Friday, April 3, 2009

Today ...

Big O meets with French President Nicholas Sarkozy. I don't care much for him; I'm looking forward to meeting the missus. My guess is that when Lady M and Carla Bruni get into the same picture, the camera flashes are going to blind us all. That'll be fun, and it's not like Big Guy hasn't had that "deer in the headlights" look before from camera flashes; he has sensitive retinas.

This Sarkozy meeting doesn't mean very much in the scheme of things. He's already shown a willingness to play ball with Big Guy. In fact yesterday during a plenary session at the G-20 meeting, Sarkozy agreed to cut a deal with the Chinese on illegal tax havens as a favor to Big Guy.

We in return agreed to lend Sarkozy and his economics ministers TATUS, Sebelius, four Cabinet undersecretaries, Chris Dodd and Charlie Rangel for a month to teach the French how to build newer, undetectable tax havens for themselves.


  1. ??? no linky above:

  2. You always look so genuine and truthful. The Messiah, your boss however, paints on the toothy grin when posing for official photos. Right after the photo is done he drops the grin like a hot rock and goes back to his arrogant pseudo-official poses. How can you constantly look that lop-eared grinning ninny in the face?

  3. Could we get them to take Barney Frank as part of the deal as well? We could make a 'deal breaker' kind of option if they really want our support.

    Just think of how much damage could be saved if Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi were both our of the country for a few months.

  4. Sigh. Lovely idea, BrucesTrav. If only. They (and quite a few others, Reid and Durbin to name just two) are out of their minds, why can't they be out of the country -- permanently?

    Maybe we could just get some "OUT OF ORDER" signs, duct tape their mouths shut, turn them around, tape the signs to their backs, and just leave them in the hallway for the janitor to take down to the basement and tell the janitor, "no need to hurry [and he (or she) won't!]."