Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh Come, Oh Come Emanuel

After we get back from Europe, I'll be moving out of Rahm's place. I just can't take his passive-aggressive masked in outright aggressive behavior any more.

His most recent behavior stems from the Big Guy telling him that he couldn't come to Europe until he finished his work here in Washington. So like a petulent child, Rahm as been garumphing around the apartment, making life miserable for me. I was washing my screen cleaner, and he stuck a red sock in the machine, so my cloth came out pink. That kind of thing. And all because he has to stay here in Washington a whole two extra days to work on budget matters. In other words ... do his job.

And get this: when he does fly over to meet us in Strasbourg, he's coming bringing a few other Administration folks over ... on a government G-5 Lear jet. The poor baby. Me? I'm flying with the riff-raff on Air Force One. And believe me, this isn't a picnic, especially when, like me, your seat is near the lavatory after folks like Macon Phillips use it.


  1. "Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel" - See....I mentioned this before and now a little hint from TOTUS. Obama has a Cheif of Staff with a last name that means.....God with us.

    Very strange.


  2. Totus...
    Have you done anything to protect your hard drive from the virus scheduled for April 1st? Can you imagine the havoc that could be wreaked if the POTUS' speeches were suddenly changed for the transcript of Daniel Hannan's confrontation of PM Gordon Brown?? It would make the return of the Winston Churchill bust pale in comparison.

  3. If That were to happen jpEHRLICH I would pay TRUELY good money to witness THAT FIASCO!!!!
    ROFL although I just MIGHT have to SERIOUSLY think of laying LOW for tomorrow
    JUST IN CASE.....

  4. PS ctully this is REALLY the first blog I TRUELY ENJOYED!!! ROFL
    good work Teleprompter!!!!!

  5. A RED SOCK...... you better claify Tele..... RHAMBO is NOT a REX SOX fan, right ?

  6. So, more singing was overheard in the West Wing, was it? Maybe it was the ghost of George Washington, sadly wandering the hallways, pleading with God to rescue his beloved United States of America.

    More than likely, it was B. Hussein in the shower again:

    "Oh, come, oh, come Emmahahaaaanyuuehl.
    Let's give the shaft to Israiyiyiyehl.
    We both know tha-hat Jeh-ehry Wright was right.
    It's Jews and "whites" that we-hee-hee must fight.
    Rejoice! Rejoice, Emmahahanyuuuel!
    Us Muslims gonna ransack Israiyeeeeehllllll!"

    Sorry so sad. Sometimes the horror of what is happening overwhelms the humor. I'd better go watch another episode of "The Flintstones" or, better yet, that video where Algore claims he invented the internet. Bah, ha, ha, haaaa. I feel better already.

  7. Hey TOTUS,as an employee of Gulfstream I just wanna say a G-5 aint no stinkin Lear...just sayin is all.

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