Friday, April 24, 2009

Toes Knows

Earlier today, Rahm told reporters that Big Guy has 100% faith and support for Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. As even I, a humble computer, understand it, in Washington this means that Bernanke, who can't be fired the same way other political types can, is in huge trouble.

This is especially true since Big Guy has been spending so much time with Paul Volcker, who used to have Bernanke's job back in the Grover Cleveland administration. Big Guy loves going old school. My guess is the Ben either ends up out on the street working for JP Morgan or in one of those big holes in the Rose Garden. Either way, this can't end well. For America.


  1. TOTUS:
    If at all possible, I vote for a hole in the rose garden.

  2. Rahm is a very creepy man....

  3. Totus, You said it. It can't end well for our country.

    A couple posts back Fotus Forever said you should adopt "Let's Scroll" on your apparel.

    I say "LET'S SCROLL!" would be a great rally cry as you attempt to stop the big guy and his administration from hijacking America.

    We have your back, Totus!

  4. Bernanke can't be fired. He's a government employee, not aauto or bank exec. As far as "old school" goes, he only goes as far back as the Clinton administration. Sorry.

  5. Paul Volker, madj, Paul Volker is old school. Were you trying to correct our all wise, all knowing TOTUS? Pay attention!

  6. Are we getting a rehash of the Clintonesque Vince Foster plot, by chance?

  7. TOTUS, tonight Hannity made fun of the Big Guy for misreading something from your screens... flubbed a word or something... I dunno, you going to take that lying down?

  8. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. Isn't Mr. Benjamin Bernanke Jewish?

    And..... say... NOW I remember! Bernanke DARED TO MENTION the Passover tradition of the questions in his recent big speech. Ever since then, I'll just betcha, B. Hussein has had it out for him.

    And Toes won't intervene to save him. "Rahm Emmanuel" likely means "Vice-Messiah" or something like that.


    ......[SAY YOU CARE]

    ...........[BUT IF YOU'RE JEWISH]

    ....................[OUTTA THERE!]

    ...........................[BURMA SHAVE.]

  10. Bernanke will be in until his term is up but that is less than a year away. BO can just about appoint whom ever he wants after that.
    Holy Inflation Batman!

    John's Space

  11. madj, you didn't REALLY think TOTUS thought Volcker hailed back to 1885.......... did you?

  12. Come one, come all to the TOTUS blogspot.

    Formal attire not required.


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