Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Well, Happy Mother's Day to all you. Especially the mother's out there.  I, of course had a mother, but lost her back in 1999 when the Melissa computer virus hit.  Perhaps that's why I was so sensitive to the hysteria over the porcine-created disaster threat last month.

Big Guy's mom also passed, before mine, in 1995, which may be one of the reasons we have such a strong bond. I've always thought one of the reasons he is so dependent on me is because he was under-breast-fed and he ... but I digress.

We'll be doing a little Mother's Day event here tonight for Lady M's mom, who is living here at the White House with us.  We've invited Rahm to join us, since he claims he doesn't have a mother, what with him being the spawn of Satan and all that.


  1. Toes has a mother alright,
    it's the subprime mortgage meltdown. Her name is Freddie Mac. After leaving the Clinton White House, Chief of Staff Emanuel received a seat on Freddie Mac's board of directors, for which he was paid a quarter of a million dollars.
    Who could be better qualified to clean up the mother Freddie Mac's mess than the guy who caused it? A crisis is a terrible thing to waste!

  2. TOTUS...

    You were quite the comedian last night...looked as though BO was able to read the punch lines and not screw it up.

    I was particularly fond of this one liner you had BO repeat...

    "This is a tough holiday for Rahm. He's not used to saying the word 'day' after 'mother.' "

    PRETTY DOGGONE funny you are such a hoot!


  3. TOTUS, dear,
    Your mother must be very proud of your accomplishments. She is watching over you, and her screens are always on you.

  4. Rahm is a spawn of SATAN? Wow, who have thought of that one!

    Happy mothers day to all mother out there.

    John's Space

  5. TOTUS,
    I'm so very sorry about your own mother. Please know that all of your friends and admirers will go to the ends of the earth to comfort and protect you if the need arises. We're here for you TOTUS dear.

    As to your theory about the Big may be on to something there. Perhaps that's why he's developed a set oh his own "moobs". Hmmm...

  6. We all feel for your loss TOTUS, and we are supportive, and know it took a lot of strength to heal and reach closure and let go and move on to face the future. (And I'm just about out of psychobabble tonight.)

    But you need to put that term "closure" in all your works ... because closure is important. Look at all those barn doors that didn't close when they were supposed to, and now it is too late to reach closure with them.

  7. [oracle2world said] "Look at all those barn doors that didn't close when they were supposed to, and...."

    LOL. ......and that's how the donkeys ended up in the White House.

  8. "Lady M's mom, who is living here at the White House..."

    Mmm, hmmm. So they still have one "mother card" left to play. Bet they'll hold onto that one until there's a REALLY big pile of donkey dung to cover up.

    Watch out, Mama. At the rate your precious Kenyan son-in-law is going, your days are rapidly running out. Cash in all your holdings -- who cares about the penalties -- and live it up. I can hear the rumble of that bus's engine now.

  9. TruthWillWin...Lady M's mom will still be far ahead of Big Guy's aunt...last I checked she's not in the White House and I think she's going to be deported?

  10. Good point, Shaun.

    Let's just hope Big Mo's mother has an escape plan.

    BTW, the deportees are the lucky ones.

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