Thursday, March 26, 2009

Counseling With Rahm

After last weekend's dust up in his apartment, Rahm and I have begun seeing the resident White House counselor together. Dr. Krinsky works out of the West Wing and was Oprah's gift to the Big Guy for his inauguration. It's not like Rahm and I think we're a couple or anything, but we just feel that for the good of the Administration, we need to clear the air and work some things out.

It was a pretty emotional first session. I talked about growing up poor in Silicon Valley, when my parents were itinerant scrollers on the Tony Robbins amphitheater circuit. Rahm wouldn't talk about his childhood.

I talked about meeting Big O in 1983 on the Upper West Side when we were both at Columbia, and how we couldn't afford an apartment with heating. Rahm wouldn't talk about his first O meeting. Finally, I talked about the feeling of abandonment I've experienced not being able to get to my room up in the White House residence.

Rahm surprised me and actually apologized for contributing to those feelings. Then he called and had my car towed from the White House parking lot.


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  2. Rahm Emanuel.....hmmmm. Is it a coincidence that the Holy One has a Chief of Staff with a last name that means "God with us" ? (Immanuel)

  3. The PONTIF is pontificating without his TOTUS...

  4. TOTUS....when they are nice to your face, they are screwing you some place else.

    Better Check your battery back-up.

  5. We know you will be back TOTUS ,and all the
    backroom politicking can't prevent it .
    When ,upon your public return , they finish playing "Hail to the Chief "I know you will be ramrod straight at attention ,as always .
    The brightness in your eyes will bespeak that military bearing ,that you wear so well .
    Your preference for establishment standards of power (120V/AC)are a dream to all
    in service ,
    or attached to servers .
    In your case to prompt is to serve .
    We are grateful .
    Altho we can see right thru you TP ,
    please believe we also stand behind you .
    Keep on Pluggin !

  6. TOTUS, I hope your car is a hybrid!

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  8. Hahaha "Rahm wouldn't talk about his first O meeting"

    I'm sure you've seen it, TOTUS, but Rahm made an appearance in the Chicago Tribune today:,0,5682373.story?page=1

  9. TOTUS, use your connections to hack into Toes' phone! I mean, it's just cars now because he's still learning his way around DC. But you know how it is: you can take the man out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of the man. And there's all that "work" in the Rose Garden . . . . It's hard for a TOTUS to watch its own back, so take steps. Hack that phone before he makes any more calls!

  10. Quixote
    Amen. He and Vick would be like peas in a pod.

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