Monday, May 4, 2009

In Which Bill Asks Us to Make New Friends

Some of you may have noticed that because Big Guy wasn't around Illinois or national politics for very long, he doesn't have many of his own "people" he can appoint to senior White House or federal government positions. That's why there are so many Clinton folks around.

The fact that so many of his former aides are back in power is one reason that former President Bill Clinton has been hanging around.  Well, that and that his his wife is an assistant to Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke.

In fact, Bill showed up this morning touting another "Friend of Bill" after reading this article about her planned run for the Senate, and he suggested that even if the campaign failed we should find a position for her in Big O's administration.  Rahm agreed, saying that since so many people think we're screwing the American people, we might as well get professionals who know how to do it. I don't think he was being sarcastic.


  1. OK - I've gotta do it before someone else gets the "low hanging fruit."

    BO, sock puppet for the Ragin' Cajun, said he'd be thrilled to have Stormy working under him.


  2. Makes me want to hum the tune "Stormy Weather". I was just in Louisiana this weekend and didn't hear about this story down there. Glad you're "on top" of this TOTUS.

  3. What's all this about Toes and company threatening to break some knee caps at Chrysler? The hedge funds investors are crying "foul" this morning in court.

  4. Yeah, Big Guy wasn't around Chicago politics, so he wasn't corrupted by its evil taint. Just like he wasn't around Rev. Wright's hateful sermons...

  5. Toes knows we have pros on staff for this already . Years ago in a tax receivership case the government took possession of Nevada's own Mustang " Ranch ".Rush noted at the time
    that 'Civil Cervix Exams' were underway .
    If we don't have one on file for this lady
    we may need to 'check the films '.
    Friend of Bill's or not,questions must be asked before "Storm" is allowed to give herself freely and fully to diplomatic or leadership " positions " .
    Specifically,medical questions must be asked .
    The last thing we need is some kind of a
    typhoid Barry situation .
    We need above the fray spokespeople like you TP,to spread America's love around the world. Those actually in that business like Storm ,
    may be more efficient and know the 'tricks'
    of the trade Teleprompter , but they fail to approach your standard .
    That may be best for all involved .

  6. Preptile..."years ago in a tax receivership case the government took possession of Nevada's Mustang Ranch"...

    As I understand it, even with a couple of the most popular items ever, good looking girls and lots of money, the government couldn't even run a least in Nevada...

    And the obvious 'above the fray' spokesperson to keep track of things would be MO. Storm could wind up in Martinique if she's not careful.

  7. BO doesn't have people; people have BO.

    Especially MO. She'd kill Puff-Daddy Clinton's idea that Ms. Porn-Senator work under BO. Just as MO horned in on BO and Oprah's hugfest. (What a face Oprah made; MO nixed HER plot, all right.)

    It's okay; Puff-Daddy will find a place for Porn-Senator.

    Funny, btw, how people just decide to run for high office, even without prior experience. In government service, I mean.

  8. Smart people should realize that you aren't just voting for an individual when voting for President. You are basically voting for a team that will come with that candidate.

    John's Space

  9. "You are basically voting for a team that will come with that candidate."

    Or that controls that candidate....
    Remember: BO was selected, prepped, and given TOTUS to guide him.

  10. Wow, were you around for Slick Willie's reign of terror too? This was spoken by Jack Kemp in July 1993 about Bill Clinton's regime:

    "Recently, The Heritage Foundation has turned its intellectual firepower on exposing Clintonomics for what it really is - a mix of Reagan rhetoric and Jimmy Carter’s economics. As Tom Edsall of the Washington Post admitted, Clinton talks right while walking left.

    In my view, this debate should not be over whether we’re going to spend $16 billion or $6 billion on a spending-driven stimulus package. Instead, for the good of the economy and the good of the country, America needs a real debate over the principles of what creates a growing economy.

    Does government create jobs, or do entrepreneurs? Does government spending spur growth, or do lower taxes, less regulation, and spending limits? Can government direct investment better than the private sector? The answers to these questions provide the keys to designing a strategy for long-term growth in America."

  11. Kemp was, and is like a breath of fresh, clean air. THANK GOD FOR HIM! He prompted Reagan to make those wonderful tax cuts that fueled a terrific economy for years----until, as usual, the Democrats ruined it. Again.

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