Thursday, April 9, 2009

Joe vs. The President

Joey B., as some of you may know, has a way of, how do you say it, well, exaggerating every now and again. Some people toss it up to his well-known inferiority complex being from Delaware. Others toss it up to his well-known inferiority complex being follicularly challenged. Still others toss it up to his just being a liar. Regardless, Joe is now telling folks that he faced down President George W. Bush and tore him a new one in an Oval Office confrontation. I can confirm this to be true, and have the transcript to prove it. Here it is in full:

Sen. Joseph Biden (D): Mr. President?
W: Senator?
Biden: Gotta minute?
W: Nope, gotta another meeting ; war on terror stuff. Maybe later.
Biden: Okay. Thanks.

Well, Joe showed him. And I can tell you this is pretty much how the conversations go between Big Guy and Joey B today.


  1. Ah, the three Joes of the 2008 election: Joe Sixpack, Joe the Plumber, and last but not the least Joe Biden. what does Joey B think about the Republican hold over Gates' Defense Plan.

    John's Space

  2. That's about right for Lyin' Joe Biden.

  3. saw that the Big Guy declined comment on the pirate / hostage situation....Cant they upload to you faster? How could you not be prepared for that?

  4. You weren't manufactured in Manchuria by any chance were you ?
    Did you insist on " jobs " for your 'hometown appliae brethren', like IPOD ?
    I ask these personal questions because
    it sounds like you were there when JB & W met.
    That is circumstantial evidence that you may have been a sleeper , and in storage since
    43 left 1600 .Did some internal server command you to spell it nukeular for him ?
    Or are you a January suprize left for O , by the previous tenant ?
    That "Austrian" language gaffe for instance .
    It is as if you were sympathetic to the opposition or something.
    If that is the case would you consider a
    dicreet appearance at my local teaparty ?
    You need not speak ,or otherwise display that electro magnetism that you radiate .
    And whether you are 'turned on' or not ,
    I would love to have my picture taken standing beside you .
    Please consider this in your " Off " time TP.
    Use that steel in your stand to take a stand w us on 4/15 . Stand tall for America ,TP .
    We need your help .

  5. TOTUS,
    could you please give the big guy some lines to say about the pirates? I know you needed to distract us with the mortgage and vet talk but come on, big boy has got to man up sometime, right? Funny, no one asked big guy about about the vets testing positive from the infected VA equipment. anyway, good job.

  6. You know Joe could be having brain farts has it occurred to the Pres...that he could alleviate some of his discomfort by insisting on a check up from the neck up for his Number 2? LOL I typed Number 2.

  7. I tell ya. That Joe.

    Some people lie when cornered, to save their bacon (like when someone calls someone else a "pig in lipstick").
    Others lie with calculated cunning, to get something.
    Then there's Joe. (head shake). He just lies because..... it's fun! "Wheeee! Look at me, Ethel*, I'm lyin' again -- good one, huh?"

    *I don't know who Ethel is; it just sounded good.

    RE: "Pirates? Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh, no comment,"

    Ol' B. Hussein, he's kinda between a rock and a hard place on that one. Doesn't want to blow that gig as Con Man in Chief, but then those Somali Muslims ARE his homeboys... . Best to just vote, "PRESENT." Great. Such an inspiration and leader -- bah! He's no leader, he is, as we've said before, READER OF THE FREE WORLD.

    End of story.

    Just a big Zero.


    BYT, Keyboard, your "Number 2" silliness didn't even register with me -- I had to think it over to figure out what you meant!! So don't feel bad about typing that, my brain is even sillier!

    [Keyboard to TWW]: "And your point?"
    [TWW]: "Well, that should make you feel that you are pretty smart!"
    [Keybd]: "That I am smarter than YOU. I'm not feeling any better, TWW."
    Bah, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    [Don't tell anybody this, Keyboard, but one time I typed, "it's raining outside" and "progressives are ignorant."]

  8. Let's face it - Biden is just not that clever or sarcastic enough to be funny that anyone would believe he came up with the line, "Mr. President, look behind you, nobody is following"

    He probably heard it on some comedy central show or maybe the story was the other way around.

    W walks into the Senate and asks Biden how's the election going. Biden says, "Very well Mr. President, people see me as a leader" to which W quips, "Joe, you better look behind you cause I don't see anyone followin'"

    now THAT is funny!

  9. I don't want to be didactical here TOTUS, but you really need to apply Occam's Razor. The least number of words that completely explains and predicts behaviour. In this case we can reduce this succinctly to just ... "liar".

    Which, and I honestly don't want to bust on your cheese here, forgive me, isn't exactly something folks are going to quibble with in the least when associated with "politician".

    The two just go together, you know, like apple pie and ice cream. Bits and bytes, nybbles and crumbs (nybble = 4 bits, crumb = two bits for the computationally challenged).

    However I do feel you provided a public service, like those freebie advertisements at 2am on TV when the station can't sell any ads and they gotta fill the space somehow because the rerun of Hogan's Heroes is cut short for commercials.

    The burdens of noblesse oblige.

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