Thursday, April 23, 2009

How We Roll

The meeting Big Guy had today with the executives from the credit card companies did not go very well. They felt like they were being used for a photo-op so Big Guy could grandstand. It's not like they didn't see it coming. Big O's done the same thing with the auto companies, the banks, the Wall Street firms, health care companies, the pharmaceutical industry, Republicans.

Some people wish Big Guy would have used his tried and true technique of public belittlement on Chavez or Noriega last weekend. But we only do that to people we know aren't going to vote for us.


  1. just that BO has set the new pace...of no accountability or responsibility...whip the media into a frenzy over non-existant news...while the real news continues to get ignored....

    Rememeber what was good is now evil...and what was evil is now good....

    That is the change BO was heralding.

  2. TOTUS, thanks! A little humor goes a long way. However, it will take a lot of humor to get through the next 4 years...pace yourself :)

  3. This a a great site!

  4. TOTUS, I have a few ideas for quizzes...

    "What country should Big Guy apologize to next?"
    "What industry should BO/Congress try to take over next?"
    "What type of tea should we give lunatics when we invite them to sit and chat with us about their terrorist plots---green, black, white, or herbal?"

  5. More something for nothing. Of course people who are bad credit risks will be helped, while those who are not will be hurt. Well, that is if they can get credit at all.

    John's Space

  6. Have I ever told you I can't stand your boss? If not..........aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

  7. Big Guy sez he will put a stop to credit card companies jacking up the interest rates on existing balances. I'd like to know if that will be retroactive.

    Last December CitiBank was slated to get billions in bailout funds, yet reamed their customers because of their "financial downturn" as the customer service rep informed me. They boosted our rate from 11 pct to 18 pct in one fell swooop (and screwed many of their other customers with good credit as well). Or are we just S.O.L.?

  8. TOTUS:
    Honestly, I thought the tried and true technique of public belittlement was spent on those who DID vote for the One; called SUCKERS in everyday parlance.

    Say - you aren't trying out some new parley-trickery out on us, are you? Sly TOTUS. Ah well, it's understandable. When all you have to say is the same thing you have already said a thousand times.....OH Oh!!! Does BO practice in front of The Preferential Mirror, flexing arms as he thinks of new tacks on old speeches??

    I recentlyy saw an flim of his walk down a cascade of red carpet, somewheres, and admired the rolly shoulder thing, an "strut" I believe they call it. Must have taken a lot of practice. I thought, "TOTUS, whoa! You have outdone yourself in the step-by-step messiah complex department!!"

    Just a commoner's observation after a Thursday evening martini.

  9. PLEASE- you need to scroll some public belittlement of Nancy Pelosi. She can't remember getting information on interrogation techniques that everyone else on her committee remembers getting. she suffering from a selective memory loss or total senility? Hard to believe that she's third in line for the throne. Big Guy and Joey B should keep their food tasters on high alert.

  10. TOTUS,
    Those credit card honchos don't look too happy do they? There is nothing like being lectured to by someone who knows nothing about your business to make one's day a little brighter, is there?. I think "BIG SCOLD" is a better nickname for you boss, don't you?

  11. TOTUS,
    What would you consider a worse form of torture? Finger print smudges or having to participate in useless rhetorical speeches day in and day out?

  12. TOTUS, it's a good thing you're a machine.
    You're the only entity in Obama's staff that hasn't swallowed the OBAMA KOOL AID.

    Remember when Clinton's staff slowly began to notice he was using and abusing them?

    I wonder when Obama's staff and the Dems will WAKE UP about Obama....

  13. Week in Review The Tortured Edition ;)

  14. "What country should Big Guy apologize to next?".

    That's easy = America!!!

  15. BOA is playing russian roulette with my due date. Now, sometimes it's on the 7th and other times it's on the 17th.
    This is pure Torture!

  16. freeUSA:
    I should think BO's posterier's posture, wether gardening or bowing, sums up his stance on apologizing to those he "leads".

  17. bettyann:
    Is this the time, in JoeyB's words, to tell BO to 'look behind you'?

  18. xqqumiata:
    Only if his bottocks is getting a blog, too.

  19. That would be a BUTTOCKS. Unless, of course, they've found new ways to improve the derrier without drastic surgery.

  20. Sorry again, that would be the Presidential Buttocks. Mustn't demean the office.

  21. TOTUS,
    I just heard that the Bo has his own teleprompter. Please assure us that you didn't get demoted to dog duty.

  22. Your title for this got me thinking. Will you be selling any apparel with your visage on it saying: "Lets Scroll"?

    It also doubles perfectly with this administration's change in approach to fighting the war on terrorism. Oops, sorry TOTUS, I forgot that I'm not supposed to say that word.

  23. I came by way of MAinfo's blog. You are doing a public service.

  24. Mountain Mama, nice insight about the KOOL-AID. Whew!

    And regarding your other keen observation:

    "Remember when Clinton's staff slowly began to notice he was using and abusing them?

    I wonder when Obama's staff ... will WAKE UP ... ." *************

    Very likely, many of them HAVE had quite the epiphany, but, they remember what happened to Slick Willy's and H. Rotten's foes. They won't let on...... until they have a deal with the Witness Protection Program and a get-away car idling at the curb. They know that if D'ohbama even gets a whiff of their secret disloyalty, KERBLAMO!! --- Under the bus.

    With all B. Hussein's Muslim cronies ready to lend him an IED, it might be just KERBLAMO!!.

  25. [Lighthouse said] "There is nothing like being lectured to by someone who knows nothing about your business."

    How true.

    Sort of like someone who knows nothing about how to build a car walking along the assembly line in an auto plant tossing off comments like: "Now, be sure to tighten things tightly." ---- "Get that angle right." ----- "Keep it lubed." ---- "Watch your fingers." ---- "Be sure to put all the parts where they belong.".............

    Who does B.O. think he's fooling?!

    Offering superfluous suggestions is a classic technique of a Controller (in this case, a power-mad, Marxist/Fascist, egomaniac).

    This is how a little tyrant creates the illusion that he or she is all-wise, all-knowing, and Necessary. In other words, that he or she is a god.

    Yeah, it only fools those who are children emotionally, i.e., the members of the Cult of Obama (the ones who proudly drive slowly in the fast lane with a big DOPE sign in their rear window). Unfortunately, there are at least 50 million Americans who fit that description.




  26. Exactly, TruthWillWin----BO's "wide awake" staffers MIGHT have already had their epiphany re. Big Guy (cum Stephanopoulos re. Clinton).

    But my guess is that they aren't worried about being tossed "under the bus," so much as being forced to "commit suicide" in the park with a gun. ("Yo, Vince!")

    Also, the Witness Protection Program doesn't work for people pursued from the top. It's the staffers' own fault: they wanted the power; now they're screwed if they don't toe BO's line. He DEFINES "megalomaniac."

    Yes, we here are already under surveillance, TOTUS bloggers. But have fun with it, as long as "free speech" lasts!

  27. Nice points, Mtn. Mama.

    Re: this TOTUS blogger.... my freedom of speech, so help me God, will not die before I do.

    "Live free or die."

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