride continues.

  26. Health care for Mary Jo Kopechne!

  27. Daniel Hannan on Hannity's America Last Night "The British Are Coming"


  28. Begala also believes that his "Smart Car" could beat a Cadillac in the Daytona 500.

    His head is so full of lies there probably isn't a single byte of truth left in that tangle of faulty wiring.

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