Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Three L's

We'll be arriving soon in London. I'm very excited. Big Boy and I haven't been here together since our trip to Moscow back in 1972. Oh, wait, that was with Clinton, Big Guy's trip was to Iran, never mind.

Anyway, we are arriving here and Gibbsy told us our message points should hit on three L's: listen, lead, and London. Someone asked why "London," and he said he couldn't think of another "action verb" to insert into the messaging that fit with Big Guy's goals.

Someone suggested that maybe we should use the word, "Learn." We all had a good laugh about that.


  1. Would you consider putting up a cast of characters on your side bar? I'm new and am still trying to remember all of your names for everyone.

    LOVE your blog!

  2. Here is a list of action words that start with L and would go along with Listen, Learn:
    1. Lead
    2. Laugh
    3. Lie
    4. Limbo
    5. Lust (oopps I was thinking Billy C there)

    Ok so some are silly, but seriously LONDON??? ~shakes head~

  3. "Learn." We all had a good laugh about that.

    Thanks TOTUS.... you gave me a good laugh too!


  4. "Learn." Diet Coke came out of my nose...

    Another action word word that begins with "L":


  5. You made my day, TOTUS.

  6. I like "lederhosen." As in you "lead" and we get "hosened". I guess "London" is good too.

  7. Lousy, Lie, Leftists.

    All go together so well in this administration.

    Great blog, TOTUS.

  8. "Lederhosen" -- Bah, ha, ha, haaaa. Good one, Dewey. ... Hmmm.

    That would probably appeal to Herr B. Hussein (Heil! to the Con Man in Chief) given that he is a Marxist, Jew-hating, autocrat who can mesmerize a gullible audience with "Words. Just Words." [B.O.]

    He seems to be entering a new phase, though. His new catch-phrase will be "Fascism Is Fascionnable." Cute, huh?

    The "L word" may have to change to something more Italian (ref. to Mussolini),...... say, "lentamente" (slowly) as in: TOTUS must scroll lentamente or D'oh! will mess up. It also works as ghetto talk (I know B.O. didn't grow up in "da hood," but he likes to play pretend that he did) for "Len, I meant to!" which means, "Loan Officer, I can't pay again." (This is commonly used by people who have ACORN as the #1 phone number in their cell phone -- Ha! Yeah, they have cell phones, to wit, that "homeless" guy using his cell phone to take a photo of M.o'bama at her token soup line appearance recently.)

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