Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Gave Joe the Pen?

One of the things that attracted Big Guy to Joe Biden was the Delawarian's reputation for long-winded, tangled and almost incomprehensible writings, which is perhaps one reason why Joey B. tended to "borrow" so much from other writers.

But before leaving for this tour of Latin America, he wrote an op-ed that was handed out to reporters, and which was published in a number of different newspapers south of the border. We know he wrote it, because in this picture, which accompanied the editorial, he is holding his "editorial pen"

In the editorial, which was reprinted in English, Spanish and Portuguese, Joe intended to say that we must have intestinal fortitude to defend democracy. Unfortunately - and this is another way we know Joe wrote this - the sentence in Portuguese says, "Tenho a dor gastrointestinal," which translates to, "I have gastrointestinal pain." Given where he's traveling, that's to be expected, too, so I guess it all works out.


  1. These people are such an embarrassment! It could have been worse. He could have said he was gastrointestinal pain, which would have been more accurate.

  2. I expect Joey B to soon be saying, "Who am I? Why am I here?" (Hope you aren't too young to remember that one).

  3. Not everyone can be the articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy we have in the Oval Office, but darn it if Joe doesn't bring plenty to the table.

    And you should be nicer to that pen. It is, after all, your counterpart on the Vice President's staff.

  4. Totus

    I didn't get to vote put me down for

    Double-screen Reflector

  5. Joe Biden aka Mark My Words, Gird Your Loins...what a schlub I love him of course.

  6. Here you go, a Prompter pshop just for you.

    Welcome to our Telepromptocracy.


  7. Did you help the Big Guy with his answers at the online townhall?

  8. Well I remember the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and every time I see his face or hear his voice, I hear his pompous ramblings run through my head, I mean my hard drive! LOL VN8

  9. OMG Serr8d, fantastic photo shop! I'd love to use it on my blog when there is an appropriate story to go along with it! What do ya think?

    Love you TOTUS! VN8

  10. Tenho a dor gastrointestinal. It's what I feel whenever I think of these two in power.

  11. There seems to be an electronic disconnect here somewhere.

  12. Just don't forget Sarah Palin's three Joe's of the 2008 election: Joe Sixpack, Joe the Plumber, and Joe Biden!

  13. JobIden (this is, weirdly, how a lot of the media pronounce that kook's name): "Hey, you guys [BARED TEETH GRIN], and gals, too, of course, lay off, wouldja? Yuh can't winnemall. I've got an awful lot on my mind these days."

    Joe the Plumber: "Such as?"

    Jobiden: .........

    J.P.: "SUCH AS?"

    Jobiden: "Oh, uh ... such as memorizing the combination to my Whitehouse locker and how to say, "Hello" in Spanish, that's Holuh [GRIN] yuh know, and ... and stuff."

    J.P.: "Any reponse to Lula's blaming his self-imposed socialist economic misery (how many times has Brazil been bailed out by the IMF?!?) on "white people with BLUE eyes?"

    Jobiden: [peeks into the mirror on his desk][mutters under his breath] "He just might have a point." [ALOUD] "Ahem! Not ALL the Democrats have blue eyes er... I mean... I'd have to say he's confused. The Smurfs were blue with WHITE eyes."