Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Little Less In Your Stocking

Yesterday, Big O appointed perhaps the greatest tax-policy review panel in the history of tax-policy review panels.

Publicly, we're saying this is OMB chief Pete Orszag's idea, but everyone here knows that it was the Big Guy's brainstorm, because Big Guy's hobby is tax policy.

The plan is for this panel to come up with a plan to "rebalance" the U.S. tax system, and to end "corporate welfare" as we know it. By "rebalance" we mean "raise taxes," and by "end corporate welfare" we mean "create new taxes."

The plan is due on Big Guy's desk by December 4, a nice early Christmas present for America.


  1. Now that I have a new job for much lower wages, I can't wait to pay more taxes. ^_^

  2. You're telling like it is TOTUS. But, I see one big problem, a paradox if you will in the Big Guy's economics, one the one hand you have a lot of expensive programs you need to fund with the higher taxes and on the other you are taking messures to reduce the number people who will make the high salaries that will be paying those taxes.

    My the way I've discussed this on my blog and website.

    John's Space

  3. TOTUS...have your 2 screens lead to this double speak from BIG BOY? Did he read one thing on your left screen and the exact opposite on the right screen?

    How else can you explain the paradox John explains?

    Maybe the giant LCD will help unify things in the future.

  4. Perhaps you should try it in another language TOTUS. I am not sure the Big O is understanding what you are telling him to say. Just a thought.....Spanish?????

  5. TOTOS- When you use the term "Big O" are you telling us that Oprah's in on the meetings and helping with policy? I new she helped with the campaign, but policy...jeesh.

  6. Under other circumstances, I'd expect a lump of coal for Christmas but with Big Boy's "Cap & Tax" to save us from "global warming", I guess even that's out of the question!

  7. My, my. How Obama looks more like you every day, TOTUS.

    Whatever you do, don't go flashing a picture of his face on one of your screens - - no one would be able to tell the difference between the two of you except me.

  8. TOTUS, I think you misspoke. Didn't you mean to say a nice early "holiday" present?

  9. Fa la la la la la! TOTUS, I think I may have to go to confession! I believe I have developed "idol" worship. Father forgive me for I have sinned! VN8

  10. March Madness times 2...Which will win out? BOBlackberry has the answer.

  11. Hey TOTUS,

    Talk about taxes, what is your Depreciation Method and Useful Life?

    Personally, I'd hold an asset like you on the books as non-depreciable like land given you are a 'national treasure'.

  12. Dear TOTUS,
    I thought if I did my part and got BO elected, he would do his part and take care of me. But where is my house? And where is my car? And where is my gas? And where is my mortgage payment? Can you ask BO for me? I am patient but I cannot wait forever.

  13. Found your blog from the New York times website!


    I hope you make some serious $. The group over at facebook that was also mentioned was deleted, so much for free speech.

    Mr. McHopeyChangeyPants & his JumboTron - love it.