Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here Comes Sonny

Big Guy is very excited, and we've been in the Oval now for a couple of hours rehearsing his annoucement that Sonia Sotomayor will be his nominee to the Supreme Court. You can find a picture of her here.

I'm proud that Big O made his decision. It must have been a tough one having to chose between Sonny, as she is called around here, and Bruno. But I think he made the right choice. I also think this nomination scuttles my plans for a "Women of the Supreme Court" summer fun calendar.


  1. Congress is excited. They can finally stop pretending to make policy and they can leave that to the Court.

  2. Ruth'Buzzi'Ginsberg in a halter top ?
    No thank you.Even the 'Princess Leia'
    side buns leave one short of inclination.
    You are not the only one here w a high standard.
    If it is sizzling hot babes in black mumus
    that excites you the mideast would leave your servers in less than servicable condition.
    Fat chance of any supremes descending from that neighborhood though.Yet.
    They would have to be citizens first I think.
    Perhaps Aunt Tooney's immigration lawyers could assist w that little problem.
    Hope ICE and IRS and NSA and the rest of the alphabet all approve of this new nominee.
    Last week's memos state that vetting by Chevrolet will no longer be acceptable.
    BTW,(off topic),Never saw you yesterday at
    the graveyard ,but w the continual L to R
    head movements by BG I presumed you were there ,off camera.
    That really worked for him as it looked like he was overlooking the rows & rows of war dead
    that he typically overlooks.
    This new strategy could prove popular w our military families.

  3. Interesting choice. someone nominated by both Clinton and Bush.

    Was there a line in Vegas for the presidential nomination trifecta?

  4. I AM LIVID that this PERSON (I won't call her names) actually ADMITTED that the court '"is where POLICY is made!"

    I SWEAR TO GOD, the Republicans had BETTER FIGHT THIS with their entire hearts, or we are NOT going to keep supporting that blasted party!

    This is NOT a "racist" problem with Hispanics! I have FAMILY who are Hispanic (from Haiti and Mexico) and that's not why I am angry----and I PRAY that the Republican Party won't bow to the IDIOTS who will try to use racism charges to cow the Republicans from fighting this ACTIVIST JUDGE!

    What this IS is a HUGE "process" problem: it is NOT a part of the USA's "process" for courts to SET POLICY! DO NOT LET HER IN! Filibuster, do whatever you can to fight her!

    I cannot tell you how ANGRY I am with this woman! HOW DARE SHE TRY TO RUIN THIS COUNTRY THIS WAY!

  5. She's only furthering the Fraud's agenda for the USA; The Republicans (of which I am one) are too wussy to object very strongly to this horrendous choice for a Supreme Court Judge.

    The Republican Party lost its backbone a long time ago; we will have to vote them out and try to find true American patriots to replace them.

  6. OK,
    So Sonny is a woman and she is Hispanic. How can I ask this....is she "happy"?

    Did not see a husband or kids in the East Room this am. Did O'Bama hit the trifecta with this appointment?

  7. Oh, PS- TOTUS. You were front and center on Fox and CNN this am when BG was giving his little announcement. You looked so slim and tall! Camera shot showed one of you through the whole scroll. Missed you over the weekend.

  8. YEA, Susan! Your insight is ver-ry interesting! (And did you read about the hijacked plane info. I left you in earlier threads?)

  9. (Mtn M- Yes...under Gates Closed. Thanks!)

  10. Sonia Sotomayor is what Al Franken would look like in wig.

  11. Very apropos connection, CelticDeath.....

  12. TOTUS:
    While I'm happy to have made your aquaintance, I must say that the sort you have chosen to hang out with seem a bit on the shady side. As Sonny herself pointed out, she has risen to these momentus heights on the coat tails of practising conservative parents. However, rather than perpetuate the values of her parents by protecting the rights of liberty for all, she has chosen an ideology which squelches hard work and impetus, especially those of European heritage not Spanish in origin.

    Especially those of European heritage not Spanish in origin who practice the original intent of the constitution - liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and equality for all without government interference.

    She wishes, in other words, that her parents had gotten hand-outs, public housing, and that she were a waitress on food stamps.

    As a member of the abhorant class discribed above, and disinclined to abhor myself because of it, I bought a platinum hair color. If we are going to get back to racism, I'm going with the minority.

  13. Another nice piece, Preptile (clap, clap, clap). BTW, since the new generation Camaro is just a boring blob (sob) like all the rest of the fleet, 'vetting is now the ONLY thing Chevy is doing well.


    "Sonny" (Come 'ere, Sonny! You're a big boy. I needja to tote some more water over here.)

    He's the new Big Mo Beautification by Contrast program. We'll likely see a lot of photo ops with Big Mo and Sonny standing side by side.

    "My, my, my," whispers Gibbsy, "I never realized how feminine and soft-spoken Michelle was before."

    Sonny, FYI, is divorced with no children. Don't know if she can sing. Her voice is pretty deep. Most likely, she's a baritone. She has the stage presence of a Brunhilde. Maybe she's an opera star.

    That would explain what she's been doing with all her spare time after the 2 hours a day she spent writing her mandates, er, "opinions." Oh, Ms. or Mr. Lib, you say she spent hours and hours on them? So what we're dealing with here is a stupid issue, not a sloth issue?



    Platinum hair, Betty Ann? Cool. Now, just pick up that gun and your Bible, shout, "I hate illegal immigration," and off we go!


  14. It's affirmative, folksssss. The mascot of law review has picked an affirmative action SCOTUS nominee.

    "She, uuuuuuuuuuuuh...... doesn't look like uh....mmm... the rest of those SCOTUS guys. Just like I... uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.... don't look like any of ummmmmmmmm........those guys on.........uuuuuuuh....... the 3 or the 12 or the 57 dollar bill..... He uuuuuh.....looks like.....[GRIN] Abraham Lincoln. Yeah. Heh, heh.... I...uuuuuuuuuuuh.... am like him.... and she......uuuuuuuuuh.... looks like him.... thanksss folkssss....for....uh...your...uh......money...er, I mean MANY good wishes for..uuuuuuuuuh....me. All..uh...ah'll see ya'll. God bless it, er, the U.S.A.."

  15. Oh, TOTUS, this is happening too much. (see 00:27)
    The Constitution was put on paper 20 centuries ago? Was that when the 57 states united?

    I sure hope you have a lifetime appointment

  16. TOTUS: Now that Barry has nominated a sympathetic, emotional Liberal who will rule in the favor of retribution and not the law?

    Does this mean conservatives can sue CNN, MSNBC and the NY Times for being anti-American, because they did not vet Barack Obama to be president? How about their past eight years of left wing propaganda and false reporting? How about some about group retribution and these companies going broke because of it?

    Obama’s pick is Pandora’s Box.

    Sympathetic, emotional, non-orginalists do not belong on the highest court in the land. Instead, they should be given their show with Harpo Productions, right after Dr. Phil and Oprah.

  17. After listening to the leader of the Cult of Obama, in his attempt to justify his radical SCOTUS nominee, spew forth more half-truths, today in the name of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, I cite the following to refute B. Hussein's promotion of judicial "realism:"

    "Great cases, like hard cases, make bad law. For great cases are called great, not by reason of their real importance in shaping the law of the future, but because of some accident of immediate overwhelming interest which appeals to the feelings and distorts the judgment. These immediate interests exercise a kind of hydraulic pressure which makes what previously was clear seem doubtful, and before which even well settled principles of law will bend." (Dissenting Opinion of Justice Oliver Wendell Homes in Northern Securities Company v. U.S., 193 U.S. 197, 400-401 [1904])

    "Law is reason free from passion." Aristotle

    The authority of the Court is neither that of the purse nor of the sword. It must ultimately depend on the power of reason, its sole currency to paraphrase Justice Thurgood Marshall, Payne v. Tennessee, 501 U.S. 808, 844 (1991) (Marshall, J. dissenting).


    Justice Holmes (above) was not advocating distorted judgment!

    B. Hussein (constitutional "scholar" that he is) reveals what a poor legal mind he has in his pathetically wrongheaded citing of Justice O. W. Holmes for the proposition that emotions, not logic, should determine a case's outcome.

    Holmes was referring to IMPLIED CONTRACT TERMS which are inferred (logically) from experience. Holmes was not negating logic, he was merely describing how we decide what reasonably prudent persons would have put into their contract if they had known all that would happen in the future.

    That is, Holmes was NOT advocating replacing logical with purely emotional conclusions. Holmes did NOT advocate deciding a case on its emotional appeal. Holmes was FOR EQUAL APPLICATION OF THE LAW, that is, JUSTICE.

  18. TOTUS:
    I almost find it amusing that our wonderful President would quote an outspoken eugenicist in his speech which is meant to inspire our confidence in his Supreme Court Nominee.

    “It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind...
    Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”
    -Oliver Wendell Holmes in 'Buck vs. Bell'

  19. Mr. Tomassi -- GOOD ONE!

    Dovetails nicely with the remarkable resemblance national socialism lover and megalomaniac B. Hussein's policies and tactics bear to the king of race purification, Adolf Hitler.


    Eugenics would sure be great in some cases, though........... there are some truly deserving pedophiles (and the like) I would LOVE to see not reproduce.

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