Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Bow, No Way

Sometimes these White House communications guys really just don't know when to stop. Some of you may recall that during Big Guy's trip overseas, photographers caught him bowing before King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at the G-20 meeting in London. Okay, a few people took umbrage at that.  Okay, maybe more than a few, after all, U.S. protocal indicates that no President bows before another leader. 

So today, about a week after that whole dustup had died down, one of Gibbsy's guys goes out and tells reporters - again- that Big Guy didn't bow before Abdullah, which puts the story back in play for at least another press cycle.

Well I can settle this thing once and for all.  So, to quote Big Guy, reading off of my screen, let me perfectly clear.

Big Guy didn't bow down before Abdullah. It just looked that way because to kiss Abdullah's ring, Big O had to bend over.  I hope this clarifies the matter. 


  1. That was too girly to be a bow, it was more of a curtsy.

  2. Oh, I thought he was bending over for a whole other reason . . . .

  3. Well, Abdullah did have the ring pretty low. ^_^;

  4. Yes Lauren...there are some men who when in "public restrooms"...make themselves "available" to "another" by a mere physical shifting of their legs...could be referred to as a "wide stance"...and some other men...well make themselves "available" to another by shifting their body in "other ways" going for a piece of soap...

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