Monday, March 23, 2009

You Say Toxic, I say Legacy ...

So TATUS didn't do a live-camera work to layout the Toxic Asset Plan, but it simply isn't true that this shows our Administration isn't serious about transparency.

We are being absolutely transparent in our utter lack of confidence in TATUS. Our motives are transparent, even if actions are not.

But we all have high hopes for our newly branded "Legacy Assets." I am reliable told that a team of 10 of America's top branding consultants spent a week and $3 million dollars of taxpayer money to come up with that term.


  1. Nice, spin. “Legacy” That is funny.

    What’s in a word anyway? Legacy or toxic? Tax cut or increase? Hope or fear? For it or against it? Enemy combatants? Terrorist attack or human caused disasters? On and on…

    POTUS did say it, “These are just words…” Guess what, we are not buying!

  2. Be afraid, be very, very afraid! LOL NOT! I'm a follower of this blog for life or until Al Gore invents a substitute for the internet! VN8

  3. TOTUS,
    I bet you look very sexy in a Speedo ))))

  4. So Timmah “didn't do a live-camera work to layout the Toxic Asset Plan”. Isn’t that how certain groups communicated as depicted in the movie “Body of Lies”?

  5. Maybe TA(O)TUS didn't have a live camera session to introduce the new plan is because he could not hide the giggles the whole time.

  6. It was a wise move for TATUS tom speak behind closed doors. The market ahs been rising over the past week, and Glorious Leader could not take the chance that TATEUS would tank it by speaking in public.

    This way, Herr Leader can prove once and for all that the non-stimulus is working so well that the money is not even flowing and the market is rising.

  7. Someday, i shall remember to proofread before clicking submit... stoopid fat fingers..:/

  8. When I got the briefing from Secret Service at retirement, I asked the question "what do they call Potus and Flotus". Not only did he not answer, the look he shot me still itches after six years. How did you get past the screeners to get your job? I had made up my mind I couldn't work with guys that have no sense of humor and wear suits with thong underwear (because they love the wedgies), but you must be a really smooth talker especially when it comes to answering all the questions in the confidential section regarding previous associations with people that advocate the overthrow of the government. I'm meeting those people every day on the tube, mostly on the inside of the government and they're dug in like Alabama ticks, gotta put a hot matchhead to their ass to get em out.

    What case do you provide the Boss, let me guess, Matisse ITC, right? No matter, keep up the good work. It's reassuring to know that you're keeping the Commander in Chief from stuffing both his shoes in his mouth when he avails himself of your service. You might even recommend a micro version of yourself so we don't have to look at his nosehair, just a pair of glasses with little screens like a cell phones so he wouldn't have to look down his nose at us, he could just roll his eyes back in his head like he's having seizures.

    Kudos to you, for putting some dignity back in the White House.

    James Davidson