Friday, April 17, 2009

Down Trinidad and Tobago Way

Sorry about lack of posting's last couple of days, obviously my broadband connections have gone a bit wobbly south of the border. Big Guy and I and the staff are off to yet another rum-soaked pre-summit party. We expect Hugo Chavez to be there, being his loud, obnoxious self.

But we also assume that the op-ed Big Guy wrote, and which was published across the Latin American region, will go a long way to assuaging him. After all, Big Guy apologized for everything America has done in the past 150 years. And I mean everything. Who knew the founding of Colombia was our fault? Good thing the editorial was only printed in Spanish, so only half the American population could read it.

What's interesting is that there are a number of U.S. Senators and congresspersons down here as part of the delegation. Funny, how they showed up here in the Caribbean, but failed to show for the other "fun" summits, like the TARP summit in New York a month ago. They really have nothing to do down here, as they don't have an official role, but I'm sure the $1079 per room per night, five nights guaranteed for a two-day summit, room rate is just fine with all of their constituents back home.


  1. Hola, TOTUS.
    I'm pretty sure that Chavez is short enough for a bow. Did Bill Ayers join the delegation? He and Chavez are two amigos. (really)

    Bon soir...oops, whatever.

  2. As long as Obama can avoid getting photographed actually genuflecting before that diminutive Venezuelan president, the administration should look a-okay back at home.

  3. Tele - Thanks for the heads up about the Senators joining the fun - I'll be sure to stop by my Senators office to see his vacation photos and see if he brought me back anything!

    Keep looking out for us!

  4. Fist, as a matter of fact Obama and Chavez were photographed grinning ear to ear and with a warm gang-style handshake. It's on

  5. Obama and Chavez: Birds of a feather flock together. It's a match made in heaven.

  6. TOTUS,
    What's up with the hand holding routine with Hugo Chavez? They look like two new lovers examining every digit of each others' hands. I would think, especially after the infamous bowing incident, Big Guy would want to come across to the folk back home as...well...a guy!

  7. Totus, I can't thank you enough for giving us peons the inside scoop on our Dear Leader's travels and empty-suited philosophy in action. Can you post a translated copy of his latest decree to the Latin countries? I'm kind of shaky on my Spanish. Mucho appreciato, Amigo!

  8. With the suite rate in mind, this is BHO's and Congress's way of stmulating the Latin American economy, one suite at a time.

  9. Just when I think I've seen/heard it all, there's more to see and hear. BO will keep us all busy for the next few years.

  10. Totus, do you have a nice swim suit with you? A pair of trunks perhaps?

    And I have to tell you nice, sweet, quiet sister-in-law calls the POTUS a girlie-man! And that's swearing for her!

  11. TOTUS, when you get back, don't be too surprised if Texas has already seceded and Oklahoma is asking (begging) to go with it. I'm thinking "United Federation of Oklatex" sounds pretty good. Of course, POTUS wasn't too sure how many states there were before, so he might not notice.

  12. Maybe Hugo will call B.O. "poor ignoramus" like he did a few months ago.

    From that gangsta handshake photo, not likely.

    Re: The "girlie man" (ha, haaa) angle, in the photo I saw of that handshake (on Fox this evening) Chavez had his left hand over his chest and a slightly questionning expression with his upper lip heading for a curl. It looked like he was about to say to Barry, "Me? And YOU?!? No way, man."

    The outcome of this will all depend on whether or not Chavez and his brother Marxists decide D'oh! is a "useful idiot."

  13. Handshake is better than a bow...

  14. "... apologized for everything... ." What an Obamanation.
    Panama Canal? -- Not wide enough.

    Billions in "loans" via World Bank and IMF? -- You owed us, you white, blue-eyed, racists.

    U.S. oil companies' plant and equipment nationalized by Chavez's gang? -- You didn't pay the rent.

    Greatly improved standard of living from jobs at Dole and other Corp.s? -- We'd rather wash our clothes by pounding them on rocks.

    TOTUS, you have NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE. You write enough for 10 bloggers. Just get back safely.

    Meanwhile, back at the Donkey Barn, we are under attack (again) from the Environazis. The EPA (Environmental Progaganda Agency) declared that CARBON DIOXIDE "likely causes global warming." They plan to use this myth to limit our freedom -- again. LESS THAN 3% OF THE WORLD'S EMITTED CO2 COMES FROM HUMANS! Their UNscientific, irrational-to-the-point-of-absurdity, assertion is pure speculation. HOT AIR. Whether global warming is even happening, much less whether or not CO2 is a statistically significant cause IS PURE SPECULATION. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

  15. Dear Sunflower of the sincere and inquiring mind, you might as well not waste your time reading ANYTHING that that pathological liar of an imposter president says. You'd get more information out of reading the label on a can of tuna.

    Just keep your face to the sun and look up! God has got to come to the rescue. "But even if he does not...," [Daniel 3:18] -- Obamachadnezzar! -- we will stand our ground, solid in the knowledge that, in the end, Truth will win.

  16. Ay Carumba! What a productive trip - again - for you and Big Guy! I guess we can now look forward to many gracious visits to the White House from the Castros and the Chavezes in the near future. So what kind of gifts did POTUS bring with him down south? Pinatas filled with candy?

    I really wish Gibsy would use you for his press conferences because he is such a, uh, well, uh, (long silent pause), uh, look, uh such a bad press secretary. And if you get the chance, let us all know the names of those congress-persons who managed to scrape up the personal funds to join BO doin' the limbo down Trinidad way!

  17. We'll keep looking up TruthWillWin. Hope the next step isn't the firey furnace for all of us that hold tight to the Truth!

  18. TOTUS,
    Do you think POTUS would be offended by a Gadsden flag? I would like to hear Gibbsy's take on the Gadsden flag - he is PSOTUS!
    However, since we have a Celebrity in Chief, how about a PSOTUS that can compliment our Sophist Pres... picture Colbert, doing Gibbs only much much much better.

  19. Truthwillwin:
    Thank you for that reminder from of my favorites second only to Joshua's "Choose this day WHOM you WILL serve". BTW: Did you know that after his training in Babylon Daniel was awarded an MBA?? Masters of Babylonian Administration. :>)
    Re: the handshake with Chavez. I am not sure how much more of BO's diplomatic groveling I can take..must-go-on-news-diet this weekend.

  20. Looks like Hugo Chavez is going to be showing up in your blog more often, TOTUS. We need a new poll to decide what Hugo's pet name should be. How about El Commandante?

  21. I am glad to see that our hard working Senators are getting a well deserved break in the Caribbean courtesy of the American Tax Payer. Spending our money sure is hard work. Hopefully they return refreshed and recharged and ready to spend even more.

  22. Hi, Spring Chicken. "pinatas filled with candy" -- LOL.

    Re: gurgling, giggly, Gibbs, (he was extra lame today, huh?), he is obviously only there (sort of) to make the Dope look good. Not working, though. All it does is make me think, "Man, that Gibbs is as dumb as DOPE-POTUS." Counterproductive.

    And, yeah, I hope the next step for the U.S.A. isn't the fiery furnace of Islamofascism. But, take heart, as Hannity likes to quote, "'Let not your hearts be troubled [you trust in God, trust also in me].'" [John 14:1] "... the fire had not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed ... ." [Daniel 3:27]

  23. Thanks for the encouragement, J. Pehrlich. That Joshua quote [24:15] is a powerful one.

    "Masters of Babylonian Admininstration" -- good one!

    While we're joking around, in view of TOTUS telling us that the congressional delegation "really have nothing to do down here,"..... here's a recent one from Jay Leno:

    "What do you call a bunch of unemployed lawyers sitting around doing nothing?

    Bah, ha, haaaaaaaaa!

    Seriously, I know what you mean about stepping in the donkey dung that's being daily flung about via the news. A sane person can only take so much of the stench. In fact, this evening I asked God to show me whether I'm spending too much time keeping up on current events. Not exactly a lot out there of what is "true, ... noble, ... right, ... pure, ... lovely, ... admirable ... excellent or praiseworthy... ." [Philippians 4:8], huh?

    Staying REASONABLY informed (not addictively, as I tend to) is wisest, I think. Having to "keep on top of the situation" actually shows a lack of faith in God Who will make sure we know what we need to know and Who is IN CONTROL. God even has mercy on our being lazy about being informed (I sure have experience with that!).

    Nice to have a little believers' camaraderie here. Thanks!

  24. Hey, Hockey Temper (I have one of those, too!), that's a fitting nickname, "El Commandante."

    Well, that guy down in Brazil is called, "Lula," .... how about "Lips?" [as in he likes to flap his].

    Or, ... maybe, "Janet" [as in Napolitano -- they seem to have a lot in common].

    "Borla?" [as in LOUD exhaust system?]

  25. Truthwillwin:
    Spot on with your insight re: "keeping on top of the situation"and failure to remember WHO is really in control.
    Ouch...I know I'm guilty. Thanks for the reminder.
    Time for a review of Paul's prayers from Eph. 1 & 3...."Open the eyes of my understanding".

  26. TOTUS, we seem to have a Czar problem/shortage here in the USA. For example, there is no Teleprompter Czar. I know that Barry prefers the Czar route as opposed to actually having Congressional approval for stuff, so while you're on the Sun and Fun Tour, think about who would make the best TELEPROMPTER CZAR. Also, we will be needing a Hope 'N Change Czar, a Candy Czar, A Joke Czar, A Sleep Czar, A Dirt Czar and A Star Czar. Thanks for your service.

  27. TOTUS, I'm worried about you! My concerns are
    blogged here. Please send us a signal to let us know you are OK. Please!

  28. rustard, how about a Czar Czar to keep track of all the other 1000 czars?

  29. Barry,'s Used Cars, you got the ticket, A Czar Czar. I'm thinking that TOTUS could be that guy.

  30. High five to that, TruthWillWin. I only suggest "El Commandante" because that's what the Venezuelan people have to call him. Hugo's even in music videos on TV down there. He could give the Big Guy some pointers if he ever ends up in a Springsteen vid.

  31. How about 'Hugo Ego' (Hugo, sounds like Yugo, and you all remember that pos)...and Hugo sounds to me like "huge". And ego, for sure.

    As for the Congress-persons in the ritzy suites, maybe they are paying for it with the raises that they recently voted for themselves. Wait! You say that the taxpayers are having to pay for it? Should have known.

    At least, serendipitously, they arrived at the right place - Limbo Land.

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