Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tough Choices

Big Guy announced today that his government would be making "tough decisions" when he gets back from Trinidad and Tobago. I think it's interesting that he talks about tough budget choices in a foreign country, but hey, I'm not making the media communications decisions here.

Gibbsy, by the way, was amazing down in the bar last night. I guess the rum got to him. I wasn't aware just how white a man he actually was until he took his shirt off to save every millimeter he could in the limbo competition. Not surprisingly, the lack 'o shirt didn't make a lick of difference. But I digress.

Yes, we will all be helping Big Guy end wasteful programs. In fact, every Cabinet secretary on Monday will have to come with at least one program to cut. I don't think they will have to look hard. All they have to do is look for a program started between 2001 and 2008 and cut it, and they will get a gold star.

And by gold star, I don't mean one of those shiny paper ones with glue that tastes like peppermint. I mean a real gold star. Big Guy has them custom made as performance rewards and hands them out like candy. I think we're paying for them from savings from cuts in either No Child Left Behind or no middle tax cuts. Either way, it's money well spent to ensure our government is working for you.


  1. Gibbsy? Shirtless? Rum? Did the pirates of the Carribean take him hostage? If they haven't yet specified a ransom, maybe you could offer Nancy Pelosi.

  2. You rock! This group of leaders is so infuriating, I really appreciate anyone who can make me laugh at all!

  3. How confusing was it to explain to Big Guy that he'd be traveling to Trinidad and Tobago, yet still only visit one country?

    How long a conversation was that and how many maps were used?

  4. TOTUS,
    What do you think of Obama's choice for book of the month?

  5. Brokeback [Capital] Hill - Obama "Quits" TOTUS?
    See why... ObamasBlackberry.blogspot

  6. The sure got Gates to give up more than one in Defense. See my blog on that.

    John's Space

  7. Mark Steyn used "I digress" in his column today,too, but I digress.

  8. Thanks.... didn't really need that picture of Gibby in my head!!!

  9. You know, Gorbachev had a bunch of pictures of guys with gold stars in his office at the Kremlin...but I digress.

    Hey TOTUS, does Gibbsy wuss out with the watermelon-flavored Run or does he fool around with the 151?

  10. Well, at least they had fun. Isn't that really what it's all about?

  11. Hey TOTUS,

    No sweat on getting one of those gold stars, just remove any item from the porkulus bill, and you've got it made. There are thousands to choose from - and we taxpayers will appreciate it.

  12. I'm following the Federal example and calculate I need to cut my annual budget by 99 cents to equal their "hard choices."

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