Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pinstripes In The Oval

The New York Yankees passed through the White House earlier today I'm told. Apparently they were in Baltimore to play the Orioles and came down for a behind the scenes tour.

Alex Rodriguez wasn't part of the group, apparently when they told him he needed to be screened before coming into the White House, he misunderstood and said he wouldn't pee in a cup. It's too bad that Big Guy wasn't around to meet the guys. He's a White Sox fan, unless he's a Cubs fan, but could be a Red Sox fan depending on what day it is, who he's talking to and what town he's visiting. But he likes the Yankees, as far as they know.


  1. So Big Guy is a lifelong (Fill in the Blank)Fan just like Hillary. Did he steal that from her on the campaign trail?

    Having Stuart Smalley follow around after the soon to be first pooch and pick up its doggy doody is beneath the dignity...of the dog.

  2. Probably for the best that the Big Dope wasn't around to ask something intelligent like, "What kind of horses do you ride when you play?"

    Of course, B. Hussein's ignorance of the great American pastime would please immensely all the "we-are-the-world" libs.


    What is the deal with Democrats? How can there be so many co-dependent, self-hating, childishly naive, people in one party? Need evidence of their pathology? -- They proudly boast of voting for Slick Willy (a fornicating liar) BOTH times -- They wanted John Kerry (a traitorous dope) and John Edwards (an adulterous creep) in the White House. Do Democrats all really hate themselves that badly? Aaaaaaaaaaack.

    We have GOT to get an adult back into the driver's seat, or this bus is going to go right over the cliff into the "Progressive"/Socialism-Enviromentalism abyss.

  3. Boy, that is TOO WEIRD. While I was finishing up the above comment [posted at 8:47 PM], into my In Box came an L. L. Bean ad that said: "Free Gift Card - Plus More Polo for Your Money"]!! Those liberals are SO predictable. If only we could defeat them as easily as we can predict them.

  4. I love you. I...just...love you. My obsession is such that I'm almost considering voting for Big Guy in 2012, just to make sure you stay in the White House (unless you can find a conservative candidate who really, really needs you...)

  5. TOTUS, look what you've done to justaconservativegirl! Shame on you for wooing us with your brilliant hard drive and superior screens. Although with the anti-American scrolling you did in Europe recently, maybe you are setting yourself up for a new boss in 2012...?

  6. TOTUS, will you be on the cover of GQ soon... you sexy little devil you. I hear that chrome is the new black.

  7. Barry's U.C., good one, heh, heh, but being half-Caucasian is the new "black." [at least, per the Cult of Obama]

    Hi, SpringC61 -- thanks for that compliment re: the first dog.

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