Monday, April 6, 2009

Boston Bailout

Big Guy was very excited during the morning briefing, when TATUS chimed in and announced that we might have an opportunity to have American taxpayers invest in the Boston Globe, which the New York Times owns, and might have to shut down due to the poor economy, which, as the Times has reported ... and later verified ... was caused by the Bush Administration and is the greatest challenge ever dealt with by anyone ... ever. 

And by "invest", TATUS meant bail out.  See, as TATUS and Gibbsy explained it to Big O, most  people don't read newspapers like the Times and the Globe, because most Americans - with the exception of our friends in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle - can't read.

As Big Guy pointed out, this ignorance issue is not helping us. It's not good that so many people aren't reading what we want them to read in the Globe, like how bad the economy is, and how bad the economy has gotten from the last time we mentioned how bad economy is.  But now that the Obama Administration is going to buy the Globe, we can mandate that all Americans read the paper, or have it read to them, preferably by a government reader.  Who says taxpayers aren't going to get their money's worth?


  1. Why should Gibsy and TATUS pay for something that already is a house organ for the administration and Democrat party? I guess it just doesn't matter, its OPM they'd be spending...

  2. There are several interesting side stories here. The first is that Jack Welch offered the NYT $300m a few years ago for The Boston Globe. With an upturned nose that only Obama could admire, the Times said 'nyet.' Many people suggest the worth of the Boston Globe at $20m now. Losing money as it is, we argue even that amount.

    Second, isn't it ironic that The Globe laments the loss of advertising revenue while cheering on a president who is attacking capitalism. Everyone knows that capitalism and advertising go together like bread and jam. But there the Globies are...whining about no advertising.

    Finally, won't it be fun watching the Union-loving Globe battle its own thirteen unions. Unions are to be 'coddled' and 'admired'...unless they're your own. Then you try to drive a stake through 'em while suggesting that it's for their own good. This oughta go down well.

  3. I used to read the Globe when I was young and stupid. I finally wised up and found out everything they weren't telling me. Good riddance Globe.

  4. And in the Seattle area, all 12 munchkins who haven't joined the Cult of Obama are rejoicing that one of the most blatantly liberal news (a.k.a., "propaganda") papers, The Seattle P.I. is DEAD! Ding! Dong! [It was amusing to watch the libs on TV sobbing into their lattes over the demise of their cult's newsletter.]

  5. On the Globe: "Union leaders said NYTCo is seeking a series of concessions to keep the paper afloat, including pay cuts, the end of pension contributions by the company, and the elimination of lifetime job guarantees enjoyed by some veteran employees". What a shock that the paper is on it's way out. Lifetime job guarantees??

  6. "... capitalism and advertising go together like bread and butter... " Nice one, Chris N. H.. And the Communists' Megaphone, The NYT, WOULD say, "nyet." Ha, ha! Good one.

    "Liberalism is a mental disorder," (M. Savage) is proven once again. Kill the baker, then ask, "Why is there no bread?" Shoot holes in the bottom of the boat, then ask, "Why are we sinking?" Destroy your nuclear defense ability, then ask, "Why is my country under attack?"

    We cannot help such people (they must help themselves); all we can do is defeat their program of national self-destruction.

    In other words, B.O. and Co. must FAIL!

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