Monday, March 23, 2009


In the Oval, we have a new nickname for Tim Terrific over at Treasury: TATUS.

After watching our various economic team members' performances this morning on TV announcing Giethner's new economic recovery strategy, we've decided that Tim truly is America's Toxic Asset.


  1. Big laughs about 60 minutes interview at:( Come see what Obama's BlackBerry has to say.

  2. Timmah is definitely a “Toxic Asset.” Between covering up the AIG bonuses and doing nothing for the economy, he is cruising for being thrown under the Obama bus along with Rev. Wright and his grandmother.

  3. Have you considered hiring Stan Lee to give everyone in the Obama administration a superhero name?

  4. Timmah continues to underwhelm.

  5. Wow, looks like you're trying to push the Timski out the won't be long now.

  6. It's good to see Chicago politics are still in full force.

  7. TOTUS,
    Now that was easy. Suspect this particular script is already written, right? That is, TATUS' plans and details are the same ones promised on Feb 10 by the Big Guy. Gotta love reusable "code".

  8. Chicago, March 23, 2009 by Dadelius Porcinus:

    Teleprompter of The United States (TOTUS) blamed for indirectly giving incorrect information to BO. Inner circles of the administration intimate that the Blackberry of the United States (BOTUS) was told by TOTUS that the President of France is Chirac. Apparently TOTUS and BOTUS conspired to deliver this insult to the real President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy. "BO was in no way involved, Obama just did as he was told" say inside sources close to TOTUS.
    In hast to control damage, BO sent a gift a case of Mogen David wine and Cheeze-Whiz to The French President Nicholas Sarkozi. Those close to BO believe the evil genius Karl Rove to be somehow involved with the confusion.

  9. Rumors have you leading the coup forces at
    1600 ,favoring the National Appliance Party .
    NAP ,as opposed to the others ,rejects
    spending a dime ,anywhere ,except for power .
    Shocking ,(a big taboo word there_ ,try it once and your disconnected from the main power grid ),expenses are discouraged .
    Otherwise known as the Not A Penny party they want to slash government to the bare essentials .
    That means power ,120V/AC if possible .
    Having some 220 lines around for Wednesday nites might be nice too ,for those wanting
    to get a little juiced up .
    NAP correctly notes 'pursuit of happiness'
    seems to condone just that .
    Even though TP ,we can see right thru you,
    we also stand behind you
    Keep on pluggin !

  10. See this pix has a lesson for poor TATUS to be learned sooner vs. later. Hat tip to Malkin's blog.