Thursday, April 2, 2009

Capitalism Rules

By popular demand, I've opened a store. You can visit it here. Or click on the "Visit My Store" link to the right.

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts; over the next few weeks we'll be rolling out other products, logos and infantile turns of phrases that appear to annoy a certain percentage of the American population. Portions of profits will be donated to Special Olympics and Vets for Freedom. In keeping with the Obama Administration's transparency policy, we will make public those contributions on the site for all to see. Really!

Thanks again for the support. Because there is no POTUS without TOTUS and there is no TOTUS without you.


  1. I'd like to buy some pins. You know. To work on my flair. Love the store. Is it made in China?

  2. Pins. Duly noted. And we run our store like any self-respecting Democrat: we just don't care.

  3. You mean you don't care if it's made in China? Till the jobs are gone? Of course, the TOTUS cares!

  4. What I like about these items is that in my left-wing college hometown, I could wear them and no one would no what the heck they stand for. Kind of like wearing a secret decoder ring...but I digress ;-)

  5. Excellent! I need a new shirt right about now.

  6. Perhaps it should have been put this way:

    "...and there is no TOTUS without FOTs."

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  8. Too Funny TOTUS... did you decide to give to a charity or just pocket the cash? Either way conservative can support it... LOL.... how about one that says "Don't pay attention to the Man behind the TOTUS!"

  9. Like that Wizard of "O's" idea, Colonel. Alternative wording: "Pay no attention to that Teleprompter beside the lecturn!"


    I like what you've got so far; the two best are: "Readership..." and "No POTUS without...".

    How about adding: "READER OF THE FREE WORLD" using Mad Magazine (just tell them you'll donate to Acme Whoopee Cushions and Klingons for Joebiden and they'll give you permission) version of Dopebama (a black Alfred E. Newman on cover in Sept. or Oct., 2008) for the graphic.

    Bah, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Love this blog.

  10. I was hoping for bumper stickers.

  11. i think there is a problem

    i was scrolling along the other day, auditioning for the Oprah show (TOTUS got me an audition--how convenient what with his transatlantic travels and all the women he must be meeting and his one on one's with mechelle, distracting me like that with dreams of fame and fortune), and all of a sudden, my PERIODS stopped

    i mean my PERIODS stopped

    see? no periods

    no matter what I scroll

    could this mean

    take a look at me at

    the timing seems right TOTUS

    remember our last date

    no periods

    no matter what I scroll


  12. We need a TOTUS Bobblehead where the head is the prompter bobbling on the stand.

    ALSO, a Totus Logo on a t-shirt and on the back the inscription "To err is Human, to 'prompt' is divine."

  13. TOTUS oh TOTUS
    A t-shirt I have bought
    I can’t wait for a lib to ask
    About your logo’s meaning

    It will be such a simple joy
    To hear them whine and argue
    That POTUS doesn’t need your help
    He just uses you for preening

  14. Love the store, TOTUS.....but Darn! No bumperstickers or window-stickers!

  15. can't wait to get my mug...i know what people are getting for christmas this year

  16. Okay, it appears I need a sign...What is FOT?

    I will be ordering a mug...Did you Copywrite yourself TOTUS? We wouldn't want any one to pirate you, or infringe on the greatest thing to happen since Inauguration day!

  17. FOT - Friends of Teleprompter. I would also order pens!

  18. Aww, nothing with the Seal of the Office of the Teleprompter of the United States?

  19. TOTUS.....You need a bumpersticker for "There is no POTUS without TOTUS". That's the one I'm waiting for.

    Also what happened to your Facebook page?? Not there as of 4/7.