Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scare Force One

As with any story Big Guy and Gibbsy had no control over, the use of Air Force One for propaganda purposes is becoming a full blown scandal.

There are all kinds of rumors wafting around the West Wing. Like the one - that totally isn't true - about ten of Big Guy's top fundraisers getting seats on the plane for what amounted to a $300,000 joy ride. Then there are the interns who keep flashing their Air Force One souvenir M&M boxes to each other in the hallways and giggling like school kids.

All I can wonder is why I didn't get to have some fun on a Monday morning instead of that day from hell with the slow-talker.


  1. I thought I saw "Welcome Arlen Specter to our party" painted on the side of AF1. Maybe it was a free campaign ad?

  2. I think I saw that too, but I thought it was written in crayon.

  3. I'm surprised Big Guy, Toes and Gibbsy didn't have propaganda leaflets dropped from Scare Force One while they were at it. They could have made much better use of the diversion if they had (is Toes loosing his touch?) AND think of all that fuel they wasted once AGAIN joy-flying for kicks at the expense of Americans.

    Don't worry, TOTUS, they seem to have it out for the defense department and all our military more than they do even for you. They'll take the fall for this one. You'll be in the clear.

  4. TOTUS, could you contact Liebermann about making a switch, too----so he'd caucus with the Republicans?
    (But what would you have to promise him?)

  5. TOTUS

    We all know it was Obama "manipulating the stock market" so a cronie friend could make a quick buck...

    Maybe Soros???

  6. POTUS didn't notice, because he was at the moment (during fly-by shooting-op), totally
    inflamed with TOTUS over the screen-freeze

  7. Good one, Sub Rookie! Bah, ha,haaa!

    And streaming from the rear, a small banner that read: "EAT AT FELONY FRANKS" - Haw, haw.

    What a 3rd World country leader stunt that was!
    Just getting all of us major league citizens gradually, bit by bit, used to living in the bush league. [Wish he WAS in Bush's league!]

    Before long we'll see rickshaws in the streets and "Hut Sweet Hut" [thanks, Rush] signs appearing on the shelves (and, if we're lucky, a rice cooker!)... .

    And loudspeakers blaring the praises of BaaAAAAAAaaAAaaaaarrrrrreeeEEEEEEEeeeEEee all day long.

    And giant murals of the One on buildings....... whoa!

  8. AV..."We all know it was Obama "manipulating the stock market" so a crony friend could make a quick buck. Maybe Soros???"

    Could be. A quote from Soros (really): "The economic collapse is the culminating point of my life's work".

  9. Whoa. Free USA, that's preht-ty creepy.

    It does, though, have the same ring to it as "I invented the internet." And of all those terrorist groups who telephone in to take credit for the latest carnage.

    Still creepy.

  10. if someone wanted a picture of air force one and the statue of liberty couldn't they have done it in "photo shop", don't we have technology like that ?

  11. Tot, what should we be more concerned about? That Big Guy claiming he had no idea what one of the AF1 planes was up to is a lie, or the truth?

    Are you going to be scrolling anything about it Wednesday night?

  12. Well... I believe the incident was a result of a bet from last Wednesday's party night.. Where are YOU on party nights? Can BG remember the names of the party goers without your assistance?

  13. Easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

    "A mistake." ........



    Exactly, [Logical] Lisa. Good point.


    So, tonight we hear that B. Hussein is going to "launch an internal investigation into the N.Y.C. fly-by incident." What a farce. WHO IN THE WORLD does he think he's fooling?

    B. Hussein is either:
    A. a LIAR or
    B. a DOPE or
    C. All of the above.

    Only a true psychopath would have the AUDACITY to expose himself like that.

    Oh, yeah, I forgot about the Cult Members. Gotta sssssing a sssspecial sssssomething to sssssoothe their little mindsssssss. "Trussssst in meeee, jusssst in meeee.... close your eyes .... trusssst in me." [Ka the Snake from Disney's "Jungle Book"]

  14. TOTUS, when can we expect to see these fantastic photos that were taken in that fly by? Will they be on the cover of some magazine, or are Big Guy and Lady M the only ones that get to be on the covers?

  15. He was so U-U-USED! How could they ignore ScareForce One's FEELINGS?!
    All those people, pointing at him and running for their lives, probably hurt Scare's self-esteem!

  16. Oh, no, Jonathan. We are going to be a 3rd World country, so we're now going to start carving things on trees and in caves and painting with the juice of wild currants.

    Say.... that may be why the "photo op," those photos will be very valuable when there are no more cameras.

    That was a very good point, J.. By your intelligence, I'd guess you are not working in the Executive Branch.