Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Practice Makes ... Whatever

I don't want to ruin the surprises in tonight's nationally televised press conference, but I wanted to tell you about the dress rehearsal we did for it about an hour ago.

Don't get in a lather about the scripted nature of the event. It's true the Bush Administration never rehearsed with their press corps, but no one ever wanted to actually watch their primetime specials. "The Obama Show" is a primetime info-tainment show, like "Access Hollywood" and "Countdown with Keith Olbermann." We need to rehearse.

I have to say, The Boss was on fire today at rehearsal. We worked extra hard on his pointing. So when David Gregory asks the third question of the night, The Man will wheel around and point emphatically at him to reinforce his resilience and long fingers. It looked really good from where I was standing next to the podium.

The plan right now is for me to be there doing my job, but I'm a little uncomfortable with the layout of the room. The Huffington Post correspondent's chair is right behind me, and I don't like having my back to him.


  1. What's the matter, TOTUS? Afraid he'll see right through you?

  2. TOTUS,

    Is it true that the Big Guy keeps interrupting American Idol cause they know how to get the votes. At the end of the speech could you prompt: “To vote for Obama call 1-888-IDOLS-2012.”

  3. TOTUS,

    Does Hail to the Chief get played when you are brought into a room to be set up? If not, what song would you prefer?

  4. This is a bad idea. Last time your Wizards of Smart have him speak from you and then go to taking questions, it was so obvious and O-Man sounded horrible. He sounded like himself compared to the speech. TOTUS, you may want to stick a lot of uhs, umms, and pauses, so the two O-mans sound closer to the same.


  5. New Text Message Reveals Obama to Unvail "SuperHero" Outfit Tonight. Details and Photo at ObamasBlackBerry.blogspot.com

  6. sorry TOTUS but I sorta hope you eat a bad burr-ree-toe for lunch today and the beans hit you hard about 10 mins into the speech. Would be so cool to watch you have to do the Mexican 2 step out of the place.

  7. TOTUS,
    It's obvious that O is lost without you. I suggest you hire your brother, "Big Screen" and hang him at the back of the room so Big Guy can respond to these impromptu questions and at least give the appearance he knows what he's talking about. Who knows, if he does well maybe you could find a place for him in the administration. He could be BSOTUS, unless Geithner already has claim to that title.

  8. TOTUS, you're right to be suspicious of that huffpo guy. Can't be trusted