Monday, April 27, 2009

Grading Out

Everyone around here is giving themselves grades for the First 100 Days. Of course, Big Guy gave himself an A. Gibbsy and Toes fell all over each other to give Big Guy an A+. What a bunch of suck ups.

I'm not sure that Toes deserves the A he gave himself. Nor am I sure Gibbsy deserves the A he gave himself. In fact, just about everyone gave themselves an A. And Gibbsy giving the media an A seemed a little over the top given their recent inabililty to pitch a softball question, though rehearsals for Wednesday are going particularly well.

That said, I'm not really surprised by all this grade inflation. As Big Guy told me this morning in the sauna, a little inflation never hurt anyone.


  1. What the heck? Were you drunk this morning? Coming down with the flu?

  2. TOTUS!!! YOU'RE Fired!

  3. This sounds more than just grade inflation...more like a liberal circle jerk...


    Has The POTUS been getting ahead of you?

  5. TOTUS: It seems to me that you are, all too often, finding yourself in near proximity to water: sauna today, a ride with Ted last week … I think it’s time for Bruno’s storm troopers to study the potential national security implications of “moisture” … it would only take one drop of water, in the wrong hands, to “short circuit” the Big Guy’s entire presidency … And I would watch the back of my screens around Carol Brownout … She hates all electricity produced by anything other than windmills, solar panels or electric eels … I think her goal is to make us more like
    North Korea and you might get in the way …

  6. Well since schools are no longer giving F's and going with no-fail grading, why should the WH administration be any different?,2933,518101,00.html

  7. TOTUS=A
    Obama=D (because he can't read)
    Gibbs=F (not a public speaker)

  8. Gibbsy's like Barney Fife, but without a bullet in his shirt pocket.

  9. It's the "Gold Star" generation. Everybody gets an A just for voting present.

  10. Sooooo, TOTUS, were you just playing little prank today on BO? It made me snicker. :)

  11. TOTUS:
    I'm a huge fan - gotta love the operation. But I never got a call! Who are these people, and how do you get interviewed for the poll? I don't know one person who was polled. They all claim, every person I know, that they were down at the nearest gun shop back ordering ammo. Nothing to do with the present threat from mexico or anything, but jeesh TOTUS - you are all so swell over in Washington, to know what we were all thinking! DANG. What a great government we have elected. It's like Christmas everyday!!

  12. Hi TOTUS,

    "giving the media an A seemed a little over the top given their recent inability to pitch ANYTHING BUT a softball question"

    You're awesome, but FIXED THAT FOR YA.

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