Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Nerve ...

So there was an emergency meeting at the White House last night led by Big Guy and Timmy Terrific.  Apparently a big bank, which will go nameless, but it's Goldman Sachs, is doing so well that it wants to give back the TARP money it received.  A full century earlier than our Administration planned. 

This latest turn sent confusion through the Treasury Department and the Oval. In this time of great economic unease, where we are barely seeing a glimmer of light, and that glimmer is probably an economic disaster freight train heading right for us in the tunnel we're all trapped in, Big Guy never imagined a bank would want to, let alone be able to, pay back the TARP money and be independent.

"Who would not want to have terms dictated to them by us?" Big Guy asked. He was truly perplexed. And so were the rest of us. Our only guess is that Republicans must work there and they are just trying to make all other Big-O-backed banks look bad.


  1. Oh, those VICIOUS capitalists! How DARE they actually create wealth and repay their debts!?
    Get on this, TOTUS, and investigate them!

  2. Wait! So your telling me that an American bank is resisting Corporatism and Facisim? Really? Shocking!

  3. "A full century earlier than our Administration planned."

    So it was short term borrowing then?

  4. Hey Totus, is Timmy going to be at the Tax Day Tea Party Protest? I mean he seems like such a likely candidate for Protesting Spending and Taxing, since he doesn't like paying his taxes, well him and most of The One's nominations to fill his cabinet. We should send them some t-shirts

    "Dissent Is Patriotic" SMILE

  5. But if they don't take control of their company again and start making real money, how are they going to fund the re-election campaign of Pelosi/Reid and the Obama Congress??

    Sacrifice, apparently, is necessary for the success of The Party.

  6. Really Totus. Who who wouldn't want this new brand of "Government-Approved Slavery"? The nerve of them making a run for it.

    The team is shocked that their captors would dare to break the chains and hop the fence. After all, Timmy and Big Guy had a lot more "chores" left for them to do.

    Don't the bankers realize this debt is a new American legacy graciously offered to the next generation?


  7. This is just another example of the Paradox of Obamanomics. He is wanting to punish employees of banks that accepted the TARP funds on the one hand and refuses to accept the money back on the other.

    John's Space

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