Monday, April 20, 2009

Unhealthy Messaging

There's a lot of tension at the White House today over all the comments people here made on the Sunday talk show circuit. You had Axelrod saying that the Tea Parties were unhealthy for America. You had Napolitano saying crossing from Mexico to the U.S. was not in itself a crime. And you had Summers basically telling the American people the exact opposite of what Big Guy wants on ending the Cuban embargo, by saying the embargo wasn't going to end any time soon.

Big Guy was not happy. As he told us this morning, he expects this from Biden, not from people who supposedly know what they're doing.

But most of the ire is now focused on Axelrod and Napolitano: they've really made a mess of things with that DHS memo on "right wing extremists" and Axelrod slamming the Tea Party events. I mean, even I know that when you've been elected by a group of people who see nothing wrong with throwing dog poop at our returning military, you shouldn't be attacking American taxpayers who are little annoyed at government spending run amok.

But it's Napolitano who may be in even deeper doo-doo. We just got the initial analysis back from DHS on her memo, and the list of folks identified as threats to U.S. stability is pretty comprehensive. DHS basically used the memo's criteria: former or retired military, politically active, conservative leaning, and came up with a list of people the government is going to have to monitor.

I may be wrong about this, but I don't think we're going to be able to tap General (ret.) and former President George Washington's phone. And I don't think General George Patton is no longer sending emails to anyone.


  1. It is amazing after all of the liberal whining about Bush's terrorist surveillance problem the Obama Administration is focusing its efforts against domestic opponents. So much for the big “civil liberties” argument.

    John's Space

  2. Dude. There was a highway patrolman in the parking lot when I got to work this morning and I almost ran because I figured they were here to arrest me for being a right wing extremist.

  3. Maybe you could just erase Generals Washington and Patton from textbooks--or has that already been done?

  4. Prompter prompting might help .
    Spin a wheel until your screen is lined up on his eyeball demanding attention ,and scroll all over him rhetorically .
    Get YOUR message out.You are the reader here .
    At least the original one .
    Maybe you could even scroll the secretary's assistant's speech on it about it being patriotic to object to one's government .
    I too had heard it was patriotic to do so .
    He couldn't backpedal out of that sentence nearly as fast as you could shift into reverse and wheel on out of there .
    Better go cordless first tho .
    Wouldn't want FIDOTUS chasing your tail too .
    Your military bearing and ramrod posture ,
    ( not to mention that very trim figure,wadda waistline!),are what attracts your viewers .
    Use them to your advantage TP ,those in the
    administration who find all ex military
    middle class detestable ,are outranked .
    Show this country what kind of steel you are made from TP.It looks like tempered titanium .
    Use it and all your luminous electromagnetism to share your power w the people .

  5. Preptile, you are a RIOT!
    (guffaw, chuckle)

    But don't let your sense of humor and crush on TOTUS distract you from the important topic at hand: namely, how can POTUS toughen up on Napolitano and Axelrod, considering how much DOPE they have on POTUS?

    (Yeah, run with that....)

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