Friday, May 15, 2009

Light Schedule Today

Beyond the surprise announcement Big Guy has later today, we'll be in meetings most of the time, though we are going to roll out the Philadelphia Phillies in the afternoon, I think.

We're all still laughing about Joe Biden's trip out west.  Today ought to be rich. For most of last week, Biden was walking around speaking in Esperanto, and we couldn't figure out why.  Then Big Guy looked at Biden's itinerary today: he's touring the Esperanza Community Housing Corporation in Los Angeles.

As Big Guy said, both Champ and Bo could have figured this one out.   


  1. 'prompter TOTUS,
    did joey boy go off prompter yesterday when he talked about the "extra double private top secret military operation" or was this a part of your grand master plan?

  2. Oh prompter, you're so witty, but we both know Joey B has no freakin' clue what Esperanto is. He was really speaking Pig Latin, wasn't he?

  3. Totus, your "tweets" are bonus gems of sparkling wit and wisdom.

  4. I dread this "surprise announcement." No doubt it's BO's nomination for SCOTUS. What whacko liberal will they foist on America?

    I still maintain that Al Franken should get the nod---unless the Dems are SURE they've cheated his way into the MN Senate seat.

  5. Joe may have insisted, but I don't think "nov schmoz ka pop" really is Esperanto!

  6. [Rustard reported] "....[Jobiden] talked about the "extra double private top secret military operation"]

    Ha, ha, ha!

    Yeah, that's what it sounded like. Actually, Joe was not (quite) as inebriated as that sounded. Here's the transcript.

    JB: "[blah, blah, blah] extra..."
    Aide (in stage whisper): "Martini?"
    JB (aside): "Double."
    JB (continuing): "Private Topp. (salutes Sergeant Jones) Secret military operation (significant nod)... ."


    Actually, Dope's little narcissistic head puffed up a little bigger as he listened to Biden "quoting at length from one of my speeches."

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