Wednesday, May 27, 2009

La-La Land

Big Guy and I are in Los Angeles for yet another fundraiser. I heard there will be celebrities here, so Big Guy and I should fit right in. I'm still a little frustrated by the Las Vegas trip. Big Guy ad-libbed a line about, "What's done in Vegas shouldn't stay in Vegas," and half the audience groaned. My jokes, written with my new operator, Felix, were better, especially the Siegfried and Roy routine.

We'll be back in DC tomorrow morning to meet with the Palestinian leader of the month, which should make a lot of the folks cutting us checks tonight just over the moon with joy.


  1. Exactly how many are in the entourage on this trip? Did he land on a white runway?

  2. TOTUS, glad you were not with biden today. Teleprompter blew over and he joked about it being obamas. This was at the Air Force Academy. Sorry your in Ca. with all the Hollywood elites. Bet this junket cost a lot of money. Did you have to pay your own way or did the American people pick up the bill?

  3. We haven't heard from Big Mo lately........ I think all this flying around the country, reading here, reading there, is because Dope can't find her and he's lookin' all over the place for "Mitchell, er, Michelle." He'll probably try Hawaii next.......

  4. Teleprompter - did someone type in the speech wrong or did Obamessiahmy*** read it wrong when he said the Constitution of the USA was written 20 centuries ago - when he introduced his SCOTUS appointee??

  5. Hey, there, Grace, ole Palinista buddy!
    I LOVE your name for BO!

    So he said the Constitution was "written 20 centuries ago." The MSM would be talking about nothing ELSE, if GW had said that----but there's not a peep about this in their "news!"

    Yes, Sunflower! I viewed the video of Biden's saying, "Whoa! Imagine if President Obama didn't have a teleprompter! What would he DO?"

    Seriously, if Biden keeps screwing up like that, he'd better hire himself an ASSAYER!

  6. Wasn't Felix that black cat ?
    Your ribs will ache,your sides will split, your heart will go pitty pat?
    Felix,Felix the wonderful cat?
    He hired THAT Felix?
    I never found him all that funny .
    Unfortunately Felix was not what you could call a ' multidimensional' character.
    He could charitably be described as a caricature,but lets face it he is not even an
    'authentic' cat,but a drawing of one.
    This is affirmative action gone mad.
    Granted Teleprompters can be'differently- abled' too,but when attached w wheels and a mind of their own they can do great things.
    We have witnessed the proof.
    TP you claim to be inanimate ,but compared to Felix's primitive animation you are star wars.
    Don't let Felix push that crescent moon outhouse gag on BG,especially w the Hamastanians.Best put it on hold w all countries founded by that Stan fellow.
    It got another 2 dimensional type,BC,in big trouble.And we wouldn't wan't to inspire any additional overseas contingency operations.

  7. I'm thinking maybe Big Guy (I accidentally typed "Big Buy" at first....isn't that actually a more appropriate name for him?) should take his big "act" to Vegas and then HE and whatever HE does could stay in Vegas. All his lefties could follow him there. Surely they'd be willing to pay to watch him stand on stage and read from a prompter while they fawn and drool and cheer. It would be just like what they got in exchange for their campaign contributions.

    Just think, they'd all be out of our hair and gambling with their own money instead of our nation's economy and future.

    Of course, they'd be in "The Donald's" hair in Vegas, but he's got plenty to work with and the rest of us have pulled out most of ours at this point.

    (TOTUS, he could get by with Joe's prompter, and you could take a break from the crazies, maybe scroll a book).

  8. "Big Buy" -- LOL, Image. That was a terrific typo. Thanks for sharing.

    "Big Buy," a rip-off at any price.


    "Pssst! Dope. Come ovah heeyah. Go-aht that "big buy" ready for shipment?"


    The (permanent) Vegas Summit is a great idea. Those donkeys can lie, cheat, gamble, and steal all day long. Those guys are pros. "The Donald" had better install a few more cameras.

  9. TOTUS: When “Alabama” goes to Vegas, does he bet the over/under on the DOW Jones? Hey TOTUS, you should get to interview you while your in LA for the day. You are getting bigger and bigger each and every day TOTUS. I hear the name Teleprompter at least 20 to 30 times a day now.

    By the way TOTUS, did I see on ESPN at the Laker game tonight? I could have sworn that was you sitting next to Jack wearing a baseball cap and a black W. t-shirt.

  10. I love this site. I have over thirty blogs I self-publish and a link to this will go on one or more of them. Love it. Love it.

  11. I hear that Barack is going to hang out in West Hollywood and sing some showtunes.

  12. "We'll be back in DC tomorrow... ."


    YOU may be in D.C.. Reader of the Free World will be "making history" in B.C. -- you know, when the U.S. Constitution was written.

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