Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Stuff

King Abdullah of Jordan is here visiting, and in between serving as a foil to Joey B's upcoming "60 Minutes" profile, he met with Big Guy. Of course, the best part for Big Guy is giving the visiting dignitaries presents that he has given great thought to.

The King gave us an artisan's set of four daggars, along with an axe and a long knife. Big Guy gave the King a litho of the U.S. Sloop-of-War Saratoga, which is probably most famous for its work off the coast of Africa and in the Pacific back in the 1800s. The King seemed kind of disappointed, as he gazed at his weaponry gift valued at more than $30,000, and then his litho, valued at $4.75 in the Smithsonian gift shop. So, I reached over and pulled Big Guy's autographed copy of Carl Sandburg's Lincoln biography off his shelf and gave it to the King.

Abdullah seemed appeased. "I can't tell you how woderful this is;I love Carl Sandburg," he said. "And it's autographed!"

"Well, I'll make it even better for you," Joey B said, and he took the book out of his majesty's hands and signed his own name under Sandburg's. The King didn't seem appeased any more.

This is why I worry about letting Biden anywhere near the Middle East peace process.


  1. There's a peace process in the Middle East?

  2. I'm surprised he didn't give him a velvet print of four dogs playing poker.

  3. Does the Young President know how to wield a weapon? What a waste -- an iPod loaded with "we Are the World" would make him so much happier.

  4. I'm surprised Joey B. didn't tell the King that he was the one who gave Carl Sandburg the idea of writing about Lincoln in the first place. And that Joey knew Lincoln personally and used to talk to him on the phone all the time.

  5. totus what has been up with the big guy's gift gaffes?

  6. Crummy gifts = countries BO wants to get rid of

  7. "'Well, I'll make it even better for you,' Joey B said... ."

    Ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaa! I love it. Love that humor, TOTUS. Thanks.

  8. Hey - Don't denigrate Joey B. He can make cripples walk. (well try to anyways)

  9. Yeah - and he can make those who can walk (and talk) and WORK, cripples, too.

  10. TOTUS:
    I just don't understand these visiting dignitaries with their expectations of recieving valuable gifts. They have been recieved into The Presence, for heaven's sake! Isn't that enough?

    But here it is party night at the WH, and the king will undoubtedly be wined and dined in extravagance. I've heard disgruntled visitors have taken to stealing the silver. Is there any truth to that rumor? And will replacing the missing pieces with stainless be a part of the 1/35,000th of the new budget cut?

  11. I would think that a Slap Chop and some Mighty Putty would be a thoughtful gift. He could have his Secretary of Important Stuff handle it....take some pressure of the intern who has to keep jogging down to the CasaBlanca gift shop.

  12. "... disgruntled visitors have taken to stealing the silver ... " [Betty Ann] -- Heh, heh. It wasn't the guests....

    "THE LOUDER he spoke of his honor, THE FASTER WE COUNTED OUR SPOONS." Ralph W. Emerson

    Yet another reason for those holes in the back yard of the White House -- D'oh!bama will probably forget where they are... . HAAAA.

    Say, Brian, that's a neat idea. Useful. Something the King is not likely to already have. And cheap -- just like Dope. Heh, heh, heh.

    And.... when King Saud comes to spend a few weeks with B. Hussein in Hawaii this summer, B. O. can give him one of those Huggies or big boy Snugglies or what ever in tarnation they're called. "Whenever you wear this," B.O. could write on the gift card, "think of me."

  13. The cold, hard, truth is..... B. Hussein Obama is planning a special present for all his Muslim brothers --- the United States of America on a silver platter. "Service with a [GRIN]."

    Medium Range Goals:
    - no nuclear weapons
    - no southern border control
    - no missile defense shield
    - cut funding for fighter jets etc...
    - crash the U.S. economy with: inflationary money printing, hyperspending, and dead weight environazi fantasy science regulations

  14. aoolda...there is a peace process in the Middle East - it's called the War on Terror.

  15. Good one, Shaun. Peace through strength.

    A O Olda, you had a good point, though, the only "peace" the religion of "peace" offers is Submit or Die. "Islam" translates to: SUBMIT.

    Anyone who asserts that the Koran teaches otherwise is ignorant of what the Koran says.