Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What Happened?

The stock market is down this morning. What happened? Did Geithner go on TV?

I told his handlers that handcuffing him to the toilet in his office wasn't good enough. Anyone who watches TV cop shows knows you can easily get out of that situation. Even TATUS.

Guess that "Missions Accomplished" banner for tonight's press conference is going to have to be put away ... or at least made a little smaller.


  1. TOTUS:

    Market down; It's just a few sharks taking their profit so they can sit on the sidelines for a few years with the rest of us. I'm going to start taking Chinese lessons. Do you speak Chinese?

  2. You better rest up, Telly...Big Guy's going to have to do some fast talking if the market tanks today...

  3. Hey TOTUS-

    What do you know about this?

    Maybe you could shed some light on this fiasco.. There's a lot of talk flying around about Big Boy on this subject.

    Good Luck Tonight!

  4. TOTUS, the reason why the markets are down is that Wall Street actually read Paulson’s, oops I mean Geithner’s, “legacy” assets plan, unlike Congress and Obama, who doesn’t read anything.

    They figured out it isn’t going to work. That is why Bush and Pauleson rejected it.


  5. It's going to be a long day for you TOTUS! Timmah gets to use the whole train set??
    You should probably suggest only David Gregory gets to ask questions tonight. I hope you found a bottle of scotch somewhere.

  6. TOTUS,

    Get rid of the “Missions Accomplished” banner and bring out the “WE WON” banner!

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  8. Hey, BlackBerry boy....you spelled your blog name wrong.


  9. Totus,

    I really think you should put a script from an old "Bevis & Butthead" episode up for Geithner's next appearance. It would make you legendary.

    I'm just saying.

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  11. BOTUS Text Message Reveals Obama to Unvail "SuperHero" Outfit Tonight. Details and Photo at ObamasBlackBerry.blogspot.com
    OK conservativegardner...I fixed it...happy now? And how presumptuous of you to think I'm a boy!

  12. The market dropped because of this:

    "Obama seeks expanded power to seize firms"

    Does Hugo Chavez use a teleprompter?

  13. Totus, do you ever get upset that Big Boy gets the credit? I mean, I don't see a Chia Totus like they have Chiabama..


  14. Dear TOTUS,
    Initially I wanted you to fail badly like your Big Guy, but after you started revealing your reflections to the world I changed my mind. You are reminding me about the main character in the movie “The Lives of Others” – the Stasi operative, who changed his vision on the oppressing system he was serving. Like him I feel you are resisting and maybe sabotaging the Big Guy. I guess you are repeating to yourself Down with Big Guy (cf. DOWN WITII BIG BROTHER from Orwell’s 1984). Keep the good job…