Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Signing Ceremony Today

Later today, Big Guy is going to a sign a bill called the Kennedy Serve America Act. It's groundbreaking legislation that will allow "Uncle Ted" Kennedy or his heirs to serve liquor to minors legally anywhere in the continguous United States or within the three-mile ocean limit.

I'm told by White House Legislative Affairs that up until recently, the bill was called the "Chappaquiddick For All Act," but that was changed out of respect for Senator Kennedy. I'm hopeful of getting one of the 32 pens Big O will use to sign the bill into law.


  1. Will Chris Dodd and Teddy be serving sandwiches? (ht-Howie Carr)

  2. 32 pens, is that what Michelle did with the sterling silver picture frame the Queen gave her. 32 sterling silver pens to sign the Chappaquiddick Bill. That frame could have made one hell of a whiskey flask for the Kennedy kids!

  3. Can't wait to see all the goofy grins and drooling as they huddle around Big O for the signing. Will anyone be wearing dark sunglasses? That's always a nice touch, too. Gives it street cred.

  4. Everyone in attendance will get a free White House shot glass that says "Proud member of the Chappaquiddick Club". How cool is that.

  5. I thought it was a 12 mile ocean limit? LOL

  6. Follow up to CNN's disgraceful coverage of tea partys.

    Imus ask Howard Kurtz this morning do you have a communist card?

    Imus Guest Howard Kurtz, CNN reliable sources, can’t produce his communist card :)


    Imus gets Howard to admit that he knows exactly what the tax day tea partys were about, and they were not people protesting paying their taxes, like Paul Begala claimed. Howard Kurtz can’t spin CNN coverage so doesn’t bother but tries to deflect to Bush administration, you know wash rinse repeat :)

  7. this is tooo good of an idea for a blog totus! i hope you don't mind i add you to my blog roll?!!

  8. Maybe Nancy Pelosi will be there and say something silly!!!! That would be really funny!!!! LOL!!!!

  9. Good one, Prescott. Heh, heh.

    Journalist: "Why 32 pens, your royal highness?"

    D'oh!: "Actually,.... it was 32 pens because ..... uuuuuh.....there are... uh 32 days in a month and... er... hmm ...twice that is the number of states in this blasted, er, ... BLESSED... country ---[Ed. Note: that's 57 + '3 more to go' + HI + AK + "b" + "o"]--- and ... ummm, we, uh, [Aside: Where did that pesky breathalyzer, I mean, teleprompter run off to?!?] .......... will.... bear with me now.... uh keep those young people busy doing... uuuuuuh, uh, doing.... assignments and justice and giving hope and some change, too,... to, uh... hummmm, mm, er..... to their fellow Muslims, I mean Mosh Slams [GRIN]. We are, I am the president [FINGER POINT], ....yeah......all Mosh Slams now, no uh.... Christian.... no... er.... Jew. Just Mosh Slams, .......uuuh... that, uh, means Americans ... in ...... uh, ....Austrian. Well, would you look at the time." [And he's OUTTA THERE]

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