Monday, April 20, 2009

Swing and a Miss

One of the reasons we rushed out of the CIA was because Big Guy got a call from Axelrod telling him that the Chicago White Sox were on the White House grounds and being given a tour.

This was very exciting, because, as Big Guy told me in The Beast on the way back to the White House, he is a life-long White Sox fan, even though he grew up in Hawaii, some foreign countries, lived in New York and then moved to Chicago for the first time in the late 1980s.

He remembers watching the Sox as a child, with an againg Tom Seaver and a young Bobby Bo on the field. Granted, that was 1986, and he was an adult, but who's going to argue, especially when we have a vice president who claims he played left field for the Black Sox in the 1976 World Series and a secretary of state who lived in Chicago and Little Rock and claims to have been a life-long Yankees fan, and both throw like a girl?


  1. Hmm, I would have thought that POTUS was a Red Sox fan.

  2. About the CIA, I really liked the grasshopper technique! Big Brother used a nasty rat. But the grasshopper now that's ingenious.

    John's Space

  3. TOTUS
    OMG I just read Big Guy is going to appear topless on a magazine cover. Please tell me we don't have to look at his man boobs again. Please, please, please, please.......(screams in horror). With the photo of his butt sticking out as he bowed to the Saudi king and the more recent photo of him caressing Chavez's fingers we've seen quite of enough of his anatomy this year.

  4. Is Big Guy channeling Secretary of State PIAPS with his 'lifelong fan of the ________ (fill in the blank team) thingy?

    Cummon TOTUS, tell Big Guy, come up with something original!

  5. What is with Gibby and all the pink ties?? Or did President "i'm sorry" demand he wear pink?

  6. Part of Barry's cover is looking like a "normal" American citizen. All part of the plan.......

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