Thursday, April 2, 2009

Like A Rocket

So we're already well into the day here, and the Big Guy will be doing a press conference in a couple of hours, so please watch!

This morning, we met with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak. Big Guy stumbled a couple of times with the Korean I was scrolling, and Myung-bak seemed a bit put off that he couldn't have one of his own screens in the room.  They still seemed to get along. The big news out of the meeting was that both men agreed to put forward a "united response" to any North Korean missile test. And by united response, we mean that South Korea will do nothing, and the U.S. will act mad, but will still talk about "constructive dialogue." After substantive meetings like this, I don't understand why people are saying that there is no news.


  1. We have a surprise for POTUS when he returns home. All the locks on the White House are being changed. Some might call it a coup. I just call it returning the country to some form of sanity.
    TOTUS, keep this top secret and there will be a place for you in the new administration.

  2. In case you're thinking of killing yourself...
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  3. HURRAH!

    BUC, that is WONDERFUL news!!!

    Let's hope it comes off without a hitch. I don't know.... The way B.O. is indoctrinating the youth of the United Kingdom with their own little "townhall meetings", it looks like he's planning on moving into Buckingham Palace ASAP and never coming back.

    That would be FABULOUS, except he will crown himself "King of the World" and all his Brownshirts, the Environazis and the Socialists (i.e., all Europe, most of Canada, and half the U.S.) of the world will "Unite" and all we'll have is our shredded Constitution and enough hamburgers to last 3 months.

    Aarrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS [B. Hussein's political blitzkrieg] IS HAPPENING!!!!!