Monday, April 27, 2009

My Response

I cannot believe the level of incompetence I have to deal with on a daily basis.  If it isn't the cold hand of my operator, it's Big Guy not moving his lips fast enough to keep up with my text. 

I can say this much: there's no truth to the rumor that swine flu had anything to do with my scroll this morning.

Would it be possible to blame President Bush for this too?


  1. Just shows how much he needs you

  2. did you get a little ticked when he who shall remain unnamed got a little ahead of you?

  3. Totus.... I'll just shake my head and sigh for can't be easy.

    What's the old's hard to fly when you're surrounded by turkeys - or hard to get ahead when you're surrounded by socialists?

  4. TOTUS, don't worry, we understand. You're carrying quite a burden.

    Here's the video, for benefit of your humble readers.

  5. Totus, i feel so bad for you. I know HE will blame you. We know He cannot live without you.

  6. You guys need to rehearse before these things. Same thing with the Irish mis-read.

    Yo, I have a question. Can you have a sit-down with Secretary Napolitano's teleprompter before this pig-flu gets out of hand? She needs to be solid on this message, unlike all of the last ones she has squirted out.

  7. I really am surprised Big Guy hasn't blamed President Bush for the swine flu. We all know Bush created and steered Hurricane Katrina to New Orleans. If he can control the weather, surely he can create pig flus.

    Oh wait, this happened in Mexico, and these are people vital to our economy. >_>

  8. I was waiting on this - hope you don't catch crap for it now that it was linked on THE FRONT PAGE OF THE DRUDGE REPORT. hahaha

    You need to start watching your back bro.

  9. One more thing....

    You are starting to sound angry & perhaps a little bit bitter. Perhaps you already did catch crap.

    Sorry - I'll buy a t-shirt from you today. Hopefully that will cheer you up.

  10. Someone on YouTube found a way to blame Bush. Of course, Halliburton built the teleprompter. LMAO.

  11. Is Soros writing your script?

    BTW, why does Obamie hate the US? Why does Soros?

  12. If there is one thing I have learned from the past few years, it's that EVERYTHING can be blamed on Bush. Why should Big Guy's inability to read be any different?

  13. At least you don't have to worry about swine flu TOTUS.

  14. TOTUS,
    Let's lay blame where it belongs, on the speech writers. Can't they remember what they write from one paragraph to the next? Then you get chastised for providing an adequate pace of text! No respect for quality anymore.

  15. HECK YEAH, blame Bush for BO's scrolling problems AND for the swine flu....

    Really, now. Who ELSE causes all bad things in the universe to happen?

    Wait. That makes it sound like Bush has power or something.

    SORRY! I didn't mean to ascribe power to Bush! ALL POWER TO POTUS!

    (Whew! That was close.....)

  16. TOTUS,

    Are you a "natural born TelePrompter" or are you usurping your position like your boss?

  17. Oh, TOTUS- you are sooooooo transparent.

  18. As TOTUS, you should know when BO is not feeling well, and should slow your scroll.

    Be careful, BO might put under the bus, and I'm not talking about the cargo hold.

  19. Jayie - You reminded me of a tee-shirt I used to have - "I am surrounded by idiots!" TOTUS.. Just remember that next time Big Guy messes up a speech!

  20. totus, he looks really pissed. i would suggest sleeping with one eye open tonite after they power you down.

  21. I love TOTUS, you make my Monday

    Check out my new blog:

  22. I'm seeing the strain between the two of you.
    Big O could not hide his anger and flashed you
    a steely-eyed, what looked like a tacit warning. And the necessary burden that you are; he can't live with you and he can't live without you, a silent partner, so to speak.
    But, you know TOTUS, we love you anyway! You
    really are the ONE!!!

    Please put the blame squarely on the back of the person who deserves it--Big Guy! It's obvious to me he needs a remedial course in reading "scroll". It broke my heart to hear you so rudely rebuked. Keep the faith. We appreciate you even if the Big 0 does not.

  24. Dearest TOTUS, I am sorry, but please be prepared to be thrown under the bus. You have failed Our Dear Leader and unfortunately you will pay. Gibbsy can't do everything. You may be simply punished by being locked in your cupboard for a few hours or you may get the ultimate -- you may be recycled!!!! Please take care.

  25. TOTUS,

    You and I both know it was all about're spending far too much time thinking about Bruno, and not neaqrly enough time focusing on what's REALLY important.

  26. I just don’t get it..I can see that the Big Guy is clean, but he was supposed to be articulate too..ok, I guess 50% is better than average for government work.. even so, I tried being
    and you’re right; it’s not that hard.. I’d look for Gibbsy’s paw prints on my hard drive..

  27. Always the erudite one, with his thumb and forefinger together..waving through the air as if he just caught Forest Gump's feather. And yet you know that he probably got bum rushed daily and had his lunch money swiped as a young unexperienced school boy organizer. What a goof.

  28. Better watch it Tots! It looks like the first 100 were Bush-blaming days. Now it's YOUR turn!!

  29. Totus, the Obamessiah can turn the tides back, and heal the planet. He can end a pirate standoff in mere minutes. He can melt dictators with half his charm tied behind his back, and protect 57 states from the swine/avain/human flu virus But he can't keep up with you. Today Barry was not ready to be reader of the free world!

  30. Clearly, this swine flu MUST be to blame. Damn you, United States!!!
    I know, I know.... it started in Mexico, but, as our Sec. of State Hillary and head of DHS Napolitano so aptly pointed out, anything bad that happens in Mexico is the fault of the United States. It's true of guns and drugs, so it MUST be true about swine flu!

  31. "Make every event count."

    TOO COOL! If this swine flu causes economic crises, then BO will NEVER be blamed for our economic problems.

    BO can keep taking our economy deeper in debt ALL HE WANTS----and the problems afterward will ALL be the swine flu's fault.

    Well, BO's palms LOOKED empty, when he shook hands with that guy in Mexico who died the next day....

  32. Me thinketh that thou doeth protesteth too mucheth. Or something like that. You need to drop this whole painful subject - the same way you dropped the phrase "war on terror". I mean "move on" is the theme in Obamaland.....literally.

  33. What a riot! The teleprompter in chief was stared down by Barry O. Yes he knows it, we have a great time talking behind his back because the great communicator, the one with the "gift" according to Reid, can't keep his speech straight without the faithful teleprompter. Oh dear God, how I miss President Bush, his straight talk and his honesty even when he had his blunders every now and then.

  34. TRK,
    Come on!
    There are no domestically made electronic devices. So, to carry your concern forward, yes, we will face a Constitutional and an U/L Certified crisis.

  35. What's the deal with BO trying to rush through his speech? Your timing was, as usual, impeccable. Keep up the good work, TOTUS!

  36. Lee333,
    I don't understand. TOTUS has posted a Certification of U/L certification on his website. I've not seen the long form vault copy of it because TOTUS has sealed all of his records. Something is very wrong here!

  37. I am loving following you!! TOTUS for POTUS

  38. TRK,
    Its all in a (cold) vault: the Birth Certificate, U/L Certification, Porcine Influenza Vaccine, held there only to save the New Survivor Class (and Bo). Read Cormac McCarthy's "The Road": There won't be electricity for decades. Sorry TOTUS, you won't make it into the grocery cart.

  39. Those UL certification long forms are not widely availible to the reading public .
    I would bet tho that TP could serve up
    his "Read Me" file upon request .
    If TP ,you were originally "manufactured" in Manchuria ,even from All American parts ,
    why hold back those original ULs unless protecting that ASAP aid to the old hometown ?
    TP ,far be it from us to question the circumstances of your birth .
    It is just that those " Made in America "
    claims that were on your original carton
    might not match Manchurian completion of assembly dates , indicating a pre shipment location offshore .
    That would be a tough thing to admit politically sure , but those " just words " remain something you might consider restating in your " OFF " time .
    Anything less would be like those
    shiny new "wheels" of yours .
    (all together now)........
    beneath your standard .

  40. Hey, Preptile, I suppose even Stanley tools are sometimes made overseas (and I don't mean Hawaii), huh?

    Nice metaphor.

    The burden should not be on the truth seekers to show the country of origin is not as stated.

    The burden of proof (AND PRODUCTION) should be squarely on the One roundly asserting a fact that is completely undocumented by ANY evidence
    except for the
    bald assertion of
    Who is conveniently

  41. sailinez,

    ...What's the deal with BO trying to rush through his speech?...

    Probably needed a cigarette REAL bad, as he was wondering how much longer he could still keep blaming everything on Bush.