Saturday, April 25, 2009

Plugging the Leak

Everone knows that there were a lot of loyal, career, Democratic operatives working for the Bush Administration, who routinely leaked to undercut their Republican boss and give political victories to our team.  It was great.

But Big Guy expected that once we gained control of the government, that these folks would keep their mouths shut. 

Apparently, that's not the case.  Talk about ruining surprises for the American people.  


  1. Could someone please interpret Al Gore's response to the question? Huh?!?!?!? He advocates a double tax to reduce greenhouse gasses?

  2. With all due respecect to Mr. Gore...He is a fool. The Gore tax/subsidy plan to thawrt the impact of cap and trade and thus a vast majority of union type jobs is a joke. I just cannot believe he is thinking clearly. How he gets any credibility is simply amazing.

  3. [TEA-Jack said] "... Gore... simply amazing." Heh, heh, heh. Amen, Jack.

    But, come now. The one who invented the internet can do anything.

    Only a true believer, a disciple of the Cult of Obama and or a member of the Enviromentalism Sect, could swallow what Gore dishes out.

    Gore is, unfortunately, thinking VERY clearly -- of all the money he is making off this human-caused-global-climate-change hoax. The con job of the millenium.

  4. I say we put a "cap" on the Obama agenda and then "trade" him for a new president in 2012!

  5. I think it was here on TOTUS' blog that I read that the math behind global warming was incorrect due to the use of the wrong algorithms.

    Heh heh.

  6. "Al-Gore-ithm" [Haaa, haaa. Good one, Jacque]

    Definition: 1. Any false statement based on pure speculation and asserted as experimentally proven fact, esp. one that exposes the speaker to ridicule. 2. Statement of one suffering from grandiose delusions, e.g., "I can control the earth's climate." 3. A bold faced lie, esp. one that glorifies the speaker. 4. Sighing heavily in a vulgar manner while another is speaking.

  7. LOL TruthWillWin...Good work.
    as we all know definitions are extremely important: "That depends on the meaning of 'is'".

  8. TOTUS,

    It was unclear to me if you meant "plugging the leak" referred to revealing inside info that had been (hopefully) covered up, or if perhaps you overlooked inserting a word, like (taking a leak) referring to how they are pi**ing on the country, and especially the Constitution.

    Please clarify.

  9. TruthWillWin,

    For someone who invented the internet, maybe it is not too much of a stretch that they would think that they can control the earth's climate? There's no medicine for ignorance.

    One small correction: 'The con job of the millenium"....

    ONE of the con jobs of the millenium.

    AlGoracle (aka Fat Albert) trudges around the world with his wild and wacky pronouncements, spewing a huge carbon footprint from his size 13's and overworked private jet (not to mention his monster house) and he will make millions (billions?) from all this garbage that he professes to believe.

    Seems odd that he absolutely refuses to debate anyone, and defend his views, if he really believes in what he preaches.

    The only thing that we should really fear about global warming, is the hot air from the mouths of politicians - as you say, one of the biggest scams of the century.

  10. Oops. Dingle must have been reading a conservative prompter without realizing it.

  11. What?! Dingle said something conservative and I missed it?! Drat!

  12. Yep, Dingleberry let the cat out of the bag big time. Now everybody will know that Cap-and-Trade is really just another huge tax.
    Poor Timmy the Tax Czar must be working 24/7.

    And here we sit, with the world's biggest supply of coal, and we won't be able to afford to use it. Rats!(And I do mean Rats!!)

    Bet I know what Congress is going to find in their Christmas stockings.

    But as Tiny Tim said (not that one, the good one), God Bless US Every One.