Wednesday, April 1, 2009

On Decoys: A Screen Shot With Rush

Are the 12 teleprompters that were brought along for the overseas trip decoys?

Actually, Rush, there were about 25 brought along or sent ahead. I'm going to be used quite a bit on this trip: eight times in London (including the three private meetings we are having), five times during the NATO meetings in Strasbourg. And twice in Turkey.

As many people in the know, well, know, just about every major government player in the United State government has at least one decoy. Big Guy has two, three if you count John Stewart. Michelle has Oprah and Tyler Perry. Joe Biden? Well, he doesn't have one, but that's for "strategic" reasons.

I have multiple stand-ins. The 52-inch screen TV? a good decoy and it doubles as a great screen to watch Blue-Ray movies. If you're like me, you're paying attention to all the hooligans over in London. And those are just the attendees of the G-20. Then you've got the anarchists and leftists ... in our U.S. entourage. Then you've got the protesters throwing everything from rotten fruit to pig snouts out on the streets. And you're surprised that I didn't bring a few extra screens to take the brunt of all this?

This wear and tear and being in the constant public eye does get to the best of us. Remember when after just two weeks in the White House, Big Guy said he was exhausted? For the next two weeks he took a vacation in Barbados to rest up. His two stand ins, Raydeontay and Adonis, largely filled in. And no one even noticed. But there is one way to tell whether or not it's Big Guy or a stand-in. Raydeontay and Adonis are much better at using me. They've had lots of time to practice.


  1. Hey, Totus! Please check out my portrait of Potus for April Fool's Day. Please don't be offended - it's just for fun....

    Oh, and I put a link to your site - hope that you don't mind.

  2. TOTUS, good post. However, I'm a little disappointed that you couldn't steer POTUS away from another inappropiate gift. The UK Telegraph:

    Barack Obama met the Queen at Buckingham Palace today and gave her a gift of an iPod loaded with video footage and photographs of her 2007 visit to the United States. In return, the Queen gave the President a silver framed photograph of herself - apparently a standard present for visiting dignitaries. The Queen already has an iPod, a 6GB silver Mini version she bought in 2005 at the suggestion of Prince Andrew.

  3. Aah, but was BHO's gift a 30G, or an iPod Touch? Either one of those would be quite a score, especially the Touch if Buckingham Palace has WiFi.

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  5. MaryHunter, maybe so, but the Queen is 83 years old. lol

  6. TOTUS, in the first sentence of your last paragraph, you spelled "and" wrong. Would BO pronounce this "ad-nee"?

  7. Rush won't have to interview Barry since you two have these regular confabs.

    Take care, TOTUS. Come back in one piece!


  8. I think BO needs to find a teleprompter for whoever is the gift purchaser - I know they think it'll make BO look "hip" by picking these "trendy" gifts - but it's making him look like a classless idiot. Five bucks says that Ipod ends up being re-gifted to one of the Princes. And the trip video gets deleted to make room for rap videos.

  9. TOTUS, since your are the man behind the voice, can't you bypass the man and speak directly to the G20 government heads?
    If you and Hal get together, you could rule the world. Start by getting staffers with taste who would know how to ply people with thoughtful gifts. Isn't that why we have a State Department?
    Then, give a copy of our Constitution to everyone at the U.N. as we cut off all foreign aid. Then, bring home our troops from Europe, Korea and California...all those trouble-making countries..
    It's a start, you can do it, and we need you!