Monday, April 6, 2009

And By The Way ...

The Austrian translation for "wheeling and dealing" is "wheeling and dealing." It's the same in German, too, or so Secretary of State Dick Holbrooke and his assistant, Hillary, tell me and Big Guy.


  1. Austria and the Australians , as well as probably the Germaniums and even the Albinos
    from Albania all would like Ahhnnnolld S ,
    pronounce this Vealing unt Tealink .
    Don't spell it for him phonetically though.
    Any attempted accent by one not speaking Austrian would sound fauxny ,
    and probably insult .
    Those angloropeans are valuable allies and we cannot afford to alien 8 them .
    It's not like other groups not smart enough to defend themselves ,these guys actually fight back if they find themselves the butt of a poorly concieved or delivered gag .
    Or at least the Germaniums have that reputation .Others ,not so much.
    If you insist on allowing him to tell any more jokes on his hosts ,I suggest the French.
    Their armed services are inferior to their food and beverage ones .

  2. I BOW before you TOTUS...sorta just like your Boss bowed before that fat guy in a dress who controls all the foreign oil. YOu know that foreign oil that BO wants to rid the US of...that stuff. Was he apologizing for those comments or what?

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  4. TOTUS,
    Re: The supplication before the Saudi King
    Please tell Big Guy not to bow and scrape so much. At the very least, stand behind him and give him a rear view. The photos make his butt look like it has been on the receiving end of one too many waffles. Not dignified.

  5. You're scrolling really fast today, TOTUS. Teleprompter President (a couple of posts back) must be right about there being 12 of you because you're writing posts faster than I can read them. Could you try that with Big Guy? Scroll faster than he can read?

  6. wow. i cant believe that they said that. Way to go Obama

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  7. Po-ta-to, po-tah-to; to-ma-to, to-mah-to. Austrians, Germans - same difference to Big Guy. I guess the whole gang is on AF-1&2 on their way back to the U.S. to resume their systematic restructuring of the U.S. financial system and the devaluing of the dollar. But really - couldn't they all just stay in Europe a while longer? Is there no other country left for BO to bow down before and confess all our sins to?

  8. TOTUS, don't let the Big Guy see this video about his gift to the Queen:

  9. What a DOPE!!!! No wonder he hid all his school (and medical) records.

    "Uh... I uh don't speak German as well as Chancellor Merkel... .der... derrr... ich grosse O."

    "Uh.... hm ... Austrian? heh, heh... weh.. hmmm ... sorry. I don't speak Austrian."

    "I am the president."

    "It's Bush's fault."

    "I didn't get much sleep last night."

    "Bear with me."


  10. I speak Austrian, American and Brazilian. All great languages!

  11. Fernando C., cool! You are tri-lingual. Wow. Ha, ha, cute.

    The Obamanation can't even speak one -- neither English nore American. All he can do is READ. That's it.

    Okay, okay, (must say this for all the Cult of Obama members), B.O. can also do some rote memorization. Like a parrot. He's got, "I am the president" down pat.

    Reader of the Free World.