Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy in Love

This was an unfortunate moment. A woman who thought she was married to Big Guy showed up at LAX ready to fly home with us.

This is happening a lot more now that Big Guy is President. This has always been a problem for Big Guy. He's just a magnet for the crazies, I guess. During the campaign, we routinely had women showing up believing they were married to Big Guy. Then, it was easy to duck and move on to the next event, now, not so much.

But Big Guy has such a big heart that he doesn't want to break their's, so now we have them carted off to an undisclosed location where they are held indefinately for security reasons, so they can't talk to the press and further embarrass themselves. Sometimes it does work out, though. How do you think we found Bruno and our Supreme Court nominee?


  1. I'm not even sure how to respond to this other than say, what is wrong with people these days?

    "Sometimes it does work out, though. How do you think we found Bruno and our Supreme Court nominee?" Brilliant.

  2. He certainly is a magnet for crazies, how in the hell do you think he got elected in the first place.

    Anyone who would want to be married to him should be locked up and never let out.

  3. TOTUS: I’ve got a request for this special moment…

    Roberta Flack - "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"

    It plays in the background while the lady in the photo above goes crazy on the tarmac over “Alabama” Gypsy Rose, getting onboard A.F.1 and the screen play ensues...

    Barack Obama: (on plane, gazing out window, sniffing the detained womens panties, talking to self)

    BHO: (street lingo) “I want her to start providing some justice. I want her walking up those marble steps and I want her to start providing some justice”.

    Toes walks up on Alabama. Bama stares Toes down with displeasure and takes one last giant sniff of the detainies underware.

    BHO: I'm a cold, cold man Rahm. Do something with these things, and what ever you do, don’t wear them home.

    Toes: Yes Mr. President. I’ll put them with the rest of your collection in the AF1 cookie jar.

    BHO: (Gazing out window) “I want her to start providing some justice. I want her walking up those marble steps and I want her to start providing some justice.”

  4. When I first glance at the photo, thought it was Lady M showing off her $500 tennis shoes again, thanks for clearing this up!

  5. Totus,
    Joey Biden was telling his staff around the water cooler that the woman was Aunt "Zeiti" or Zeituni Onyango. She had heard in the press that Big Guy had misplaced that b/c, and she was trying to give him her copy!
    Oh Well, That's Joey! Always kidding!

  6. In God We Trust . . .

    May I suggest Patsy Cline's "Crazy" instead of Roberta Flack's "First Time. . ."

  7. Not to mention all the PRESS who are "crazy in love" with BO....

    (And hey, InGod----pretty gross scene you came up with above.)

  8. I thought it was Lady M, also. Wow.

  9. Looks to me those guys are taking her to a big black noose to, well, you know, 'take care' of the situation.

    Fraudian slip of the camera lens??

    One of your relatives, TOTUS? ;-)

  10. “You so Crazy”

    TOTUS: Was that Wanda from in living color on the tarmac?

    Not sure, looked like her…

    Sure Stevo, you go right ahead “Big Guy”.

    Now if you listen to the lyrics of the song “Crazy”, then you will know that it is a song written by and about Willie Nelson’s “Loneliness”

    Are you lonely Steve?
    Do you miss the Big Guy?

    “First time ever I saw your face” is a much better song, written about Roberta Flack falling in love...

    Again Class, A song written about, “Falling in Love”.

    Ah yes...
    You gotta like falling in love with the “Big Guy” Steve

    Like the title TOTUS posted for us all to enjoy, read and interpet…

    “Crazy in Love”

  11. I think we have a new use for Gitmo! As for attracting "crazies", that still doesn;t explain Uncle Joe, Gibsy, Bruno or the Latest, Sunny.

  12. You all realize that all bras and panties--and boxers, not that there's anything wrong with that--thrown at O are legally required to be sent to the National Archives...

  13. Oh, you'll be alright Melena.
    Go blow your nose into a Obama snuggie if your going to be offended and pout.

    It wasn't written to offend women or you Melena.

    The scene in question depicts just what kind of sick, twisted and cold mind Barack Obama has when it comes to America and it’s greatness.

    He is out to destroy it Melena.

    This lady in the photo is merely a prop to make him look good.

    These are the qualities and traits of Dictators, oppressors and Ungodly men.

    Do some research on the people that Obama aspires to be like and I am positive you will won't be so offended next time.

    I case no one noticed...

    The Stock Market was robbed of 5 Trillion in one day, and everything has fell in line since that day.

    No questions asked.

    Obama is a sick, cold and twisted man and he is coming after your assets, earning and personal liberties as a American citizen.

  14. BING!!!!
    "How do you think we found Bruno and our Supreme Court nominee? "

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  16. Class: The Quote from the skit above was taken from a Obama speech today, talking about his intentions for his non-originalist, liberal, SCOTUS nomination, Sonia Sotomayor and her indoctrinated understanding and ruling that the Rule of Law in not based on the blindness of Justice, but rather it is based on the racist compassion and understanding of what it means to be a human being that is not white.

    “I want her to start “PROVIDING” some justice. I want her walking up those marble steps and I want her to start “PROVIDING” some justice. Key word:” Providing Justice”.

    IE. Note the explanation of "PROVIDING JUSTICE" was taken from The Rush Limbaugh Show: May 28, 2009

  17. Radish.
    What about throwing shoes? Do they make the National Archives? I'm sure they do...
    I know throwing panties and bras at false idols is popular with today society. People who have very little "character, substance in content, or a a moral/ethical foundation...(rockstars,The44thPresident and
    Keith Olberman) are all panty sniffers!

  18. InGodWe, you deserve a standing ovation for all your entertaining (and informative, too) posts on your day off. (CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!) Thanks. Take a bow (but not to Saud - heh).


    Actually.........that woman was B.O.'s mother-in-law. She's so lazy, she won't even walk off the tarmac. Well, no, actually, she was (while yelling at the top of her lungs, "I TOLD you not to marry that man, Michelle!") being forcibly removed after saying, "That is the DUMBEST thing I've ever heard" one...too...many... times.

    She will be happier in her private room in Club Gitmo than she's ever been living in the Donkey Barn with D'oh! -- who wouldn't be?

    They actually did offer to let the brother in Kenya move into the chicken house out back of the Donkey Barn. He turned them down. "Uh, hey, thanks, but, uh... I'd rather stay in my hut."

  19. Note: "the chicken house out back" is a luxuriously finished two bedroom condo with TV, running water, a bathroom, etc... .

    Sorry for the joke patch-up job. I should proof-read this stuff better!

  20. InGodWeTrust, not man: what the f are you talking about??????????

    Nothing you said to me makes any sense.

    I think BHO is a danger to the US, and he's out to destroy everything and everyone.

    How DARE you insinuate that I aprrove of him in any way.

    That black rope DOES look like a noose; I didn't put it there. She's being carried toward it. Simple deduction; I figured the camera lens was showing us the truth.


    and to think I saw you as a kindred soul

    forget that.

  21. Melena, I think our friend InGodWe was getting tired after all his posting today.

    He mixed you up with Mountain Mama (who expressed disapproval of his panties scenario).

    You two are kindred souls (at least as far as one can tell on a blog!).

    And........ maybe InGodWe joined Betty Ann in one of her frequently mentioned martinis and wasn't himself. HEY! I think I just ASSUMED that InGodWe is male. Aaaaaa, HE's gotta be.

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  23. TWW: Thank you ( no fist pump)

    It's the whole PDA thing vs the PC.
    Mistakes happen easie
    Somehow, Mountain Mama & Melena Mama got mixed up.
    I had to call Mountain Mama out,left me no choice.

    God Bless your opinions Melenax
    And thank you for being outspoken.

    Great Job Melena

    In God WeTrust "notmankind"

  24. Again TWW. It's the tiny PDA screen. Remember, I drink coolaid. (no fist pump) No bettyann cocktails here.

  25. TWW:
    LOL, now I know how Rush feels
    After a Female caller siminar...
    Ole MelenaX has some Sarah Palin in her.
    A Little lipstick on the Hockey mom.

  26. Undisclosed location? Isn't that in Biden's basement?

  27. Will Michelle waterboard the lady?

  28. Wow. How cool! A blog devoted to infantile, ad hominem attacks on the President. Wish I'd thought of it.

  29. jamienewman, please do not criticize the teleprompter. The teleprompter is king.

  30. Totus

    Was Hollywood filming "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here" since that noose was in the picture. The show where Hollywood types can release bees and call it entertainment and not torture.


  31. jamienewman, Isn't that cool! Just a blog devoted to infantile, ad hominem attacks on the current President with may be couple of posts a day (as opposed to 24x7 vicious attack on the past president by MSNBCCNNCBSNBCABCNYTLATSFC..... for 7 years). Wish you thought about that first.

  32. Supporters of this administration need a good slogan to unite them ... maybe something like "I Swoon for Socialism".

  33. I find it ironic how the False Prophet rides in a car known as "the Beast."

  34. TOTUS:
    Where are the white people? I don't see any white people.

    Yes, nothing new, lambasting the president as hobby right and left. Obama will get as much respect from us as GW got, and that's about it.

    Now, all together with your liberal friends cry, "NOT FAIR!!"

  35. Shan R:
    In the song "Imagine", everybody loves everybody, and so liberals cannot understand why, now that they are in charge, we are not singing with them.

    Party poopers.

  36. Imagine there's no John Lennon. It's easy if you try.

  37. The new IP task force team must of began their new comprehensive hacking program on conservatives today...

    My networks are Jammed, never.

    This is in just like in the movie "spaceballs" when they jammed the radar...

  38. I Can see the Obama Hair abd makeup task force team "Combing" the desert looking for conservatives...

    Just like in the movie "spscrleballs" when they comb the desert with a giant sized comb?

  39. CelticDeath:
    Strange, isn't it, that contrary to what you might expect, it's whites who have been paying the most attention to homogenizing the culture. We have been taught to see people, not colors or gender, in judging ability and proscribing justice. The changes this country has made from a racist past have been made by whites, and yet whitey is still evil.

    I liked Rush's point about chosing to get in the back of the bus. You have to admire Rosa Parks and the three other ladies before her who refused to go to the back of the bus. They made an American choice. The back of the bus is never an American choice.

    Sonia does not chose the back of the bus, obviously. Good for her. What she does wrong is believe that it's time for another group to take up the back seats, and this is what's wrong with Sotomayor. Stangely, many whites are quietly going to the back of the bus as they are being told, out of some kind of guilt. Why do they not see this as going backwards culturally?

    I'm amazed. I'm also a red blooded American whose family has fought in every single conflict this country has been involved in, and make claim to all rights fought and died for by same. I am not about to get in the back of anybody's bus. I hope most Americans's won't. Rosa Parks and the other ladies being my example of how to respond when told to.

  40. How about a special request for the woman as she was being hauled away- "There coming to take me away haha" by Napoleon XIV

    and David Lee Roth's Going Crazy:

  41. IGWTnm:
    Sign in, and then come to the blog via your sign in page. I have problems too, I think I even picked up a bug because soemtimes I have to reboot to get on the internet.

    You know there are those who hate this blog and what we say.

  42. CelticDeath:
    I misspoke on one point - many whites are slinking to the back of the bus by their own volition, yo.

  43. Totus, it was great to see you getting some well-deserved recognition this morning on Fox and Friends. Steve Doocy says he has been keeping up with you when he can... too cool.

    But then who doesn't! I wouldn't be surprised if Big "Buy" has been keeping tabs on you too.

    Can you see in the dark? Have you been fitted with night vision? It might be a good idea to keep your screen on and sleep with one eye open just in case.

  44. I wonder how TOTUS is going to handle the dirty little gossip piece..

  45. InGodWeTrust, not man: okay, that's cool.

    all is well :-)

  46. LOL, my authorization code for the above post was POWKIS :-D

  47. Yeah, MelenaX, all is well----if women who read here don't mind InGod's suggestion that some women's panties should be sniffed.

    I wish we could all have fun with satire about BO and his socialist staff here, but avoid being crude, or making attacks against each other, women, men, ethnic groups, etc.

    OH, TOTUS! Your website is about to be discussed on Fox News' "Special Report with Bret Baier!" You DO write terrific, hilarious blogs!

  48. YIPES, Minorthreat! That expose piece has been removed from YouTube!

  49. Somehow it's not surprising to me that Mountain Mama can't imagine anyone wanting to sniff her panties...

  50. As usual, Craniac, you make the sickest comment of all.... Your mother must feel so proud.

    Hey, James Rosen just finished the report about you, TOTUS! He did a terrific job, showing other TOTAE of the past (SNL) and present (his own!).

  51. Congratulations! I was watching Fox News Channel and they mentioned your blog and showed a shot of it. You've gotten onto the Waves, my friend! :-)

    ~Lorna/ Southern California Woman

  52. MM,

    I'm just saying...based on your constant shallow and vitriolic comments, I can't help but picture you as a Puritanical, grouchy, unattractive, and most likely overweight woman. None of which make for good panty sniffing.

    Don't take it personal though.

  53. Hiya, Lorna! Actually, TOTUS has been "on the waves" for many moons! It's just that he's now finally getting the credit he very justly deserves: he saves this president from seeming completely dense ("D'oh....!").

  54. OMG Just saw you made it to Bret Baiers show!! Looking good, and you don't need the POTUS!!

  55. MM said:
    "I wish we could all have fun with satire about BO and his socialist staff here, but avoid being crude, or making attacks against each other, women, men, ethnic groups, etc."

    You see, this is the problem. Political correctness is a bore, not to mention outrageously hypocritical. The left has shoved political correctness up our buttocks and broken it off, for about 2 decades. And what has this done for the bitter, gun clinging, gold buying, god fearing majority, I axe you?

    A song for Mountain Mama, from Tom McMahon:

    I wish I was a Negro
    With lots of Negro songs
    So I could stay true to my ethnic roots
    And still play rock 'n' roll

    If I was a funky Negro
    Eating soul food barbeques
    I wouldn't have to sing
    The middle-class liberal well-intentioned blues

    Intentioned blues
    Intentioned blues . . .

    I wish I was an Indian
    A grown-up Sioux papoose
    So when I get drunk on a beer and a half
    I'd have a good excuse

    I'd be a noble savage
    Wouldn't ever wear no shoes
    And I wouldn't have to sing
    The middle-class liberal well-intentioned blues

    Intentioned blues
    Intentioned blues . . .

    I wish I was a Wetback
    On strike in a lettuce patch
    Or a slant-eyed peasant with Viet Cong
    Stashed underneath my thatch

    I only ever cross a picket line
    To pay my union dues
    To keep on singing
    The middle-class liberal well-intentioned blues

    Intentioned blues
    Intentioned blues . . .

    But I am not a Negro (c'mon!)
    Not a Red Man nor a Mex (join me kids!)
    I'm a member of the oppressing color
    Language, age, and sex

    I sympathize with the Arab cause
    I feel for the put-upon Jews
    And I keep singing
    The middle-class liberal
    Meaningful dialogue
    We are all responsible
    Well-intentioned blues

    Intentioned blues
    Intentioned blues . . .

  56. And that's all I got to say about that.

  57. All right, I"ll bite.

    Your stereo typer is sticking out, dear. Admit to the group that you thought that up about MM because of her name.

    It's very easy, jsut repeat after me - "I. Am. An Arogant. Self Righteous. Jerk."

    There. Don't we feel better now.

  58. Bettyann,

    I will be a man and admit it. MM's screenname in and of itself certainly does evoke quite an image.

    As far as being an arrogant, self-righteous jerk? Guilty as charged.

  59. craniac24:
    That was horrid of you. That woman's arms are much to short to reach a keyboard.

  60. Hey, Bettyann. Loved the song, although I wasn't referring to being PC. (Glad your hubbie isn't leaving for Iraq, Afghanistan, btw.)

    Re. songs:
    I lived in the high mountains for 8 years, and picked M.M. from John Denver's "Country Roads." Most MM's are like me and Sarah Palin: optimistic and thin, from shoveling 2"-9" of snow daily sometimes, 10-11 months of the year. But are the mountains beautiful!? You betcha!

  61. Bettyann,

    Despite the fact that I view you as the ideological equivilent of Ann Coulter, I give you a ton of credit for having a good sense of humor. Kisses to you, my reactionary friend.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Attaboy, InGod! Excellent screenplay.

  64. MM:
    I live in big mountains. I make bread and raise chickens and right now my teens are thawing elk ribs to smoke on the grill with apple wood. The potatoes are coming up fine, though I lost the peas to a late snow.

    Never mind any troll like craniac24. Stereo typing, unless used as high humor - high humor being making fun of ourselves - reeks of "otherness", a phenomena rampant in the dark ages when human enclaves were suspicious of other, also human enclaves.

    Women who grow most of their family's food, and put it up, not to mention all the work that goes into simply living, are never fat.

    But persons such as craniac do not know that. You see, they haven't the character. They live in cities, and pay for services, exchanging for money what, in another world would be sweat off their own backs.

    No worries. I grow mint. Tonight, real mojitos.

  65. IGWTnm:
    Thou art an hero. Bravo darling. Bravo!!

  66. Sounds yummy, Bettyann.
    Btw, ever ask a city slicker what "wheat berries" are? Poor guys haven't a clue.

    Do do you have a greenhouse? We were too high (4800') to grow much without using one.

  67. Int. White House

    Big Guy is entertaining a small group of community organizers from Chicago, Baltimore and Washington DC.

    BHO: (Standing in front of organizers, pointing at them) I want you guys to remember one thing. If you have a teleprompter, you can fool anyone, including the world.

    Toes runs in and breaks up the meeting.

    Toes: (looks down at Black Berry, biting nails) Mr. President, we have a major problem. We need to meet in the Oval Office A.S.A.P.

    Int. Oval Office.

    The Big Guy is behind his desk cleaning his nose out in the mirror when Toes busts into the room:
    BHO: (cleaning nose out in mirror) Rahm, what was so important that we had to bust up my new comprehensive community organizer seminar?

    Toes: (pacing back and forth biting nails) Fox news, Special Report, with Brett Bair, just ran a feature story on TOTUS!

    BHO: (Stands up, looks out and over the Oval Office window) Call Axelrod now!

    Toes: I did. He is standing on stage at a drag queen contest, he just won first place.

    (Knock on O.O. door)

    Gibbs and Axelrod enter room. Gibbs is wearing a Bomber jacket and leather hat. Axelrod is wearing a bikini top and a pink skirt. holding a wig in his hand.

    BHO: David, your not wearing any makeup?

    Axelrod: I only wear make up at work.

    Axelrod: Look guys, Gibbs told me about the TOTUS interview on Fox news, Special Report this afternoon. This is not good, not good at all. The bigger he gets, the dumber you look Mr. President.

    Toes: (biting nails) I say we bury TOTUS in the rose garden?

    BHO: Shut up Rahm, you’re an idiot that wears a leotard.

    Toes: Yes Mr. President, I do wear a leotard.

    Gibbs: Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t we get a president who doesn’t need a teleprompter to communicate.

    BHO: Shut up Gibbs, you’re an idiot.

    Gibbs: Yes Mr. President, I know you are but what am I?

    Axelrod: Knock it off you two!

    (Knock on Oval Office door)

    TOTUS enters the room drinking a Betty Ann cocktail and a Truth Will Win Shirt. He rolls around the Oval Office, scrolling for a few seconds while everyone stands still, trembling, nothing is said.

    TOTUS: (laughing) So, you idots are trying to get rid of me, huh? Well, it’s not going to happen. You guys will need to hire a TOTUS task force team.

    Toes: We are going to put you in charge of the Sneeze Guard Task Force team?

    TOTUS: (moves screen up) Forget it!

    BHO: (turns around from window, heated frustration) I am the POTUS! You are a teleprompter! Just who do you think you are? Having Fox News do a story on you?

    TOTUS: Look here Big Guy, I’m the boss here. I’m the one that got you elected. You might be the POTUS, but I’m the TOTUS. Every word you read comes from my screen. With out it, you are just a mumbling, stuttering idiot. Without TOTUS, there is no reader of the free world, Big Guy.

    TOTUS: (rolls over to Axelrod, talking to room) Now if youvdon’t want old Axelrod’s drag queen career posted on Drudge. Then I suggest this administration stop worrying about how popular TOTUS is becoming.

    (The whole rooms shakes with fear)

    TOTUS: (rolls over to Gibbs, takes a sip of his Betty Ann Cocktail and points down at his Truth Will Win shirt) Everyone see this shirt. Read what it says and repeat after me. 1,2,3…(The room repeats after TOTUS )
    Oval Office: THE TRUTH WILL WIN!

    The room is silent. TOTUS rolls over to BHO.
    BHO looks TOTUS, right into the screen.

    BHO(frustrated) : But I have a gift!

    TOTUS: Shut up! You’re an idiot!

    TOTUS flinches at BHO.
    BHO over reacts and falls down on the ground.

    TOTUS exits the Oval Office and rides off into the sunset until a another day of propaganda scrolls his way….

  68. I had a few typos I had to fix...

    There's no I in team!!!

    Right Guys!!!

    Congradulations TOTUS!!!

    In God We Trust "notmankind"

  69. MM:
    6300' here. No greenhouse, but working on it. My soldier, retiring after 30 years service - airborne ranger hooah! - who has no business going to Iraq anyway, promises me one next summer. Plus a partridge in a pear tree.

    Babe, didn't mean to use the extra large shot glass. Whoa with the wheelies - eat some pasta. You have been the star all along. Just flow baby flow.

  70. you know, one of the reasons BHO wouldn't give up his Blackberry is probably because he thought it was spelled (and pronounced) Black Barry...

    just a random thought...

  71. In God We Trust!!!! THAT WAS FANTASTIC.

    Yes, folks, yet another fine In God We Trust Production. (loud applause)


    And thank you SO much for the promotion! The merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, Uzzis, Bibles) has been FLYING off the shelves since your kind mention. Your 5% will be in the mail tomorrow. ;)

    RE: this bit-- "TOTUS enters the room ... scrolling for a few seconds while everyone stands still, trembling... ." --

    ...... Reminded me of the real Messiah when he "scrolled" on the ground some words that made the hypocrites who hauled the WOMAN caught in flagrante delicto into "court." [John 8:3-9]. John says that the accusers all left, the oldest ones leaving first. I think Jesus wrote down a few women's names.... heh, heh....

    Anyway, whatever TOTUS scrolled, it was pretty upsetting: the Kenyan birth certificate perhaps? Obama and his thugs know that their little cabal will be void ab initio if that BIRTH CERTIFICATE (which is NOT a certification of live birth) ever shows up. That's likely why all the hurry up and get it done -- NOW.

    Those poor, Kool-Aid besotted Cult Members can only drink so much of the stuff. Well, obviously some have permanently pickled their brains, but, SOME will come to their senses if B. Hussein is knocked TOO far away from his Greek columns…..


    You know, that false messiah, the leader of the Cult of O, is repeatedly proving himself to be the OPPOSITE of Jesus.


    B.O. -- tells the kindergarteners who arrived 15 minutes late to get lost.
    Jesus -- says, "'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them ... .'" [Mark 10:14]

    B.O. -- deliberately frightens the people of lower Manhattan with his wicked flyby.
    Jesus -- said, "'... the man who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. The man who enters by the gate is the shepherd ... they will never follow a stranger; in fact they will run away from him ... .'" [John 10:1,2,5]

    B.O. -- like Herod, is pro-infanticide.

    Jesus -- is pro-life.

    B.O. -- is a liar.

    Jesus -- is “’the truth.’” [John 14:6]

    Meh, enough of that already. Talking about Jesus and that snake in the same paragraph is revolting.

    In view of B. Hussein's close resemblance to Herod the Great, I say we call RahmE "Blastus," one of Herod's little helpers. [Acts 12:20]


    Sounds like the opening to a Revvvvvrund Wright sermon.

  72. Hi, Melena! Sure glad you're back after yesterday (eye roll). :D

    Great minds.... I thought "Black Barry," too. Bah, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaa. Black Barry. And he's not even "black." Just poses as one.

    What a POSER!!!

  73. Nice speech, Betty Ann. Hoorah! Hoorah!

    [Betty Ann said] "... to see people, not colors or gender, in judging ability and prescribing justice... ."

    And Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who I THOUGHT black people were supposed to admire (Dope and Wright and the whole black "justice" Co. sure don't follow his teachings!) said:

    "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but BY THE CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER." [emphasis mine] Speech Accepting Nobel Peace Prize (when it still meant something!), Dec. 11, 1964.

    If we as a nation ever "overcome," it will NOT be because of the "Black Liberation" school of theology or “white guilt.”

    BTW, your wise and witty comments do not at all reflect that you actually drink ANY martinis. Didn't want to leave the impression that I thought so.


    So glad to hear that your husband gets to stay home -- that injury was a true blessing in disguise. THANK YOU KEEPING MY COUNTRY FREE, BETTY ANN'S HUSBAND.


  74. TWW:
    Martinis are proof God loves us.

  75. Hi, InGodWETrust,notmankind: The Fraud thinks if he says it enougb, he'll be black.

    bettyann: wow, 30 years -- no wonder we have the freedoms we have (or had, before the commies snuck in...). Give him my thanks and best wishes :-)

    My younger son is in the Army; he joined the Nat'l Guard at 17 and has applied to Special Forces. There are still many brave men and women willing to defend us and our Constitution.

  76. God bless your son, MelanaX, and bettyann's husband and our other brave soldiers for their years of service to preserve our liberty.

    Thanks to you, too, TWW, for always praising most posters here for expressing opinions you appreciate, and sometimes sharing neat insights about God. You are so right that our thoughts, words, and deeds should line up with our supposed faith----to show good character, as MLKing said. Great job!

  77. Thanks, MM!

    I appreciate YOU. (C:

  78. [Thomas cleverly quipped] "I Swoon for Socialism" [Cult of Obama slogan].

    LOL. That was good.

    How about this one:

    "Don't Confuse Me With the Facts"

    OR....... "Bow Down to Islam"

    OR...... "Punch Drunk and Loving It"

  79. This comment has been removed by the author.

  80. It so great to hear over the past week, how great and brave the men and women of the all branches of the armed forces abroad and within, that defend the United States of America, the Constitution and the American people on a daily basis, really truly are from all of you. I am very grateful myself, and I thank God everyday myself for my freedoms.

    God Bless everyone one of you that have strong conviction, passion and love for this great country and the men and women who serve it.

    You have no idea how great it is to hear people express their love for America and the troops, here on this site.

    God Bless you all, God Bless our Troops and God Bless America and our freedoms and liberties.

    Sincerly Grateful to you all,


  81. God bless you, too, IGWTnm. I hope this isn't your farewell greeting....... ?!

    You would be missed.

    Take care and keep the faith, fellow patriot!


  83. In God We Trust, notmankind

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    Barack Obama is a serious matter, all joking aside, the Truth is not a slogan.

    “Corruption, Deception"

    Barack Obama, Shoeless Joe Biden and
    The Black Sox Administration

    In God We Trust, notmankind

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