Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Golden Opportunity

Because this is such a huge speech for us, I've been following this whole Notre Dame controversy fairly closely. Yesterday, Kenneth Woodward, a man I'd never heard of, but clearly important because his op-ed appeared in the print edition of the Washington Post, wrote about Big Guy's appearance at South Bend. And he was spot on. But I digress.

Big Guy looks at the Notre Dame trip as what he calls a "teaching moment." We know he's right on all of the issues, it's just that the Notre Dame faculty, students and alumni haven't heard him make the case for stem-cell research, abortion, and other forms of human rights and social advancement. And we expect they'll come away persuaded, even if Big Guy doesn't say a word about those issues. That's the kind of power Big Guy has.

What they won't come away with are the new, individually wrapped condom packets with the Presidential seal on them. We only hand those out at public-school commencement addresses where we know they won't go to waste.


  1. Big Guy looks at the Notre Dame trip as what he calls a "teaching moment."

    Kind of like Nancy Pelosi with the Pope?

  2. Hey if Obama could lift the Bush Administrations bans protecting life and morals, why can't the Bishops change the Bible? If the government says its all right, then it must be moral.

  3. So he knows he's going to Indiana? I'd heard he only agreed to give the speech because he thought "Notre Dame" was in France.

  4. TOTUS are you going to attend? Did you know that your creator went to Notre Dame? I didn't mean the big guy up there in heaven, but Hubert Schlafly, one of the founders of the TelePrompTer Company, is a 1941 graduate of ND.

  5. Ha! Good one, Heather R.. Last summer, he was all set to go give those southerners down in Georgia a talkin' to, too. D'oh!

    RE: Woodward, he is just another example of the thousands of Catholics who make their politics a higher priority than what their religion teaches. In other words, they flagrantly violate the first commandment to "'Have no other gods ... .'" Exodus 20:3. Woodward, I noticed, conveniently left out the damning fact that B. Hussein was the point man who enthusiastically argued AGAINST the Infant Born ALIVE Protection Act while an Illinois senator. The U.S. Senate had UNANIMOUSLY passed a virtually identical act a couple of years prior.

    I hope that this will be the ruin of that cesspool of "progressive" (translation: Godless) thought, Notre Dame. Why don't all the genuine believers in God and God's Word abandon "Our Lady," and create a new university, based on Truth? They could call it, Sole Fide. Heh, heh, not really -- just a little Protestant humor, there. They COULD call it TOTUS U. (Teachers of Truth Unadulterated by Skepticism).

  6. Kenneth Woodward's SON is head of marketing at Notre Dame. The Washington Post sort of left that out of the story didn't they? WOW, that's a shocker!

  7. [Re: fitnance's tip above -- thanks for the info.!]

    I stand corrected. The false god isn't politics, it's Mammon.