Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our Earth Day Agenda

Big Guy is getting a lot of criticism for not doing enough on the environment for Earth Day.  These people don't know what they are talking about.
We took Al Gore's call and let him talk for half an hour the other day.  That counts for something.  After the call, Big Guy dug a hole in the Rose Garden and, using wet, shredded torture memos to keep them moist, planted seeds that the Grateful Dead gave him during their recent Oval visit.

Today, we flew out on Air Force One to Iowa to make a speech highlighting green initiatives and green energy options for America.  Just to make sure we were arriving in the spirit of the day, we cut our engines and landed on a glide path.  I think the press corps wishes that we weren't so environmentally sensitive. 

To further underscore our administration's focus on lowering our carbon footprint, Big Guy is wearing a suit fashioned from hemp by one of Lady M's fashion designers. So get off our backs people.


  1. Global Climate Change: Est. 4,000,000,000 B.C. - "Shovel Ready" shirts, Mugs, Buttons, Magnets, Bumper Stickers!

  2. A real man would not wear gloves or a white business shirt while doing yard work....

    As for the the power off landing; "gutsiest move I ever saw man"

  3. Obama's Creation Goes Horribly Wrong! It's not pretty...

  4. Big Guy really has an issue with how to properly use tools.

  5. How much more awkward could BO look in that picture? Some jeans and a t-shirt would have been just fine, sir. I know you think it's another press conference, but really.

    Then again I'm willing to bet he's never done gardening or manual labor in his life. This is where Bush actually was cool - he had that rugged edge that PrezBO will never have.

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  7. Give Big Guy a break. It might look like hes learning how to garden but hes actually learning how to dig a grave for himself and Joe. Hes been a bit depressed lately since Castro doesn't agree with him and he just doesn't know how to handle it.

  8. TOTUS,
    You at CIA HQ, white backround, you stole the show... ditto for your Turkey speech.
    You look splendid set against a white backdrop.
    Sorry for the fashion comment.

  9. TOTUS:
    You might have had BO rehearse hole digging by showing him the first scene in "O Brother Where Art Thou", where the boys clearly demonstrate the proper swing for a pick axe. My back hurts just seeing him in this picture, but I am happy to see that a shovel with properly dressed peasent stands at the ready behind him.

    Say, that wouldn't be a country cousin of yours, a few times removed, would it? Just wondering what the shovel thought about standing aside for a misused pick axe, even if by a Messiah. I seem to recall the first Messiah was pretty good with a hammer, no shame in it.

  10. Its as awkward as his wife wearing a dress to garden in!!
    This blog is funny!

  11. I'm just curious what kind of gas mileage Big Guy's limo gets. Maybe he should have a hybrid limo, just for earth day of course.

  12. The picture of him in the White House garden with the rolled up shirt sleeves is a nice touch. And so bloody believable. Not.

  13. Can you clarify exactly what type of "seeds" were given to BO? Keep an eye out for what grows TOTUS, I would hate to see you wearing silver leg chains.

  14. TOTUS,
    What a clever way for Big Guy to work on his bow and scrape technique before has a meet-up with another foreign despot.

  15. Okay, Lighthouse, that last comment made me LOL!

  16. I saw a magazine ad for shirts and coats made from burlap coffee joke.
    That would be a GREAT Green gift for Big Guy to hand out to the next Head of State he visits.

  17. A nice little shovel ready project.

    With respect to the proper greening for earth day, might I suggest double olives?

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  19. I was really excited with all the GREEN buzz today, so I ordered a pint of Guinness ... then they told me it was just earth day ...

    maybe the double olives will give my spirits a boost ... in a glass of carbon neutral gin and earth cooling ice

  20. Barack is going to so much good for the green movement that we'll soon forget about how horrible the Bush Administration was. Earth Day should be everyday, it is good that there is at least one day to spread awareness. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to help the Earth:, you can add your own suggestions.

  21. Obama and the Democrats are just using this fake global warming issue to raise taxes. Even if the global warming theory was true the measures proposed would stop it. If you want to know why it's not true check out my global warming page.

    John's Space

  22. TOTUS, are you scrolling reruns again? I caught a couple seconds of Big O's speech today and it sounded painfully like many others on the subject. Don't we even get a full season before reruns?

    Or is this his attempt to celebrate earth day... reduce, recycle and reuse? Not that we don't love your work, TOTUS, but listening to him butcher the delivery of the same worn phrases we've heard since last summer's campaign is working on my nerves.

    I think I'd rather celebrate "The Creator of earth" day. He makes all things new. Big Guy should get to know Him. We'd all be better off.

  23. TOTUS,
    Kindly put up another poll. Big Guy did not take our recommendation so it's time to move on.

  24. Is he grubbing thistles with that pick?

  25. It looks like he's trying to mutilate a mouse or something...

  26. It looks like he took one swing and -- "Ow! uuhhh... I uh... think I uh... pulled a muscle in my.... ummmmm...

    ["Peasant in the background" (nice one Betty Ann): mutters under her breath, "brain."]

    ...... in my gasculous." [under breath: "Somebody get me a cigarette."]

  27. Image, you are so right. Mark Levin played the audio of [this is FOR REAL] D'oh! doing an encore performance of last year's PROPER TIRE PRESSURE SAVES AS MUCH GAS AS A NEW OFFSHORE OIL WELL COULD PUMP [his weaselhole, if cornered, "Hey, I didn't say for how long. I meant could pump in 30 seconds."]

    I couldn't believe it. I thought it was last year's speech, but, B.O. was actually GLOATING about how "in the campaign last year ... they said I was silly ... but I was right... ."

    He actually believes that old saw about repeating a lie often enough... . which isn't true. True believers, those in the Cult of Obama/Cult of Environmentalism will believe him after just one iteration. Those of us "with ears to hear" [the real Messiah in Mark 4:23] will NEVER be fooled.

  28. "...Big Guy is wearing a suit fashioned from hemp ..."

    Hemp. Rope. More gallows humor? Who's he going to hang now? Poor little Jack (a.k.a. "Bo")?

    Every so often, a tyrant has to terrorize the people, just to keep 'em in line. As Machiavelli crooned, " is better and more secure, ... to be feared than beloved." [The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli]

  29. There goes the presidential butt up in the air again!

    Did anyone get a shot er, picture, from the rear so we could compare the photo with the photo of the bow to the king?

  30. And where exactly was TOTUS in all this?

    Slacking off obviously. Big Guy can put a shovel in the hole obviously dug by the babe with soggy knees, and then spill some fill dirt all without ANY evidence on his white dress shirt? He is SUPPOSED to get some dirt on him for chrissakes. How else can you be one with "Earth" Day without earth?

    I mean you set this all up and then expect it to come off like clockwork, while you are absent sucking up kilowatts big time, that came from god knows where but almost certainly not "clean". (Unless you really envision yourself on a diet and taking half the day off with lots of naps when your semi full of backup batteries aren't sufficiently stoked by solar or wind.)

    Okay, okay ... I know you probably figured the muddy marsh/white shirt combo was a slam-dunk. But the world isn't as neat and tidy as those Stain-Stik commercials on TV! And observe that Biden was into completely "in the zone", shown leaning on his garden implement and saying "you-all".

    Even Clinton was able to credibly wing it. "Clinton had a fundraiser to get to, but ended up staying to plant two trees, saying that service is important to him. "That's why I got into politics," he said." (He meant the fund-raiser, not the trees.)

    So you have no one to blame for this one TOTUS, except yourself.

  31. Is he mining or planting? He won't know until you tell him, TOTUS.

  32. Hey TOTUS, where were you hiding ...,29307,1893255_1874103,00.html

  33. TOTUS, you're doing a great job filling in for Rush today.

  34. TOTUS, the seeds and the hemp explain a lot. A lot.

  35. I have a question for you. When Barack looks deeply into your screen, does he ever see a reflection of Borat staring back at him?

    This article seems to suggest this might be the case!

  36. TOTUS,
    Where have been today? Are you defragging your hard drive? What's up?

  37. "Is he grubbing thistles... ?" [Pique]

    "...looks like he's trying to mutilate a mouse ... " [Gabrie 1]

    "Is he mining or planting?" [Shaun]

    Where have been today? Are you defragging your hard drive? What's up?" [Lighthouse].....................................................................................................................................................................

    TOOOOOTUUUUS! Speak to us! Oh, please, dear God, noooooo. Don't let that be a photo of POTUS planting TOTUS!

  38. "Don't let that that be a photo of POTUS planting TOTUS"...TruthWillWin

    Naah, just getting ready to plant some papaver somniferum seed for Lazy Larry. The WH thought that the brilliant poppy red color would make a nice colorful display in the garden. Along with the leftover hemp seeds and some arugula, the garden is progressing nicely.

  39. Nice garden analogy, Free USA (USA! USA! USA! USA! -- great handle, too). Ha, ha, haaa.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    I'm glad you said something about poppies, because I was kind of wondering what exactly "papaver somniferum" was and I am too lazy to go look it up. I've seen the Wizard of Oz.

    Hmmmm. Garden. That's where the Serpent hung out and tricked Eve and Adam into the First Sin. Convinced as I am that B.O. is a servant of that same Serpent (whether unwittingly or wittingly (definitely not wittily), the whole garden thing is starting to make sense... .

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