Tuesday, April 21, 2009

About Abdullah's Knives

We've not even gone through our first 100 days, and already, we've got a "long knife" victim. Ellen Moran, who was White House Communications Director submitted her resignation today to go to work as Gary Locke's chief of staff. I don't know who Gary Locke is, but he's a getting a great gal.

The untold story here is that Ellie just couldn't work with Gibbsy, who Big Guy, when he's not reading me, listens to on media matters. Gibbsy really didn't like her, and was pretty quick about stabbing her in the back for some of the ongoing communications gaffes we've had, so those knives Big Guy got today came in pretty handy!

Also, Big Guy tends to like to hang with us guys, and it's tough for a woman to be around with all the towel snapping that goes on here in the Oval. And it only gets worse when Rahm refuses to put that towel back on.


  1. Tha-at's right: blame the woman again.

    But wow, she's jumping out of the frying pan (Communications) and into the fire (Commerce).

    Or was she pushed, TOTUS?

  2. How about BO back tracking on his earlier statements about not going after former Bush administration officials for enhanced interrogation? BO is treading on dangerous ground here.

    John's Space

  3. "..And it only gets worse when Rahm refuses to put that towel back on." TOTUS, are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting? You stinker, you!

  4. "... Big Guy tends to like to hang ..." --- yeah, because he's an EMPTY SUIT. Bah, ha, ha!

    Just a little "gallows humor." Heh, heh.

  5. Well, towel snapping aside.... Ms. Moran likely left because, if she's a "great gal," she has something that the Big Zero Club doesn't have: a conscience.

  6. my morning coffee..





    .......huffington post...

    .........national review...

    ..[that is how i get my "pulse"..with my "jolt"}...

  7. Given the knives...... and B. Hussein's being the Czar of the Czars...... maybe King Abdullah is our secret ally and hopes there is a Brutus amongst the ranks..... Hmmmmmmmm.

    Perhaps, right now, there is a noble patriot who would save the naive citizens from B.O.'s Ambition.

    Perhaps, right now, in the privacy of an orchard, he or she is saying to an intimate, "I know no personal cause to spurn at him, but for the general [one], [that] he would be crown'd ... therefore think him as a serpent's egg, which hatch'd, would, as his kind, grow mischievous ... .'" [Julius Caesar II. i]

    HOMELAND SECURITY DISCLAIMER: This is JUST words. "Just words."

  8. TOTUS,
    What's the difference between Obama and a blond?


  9. Unrest in the fish tank already?

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