Saturday, May 16, 2009

Let Us Pray ... Not

Big Guy is a little concerned about this possible vote to ban any religious TV shows on the Public Broadcasting System, since Rahm and Gibbsy think that that would mean PBS wouldn't be able to broadcast Big Guy's press conferences, interviews or soundbites.


  1. ....not to mention BO's own religious services----OH! I mean, when He walks in to bless the White House Press Corps with His Presence.

    (Couldn't you just RALPH!? Sometimes He takes a break from lifting His head, to kiss His Own Hand: "Muah, muah!" BLEAH!)

    Let PBS do this, and decent Americans will rise up to yank their public funding.
    (Imagine pulling the show for disabled shut-ins! HOW DISGUSTING!)

  2. O Good Grief! I just realized that whenever BO looks at you, TOTUS, he sees a faint reflection of Himself, too! NO WONDER Big Guy LOVES you: He's busy worshipping Himself THROUGH you!

    Man, are you used or what, TOTUS..........?

  3. I watched PBS once, saw nothing there worth watching.

  4. PBS stopped airing anything worthwilie long ago; only libs watch it now.

    let them take off the religious programs; they'll then go the way of other lib-orientated brodcasting -- right down the chute.

    so, when's BHO actually going to DO something??? I know, let him walk to Egypt; great photo ops, him walking on water and all that...

  5. TOTUS,
    No religious programming on PBS? Would that include Christmas concerts too? If it does, I can understand why the Big 0 is a little more than nervous-being that he considers himself the second coming of you know who and all.

  6. Liberalism/antichrist/redistribution-of-wealth/corruption=Taking religious programing off the air.

    They would rather you spend your time doing soup kitchens promotions or taking a class on it once you have been recruited and enrolled in their Usuper community collage. I've seen the campus, it's real dark and dingy and has a
    soup kitchen for it's logo.

  7. TOTUS,

    Will that ban on religion include the: global warming, aka: climate change, aka: climate chaos, aka: whatever they call it next - religion? If so, I can see why not only rahm and gibbsy would be a little nervous, but Jeffrey Imelt and Al Gore too.

  8. Just tell the godless "progressives" that the Dalai Lama is being banned from PBS and that should solve it.

    Maybe not.

    PBS will just characterize the Dally's shows as "documentaries" and that will solve that. Won't see any documentaries on what the book of Joshua says about the borders of the land of Canaan that God gave to the Jews FOREVER. Won't see anything about Jesus that comes close to being accurate.

    Like Melena and others above said, who cares.

    Let PBS intensify the stench in their cesspool by removing the purifying influence of the St. Olaf's choir Christ(ooo, bad word!)mas special.

    Or, maybe........... PBS will broadcast the "sanitized" version of..... "St. O's Winter Solstice Celebration" with dubbed in lyrics at strategic points. E.g., "Oh, come, oh Rahm E-ma-a-an-u-el;" or "Sweet baby Barry boy, we didn't know who you were...;" or "Joy to the world! The One is come."

    Well, that's ENOUGH ALREADY of that, huh?


  9. GOOD Speech-at-Notre Dame-Day MORNING, Dear TOTUS!

    How about putting this on his...left-right-left-right-left-right...screens today while the BG sneaks behind a curtain for a VA Slims Menthol:


    over and over again.

  10. Though they may strike the messiah from PBS, in three days he will rise-- his temple will be resurrected.

    By the way TOTUS any insight on what the Big Guy will discuss today? Perhaps his experience in the manger?

  11. You got to give a little to get a little. I'd be willing to make the sacrifice if it meant seeing less of our President.

  12. I'll just bet you..... Sunday's find the Dopebama family gathered together before the almighty T.V. screen watching the prior Sunday's damnation-fest at their "former" "church." Or maybe it's live-cast via their computer screen........

    O Daughter: "Hey, Daddy. Why can Reverend Wright say 'G.D.' but we can't?"

    Big Mo: "Oh, mini-ME, it's okay to say, 'G.D.' if you're preaching the Black Liberation gospel. If you're puttin' some white child in its place or reading one of your essays about this disgusting country aloud to .... ."

    D'oh!: (interrupting)"....uuuuuh, Mitchell, er, I mean Michelle..... I think we'd better ixnay the odgay uuuh... amnday..... uuuh........ how do you say (whispers in her ear)...'speechification' in Esperanto?"

    Bah, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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