Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Look, Up in The Sky ...

New Yorkers might want to keep their head down, Lady M is at it again with Air Force 2, and it be will buzzing New York this morning as she comes in for a landing.

Michelle's going up there to meet with our U.N. Ambassador, or whatever it is we call her since we're all now citizens-of-the-world-unless-you-have-porcine-induced-disaster, our employees at the U.N., and to talk about the need to upgrade the standard of clothing around the world.

Call it the Oprahfication of Obamafication. In the end, it dosen't matter because either way, Michelle's getting two new pairs of shoes for the trip.


  1. Can we call her Imelda O?

    Or re: taxes, Leona O?

    Of course, she'd already been called Jackie O.

  2. WOPOTUSO? Sounds mighty native american to me

  3. Tele-flash:
    Just like last weeks fly-by, no Photo's will be released to the public. The existance, or not, of last weeks Official White house photo's purchased by taxpayers for $330,000.00 will no longer be commented on.
    Chrysler will meet Lady M at the airport and provide bondholder-funded transportation for Lady M, if they know what's good for them!

  4. "The Resurrection of Imelda".

    Interesting, the parallels between the Reign Of The Won and the tenure of other dictators of recent experience (recent = late 1900's or so and since).

  5. RE: Me!Me!Me!chel's '...$600 wouldn't even buy a decent pair of earrings...'

    but it looks like $543 will buy acceptable (or at least enough to impress the poor) pair of sneaker

    This overbearing, ass-as-broad-as-Nebraska, classless, American-hating mean, angry woman is neither Jackie O or gracious enough for a First Lady of the US. She's just Mrs. Tryant, that' all; and trying to fit in with the grace and class of former FL's and failing miserably because she doesn't know how to be either.

    and she doesn't think she needs to learn.

  6. Who cares about the U.N. We all know that shopping in D.C. stinks, and in reality she's in NYC to visit the Lanvin store for another pair of sneakers now that the previous pair is dirty from walking amongst all those little people.

  7. Ahhhhhh . . . yes! The spirit of the Steel Butterfly returns to haunt us, even as the original lives!

    Perhaps we can all look forward to some day visiting the FLOTUS MUSEUM OF SHOES, just as the former First Lady of the Phillipines now has hers situate in London.


  8. Excuse me . . . Manila, not London. My humble apologies!

  9. I'm surprised anyone noticed her shoes...I figured she was still flexing and showing off her mighty biceps.

  10. Why did Lady M pay $500 for a pair of tennis shoes that make her feet look flatter than Al Franken's head?

  11. CelticDeath...these are liberals. It doesn't matter how much they spend - it's not their money. ;-)

  12. Was the Big Guy able to order a burger without you?


  13. That was a wierd looking picture of "the restaurant" where they PAID FOR THEIR OWN BURGERS"!!!!

    You'd think Joe would say, "Wait Barack, this is on me today!"

  14. PS. What kind of (girly) man orders "potato puffs"?

  15. That lunch video "news" (THIS JUST IN... "I'm talking about a cheeseburger here...mustard...I'm not sure about hot sauce..." )

    Is this an SNL skit? Absurd! We're living in bizarro world FOTs!

    "I'm also told by the experts in the control room who've watched all this..."

    Wow, really? It takes experts in the control room to keep us abreast of whether Too Big for His Britches had fries or not, how many ounces the burger was..." really....wow! If you had caught this just in the middle you would think a major world event had just happened. This is sickening.

    Do these people listen to themselves? I hope someone torments them with this clilp by playing and replaying it in all its absurdity. I hope it gets placed into the annuls of the era of media bias and the death of journalism.

    "...and, darn, I wish I was having lunch there today."

    yeah, just what I was thinking...NOT!

  16. TOTUS:
    I'm having a hard time imagining "Lady" M upgrading clothing standards anywhere. I certainly hope she does not torture the public anymore with the black widow look, or the celery-ish attire she wore for the inauguration. I'm just really glad that she ditched the flip - must have been your idea. Hopefully she soon finds a decent pair of earrings.

  17. "Too Big For His Britches"


  18. The Won told kids down south not to eat Popeyes, and now he's chowing down on 10 oz burgers. You know he eats like this only for public consumption...in private it's arugala all the way.

  19. Still wavin' my teabag: "Yo, CLIMBERS! You're still shallow and slow!"

  20. "LOOK, UP IN THE SKY..."

    "It's a bird... it's a plane....... IT'S SUPERM-- oh. What's SHE doing here?"

    Looks like the Wicked Witch of the West (wing) traded in her broom for a plane.

    So.... just how DID she manage to finagle a shopping trip to N.Y.C. on the taxpayers' dime?

    Here's the story.....


    BigMo: "Oh, Baaaarreee."
    ES: "Uuuuuuuuuuuh.... Mitchell, er Michelle?"
    BM: "Sweetie, I was just thinking... ."
    ES: "About?"
    BM: "About me."
    ES: Silence.
    BM: "Well? ........ Don't you want to know what about?"
    ES: (mumbles) "Not really... ."
    ES: "Naturally. DEAR."
    BM: "Parrumph. ... Well, I was just thinking about how I have so many public appearances and places to go now that I'm the presid -- president's wife. In short, I need a new pair of shoes -- and some earrings -- an... ."
    ES: (interrupting –- uh oh) "Go online."
    BM: (punches ES) "You don't buy earrings like these ON LINE."
    ES: "'Like these?' Can we afford them?"
    BM: (eye roll) "After the take from that joy ride for our Muslim brothers and sisters last week? We netted over 50 million!"
    ES: “Mmmhmmmm…… Heh, heh. I’m still furious about that –- NOT.”
    ES: "Ikf yolllwd tchhck yrbgft offfgggg mthrohft ... ."
    BM: (removes foot) "Well?"
    ES: Yeah, yeah. Just have Caldera handle it."
    BM: (instantly syrupy, makes amorous move toward ES) "Now, I can do something [sound of Secret Serviceman gagging in hallway outside “residence”] for you...."
    ES: "Uuuuh, that's okay. Dear. I need to.... uh... go smoke or something."

    .........And Big Mo was on her way to the Big Apple the next day to ... "visit the U.N. ambassador." [LOL]

  21. [Betty Ann said]"... hope she does not torture the public anymore with the black widow look... "

    Bah, ha, haaaa! Every time she's on TV she gives us all that "I-hate-you-but-I'm-keeping-myself-under-control" look. Have to put a bucket over her head to get rid of it.

    BTW, Betty Ann, hope your knee is doing better. Jobiden didn't take the train [set of her grandson], I hope?

  22. Great stuff, Image Remix. Enough to make you gag, huh?

    Ol' [acting "too big for his britches" -- LOL] will slither away from any accusations by the "trans-fats are evil!" crowd by saying:

    "Okay, I took a bite. But I didn't....... swallow" [BIG GRIN].

    [Slick Willy e mails him that evening: "Nice one, B.O."]

  23. Oprahfication of Obamafication

    Okay, that there was funny. :D

  24. Hmm.... BO himself wrote that, when he was younger, he did cocaine a lot----and that supposedly creates a sort of "electrical storm" of craving in the brain (everything LIGHTS UP with desire), just at the thought of it. So is BO still craving cocaine (or even taking it)? Who knows?

    But this gay thing: the same reports are out (sorry) re. Lincoln, too----but who knows?

    If BO is actually gay or bisexual, bet on it: HIS name will NOT appear in that new outing-of-DC-gays book. But if the authors' motives are really pure----that people should be honest about themselves and their orientation----then, if BO is truly gay, why won't they include Bo's name in it, to be consistent?
    (Won't happen....)

    People should choose when to "out" themselves, btw; they should have that choice.

  25. TOTUS

    Do you want to talk, I mean to someone who doesn't repeat everything on your screen?


  26. Newsbusters mentioned you as a VP candidate in the future? Any truth to it?

  27. "But this gay thing: the same reports are out (sorry) re. Lincoln, too----but who knows?"

    Who are you apologizing to, and what kind of flim are you flamming here?

    Don't do that. DC's "gay book"? A gay with "pure motives"? My favorite sister-in-law is the first to call himself a faery, I am no hater. But what this post is, is wind.

    Since when is it classy to EVER demean the greatness of a dead hero - I mean Lincoln - by petty speculation on private right to privacy? Never, that's when.

  28. Sorry I offended you, Bettyann.

    I offered no apology or speculation, but meant the opposite: "who knows?" = "so why speculate?"----including about Lincoln (which is widely mentioned, such as recently by Mark Steyn).

    On another note:

    Palinistas! Bristol Palin will appear on "The Today Show" later this morning.

  29. I see now, Bettyann, that you thought I was apologizing when I wrote, "But this gay thing: the same reports are out (sorry) re. Lincoln, too----but who knows?"

    I meant no apology there; instead, I was noting that I didn't mean for, "reports are out," to be taken as an intentional pun re. the topic at hand (gay outing).

    On yet another topic:

    The debate is on regarding whether Republicans should move more to the center, to gain support from Independents and Moderates. Um.... didn't we try that recently, with McCain? I mean, really: what candidate was more liberal----OOPS! "Moderate" than McCain?

    Rush is right: the Republican Party candidates win when they adopt (not just talk) conservative principles, as Reagan and Kemp did.

    ....Yet they would NOT say they were "enchanted" with conservatism....

  30. MM:
    My husband's battalion leaves for Iraq in 43 days. It is enough that soliders swear to obey the commander in chief who swear to uphold the constitution, and now find their commander in chief wants to tear it up. It is too much to also now hear tainted whispers of secret vices.

    "The words of a whisperer are like dainty morsels, they go down into the innermost parts of the belly"

    Some things are best left unrepeated, as they dirty lips and thoughts. Whoever started those rumors of Lincoln seeks attention, and that through sensationalism, the smutty kind that undermines the American hero as defined by a code of honor now sadly under seige.

  31. BO definitely seems to disregard and disrespect our Constitution. He's also ignoring the importance of prayer by dissing tomorrow's National Day of Prayer events.

    We will pray for your family and your husband, Bettyann. May he return home from Iraq safely.

  32. As long as Michelle keeps Big Guy in line (no offense TOTUS but there is more to this world than computer brains), we have to indulge her.

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