Sunday, April 19, 2009

No Big Deal

None of us understands why everyone is making such a big deal about Chavez giving Big Guy  a copy of "Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent."

Sure, it's a diatribe about America and her values. But it's not like Big Guy is going to read it ... again. As he told us on the Air Force One on the way back to DC, he and Lady M read this together for Bill Ayres' book club back in 1990. 


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you are so good, always put a smile on my face.

  2. The Bill Ayres' Book Club? Classic!
    Thanks Totus...I needed a good laugh.
    May I borrow it?

  3. TOTUS you crack me up. But you do seem to know the heart and soul of Big O better than his minions in the MSM.

    So let's sum up what the supreme commander has done so far:
    Apologized to Europe for America's arrogance
    Apologized to S.A. for America's arrogance
    Given out really bad gifts
    Given some love to scary dictators
    Released top secret CIA memos
    Proposed an obscenely large budget in recession
    Hired people who can't pay their taxes
    Bought a dog

    And people wonder why Texas talks secession.

  4. I bow to the genius who created this blog. I don't know if you are merely exceedingly clever, or an insider, but either way, I am positively enchanted :) I would send you dittos but they belong to Rush, so Kudos to you!!

  5. ROTFLMAO!!!

    I needed a laugh after BO's 'The Bash America Tour, Encore'

    thanks, dude :-D

  6. TOTUS, if Hollywood had any brains, you'ld get your own show.

  7. I agree with all the above! Thanks, humor is the ONLY antidote for these days...

  8. When will the announcement be made about it being made Oprah's Book of the Month?

  9. TOTUS, all the world's a stage for you and POTUS, isn't it? I mean quite literally. It's just amazing the theatrics, complex plot lines, staging and the drama that has unfolded as you've traveled the restricted airspace of the world and mingled with the creepy tyrants and oppressors of our day and age.

    Is Big Guy learning everything he hoped? He seems to roll with them as easily as he does his ACORN nuts. Impressive...if you're into dictatorial regimes, that is.

    Well, to be safe as you continue to step out on the great global stage on our behalf, I say, "break a leg!", TOTUS, and I mean that with the most sincere theatrical goodwill...(definitely not in the Chicago politics sense).

    Still, just to be sure, at home or abroad, keep an eye on Toes, Gibbsy and the AX Man, okay?


  10. TOTUS... Thanks! I needed the laugh!! One of the best posts I think you have ever given us!!

  11. TOTUS,
    Recently viewed a great inauguration photo of you and Big Guy taking the oath of office... a truly historic moment.

  12. TOTUS,
    As a tool of POTUS, how do you feel seeing POTUS used as tool of POV... I feel uneasy.

  13. If you scrolled it for him would he read "Atlas Shrugged?" If that's too long, maybe just the Declaration of Independence?

  14. Come on, Senor TOTUS...... You gotta tell us. Was the aforementioned Bill Ayers on AF1 with you all for this - the Dictators Tour?

  15. So why won't you let the banks pay us back? Scroll that for the Big Guy.

    John's Space


    I can't BELIEVE you missed the BEST line he uttered concerning the gift of the book....

    A reporter asked him about the "gift" and his reply was...

    "I'M A READER"...

    YES...a "READER" he forgot to add "of a Free World"...but he said..."I'M A READER"...


    As soon as I heard that on the news...I sprayed coffee across the kitchen...

    PLEEASSSSE don't let his statement escape your wit and brilliant observations.....


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